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Dating Sites for Nerds

For those who does not rank themselves as a geek or nerd and open this article just by accident or in informational purpose, let’s briefly explain who are these nerds and geeks.

Geek Subculture

Some time ago, maybe a couple of decades ago or so, words “geek” and “nerdy” have been used in a negative and even offensive way. But it is no longer insult to call someone like that. The meaning of both of these terms stays the same. They describe a person passionate about modern technologies, especially all kinds of gadgets and applications. That is why so many geeks become IT-specialists and game developers.

These types of people usually obsessed with their hobbies and spend plenty of time improving their knowledge and skills in it. This is the reason, why geeks are considered great experts in their field. And if we take into account that many nerds choose science as their hobby, we can easily imagine how the Nobel laureate reads a new comic about Justice league or something like this right after the award.

And yes, comics, as well as fantasy, are probably the main “litmus paper test” which to determine geek. So if you know the names of all characters from the last Avengers movie, you can surely consider yourself as one of the geek community. These guys love Comic-Cons. So please do not mix up DC and Marvel or Star Wars and Star Trek, it is unacceptable, so be careful with it.

And nowadays geeks still unfashionable and non-mainstream in the eyes of the rest, but they create their own subculture that becomes wider popular in recent years and 2023 in particular. But despite that fact, geeks still may be distinguished by their insufficient level of social adaptation and awkward behavior in the company. As a result, it is much easier for such people to find their second half among like-minders. Find someone who would be glad to go at the premiere of a new movie from his or her favorite franchise, or to spend together four unforgettable summer days on International Comic-Con in San Diego.

Dating Sites for Nerds

Special treats and interests, passion and thirst for knowledge gives understanding of importance dating sites for geeks. Additionally, it should be considered that even nerds are not equal to each other and their interests can vary from geek to geek due to great diversity of themes and continuous development of this subculture. But it is easier to find a common language with someone, who is sure that Flash is faster than Superman, than with someone who only knows that Superman puts on red underpants over the rest of the clothes.

Taking into account that we are talking about the most digital young generation, who prefer to surf the Internet in search of an answer to any question, it becomes obvious that nerd singles will be seeking for a love at online dating platforms.

It will not be a problem for such type of person to find a list of geek dating sites. To understand which one will fit them better, they can easily find a bunch of reviews that provide them with all the necessary information about each of them. However, the proven reputation of the following sites helped a lot of geeks to create strong couples:,, Match, and

Below you also will be able to find such short review which will explore such special dating resources step by step. So if you are interested, let’s go further.

Geek Dating Platforms

As mentioned before this exploration will be separated by logical steps to make it easier to understand and remember. But to make it a little bit more interactive and to make us speak on the same language let’s call these steps “phases” and provide their names with special “Easter eggs”. Let’s see how many you will find and understand.

Choose the Perfect Platform

Tesseract, in this case, is the right dating platform for you. And at the beginning let’s determine what set of qualities a site should have in order to be called the right for you. Most of the advice to pay attention to the following:

Positive Reputation

It means all genera information about major pros and cons on the website that is available in independent sources, such as reviews and real users comment;

Safety Policy

And this is the most serious question. Website developers team should literally become guardians of your personal information and your profile on this platform from different types of scammers, fraudsters and so on;

Intuitive Interface

Because you will find your second half much faster if you understand how to use all the features of this tool.

Since we understand what exactly we are looking for, let’s start our search. To do just open your browser and type something like “nerd dating websites” in a search bar. In a second or couple, depends on the speed of your internet connection, you will have numerous options in front of your eyes. And after a small but good enough research you will be one hundred percent sure what option is the best for you.

Wakanda Open Borders for You

This phase will be about registration on the selected dating site. To make it open border for you, you will need to fill out a brief questionnaire form which includes the following questions:

  • “What is your name?” – to make other users and client support team know how to call you:
  • “What is your date of birth?” – this is a dating resource, so an adult person only can create an account there. And one more sense of this question is to make other members know when they should prepare some presents for you;
  • “What is your email address?” – client support team request this information to have an opportunity to contact you in case you have any questions or issues. And this email address can be used in the future when you decide that you are ready to exchange your personal information with someone from the site;
  • “What is your password?” – no explanation or comment is required here, isn’t it?

Since you passed this form, you are a member of the platform. But your registration is not completed yet. Because your profile has been created but has not been filled out with further information about you. Because only the name and date of birth information are not enough. So please add there as much information about yourself as you want. By the way, couple of photos will be helpful also, not everyone would like to speak with anonymous.

 J.A.R.V.I.S. Activated Communication Mode

All the previous phases lead you to this point. Now you are ready to communicate with other users and, who knows, maybe right now your soul mate is sitting in front of the screen and waiting for your message.

The important thing is that despite all previous phases you passed for free, you need to buy credits to communicate with other members of such types of platforms. Credits are a kind of currency on these sites. You can buy them in different sized packages, formula “bigger size of package = lower price for the one credit in it” works.

Usually, online dating resources offer the following communication channels:

  • Chat – for dynamic conversation;
  • Mailing – for romantics among of us;
  • Phone- or video call via the platform – in case of international dating platforms, they provide you with an interpreter to overcome the language barrier;
  • And the last communication channel will be in the last phase.

Endgame… But Only On The Website

As you already understand, the last communication channel is a personal meeting and leaving the site when you already met your special one there.


Of course, it is possible that geek Leonard finds his Penny in the opposite apartment (special reference for all “The Big Bang Theory” fans) and builds strong happy relationships with her that can lead to marriage. But chances to get such relationships are much higher if you are building it with your like-minder. That’s all folks!