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In nowadays era, there is normal to go further out of the traditional view of relationships of couples. It means the spiritual and sexual side of them. Monogamy as a concept of relationship is not enough for more and more people in the modern world. Even not only in modern. The polyamorous practice is mentioned in Kama Sutra and many other ancient works. So technically it is not something new, it is always being in humans’ history and culture. Different cultures actually. And it is totally normal that it is rapidly growing now. So let’s take a look at what is it and how you can take a part in one of the polyamorous practices, namely swing, today.

Who They Were Created for?

Swing as a sexual practice is probably the most popular from all polyamorous practices. There many mentioned it in modern popular culture. Movies, songs, novels and so on. But what is the reason for that fact? Why more and more people are preferring to follow it?

The answer is simple. Swing is an intimate connection between partners, but the dame time provides them with the opportunity to expand their borders in sexual life. With the consent of both of them and all of the other participants.

Swinger community has rapidly grown after the sexual revolution in the 1960s. Now it is a lifestyle that more and more couples prefer. There are many reasons why people prefer the swinger lifestyle. For some of them, it is an opportunity to add some variety to their sexual life. Some choose it because of curiosity. Most of the swinger sees in such experiences the way to make their relationships even stronger. And all of these reasons work. And yes, sex is a part of these activities, but the spiritual part is the same important.

Types of Swing

There are several types of swing that are the most popular nowadays:

Light Swing

This term may include the following senses:

  • The first type of light swing implies making love between two or more couples in close vicinity to each other but without swapping partners;
  • The second type implies swapping partners for sexual activities but without vaginal penetration;
  • And the third type implies inviting the third partner for sexual activities of a couple;

Close Swing

his swing practice implies sexual activities of two or more couples with swapping partners, but all of them are making love in separate premises without seeing each other during it;

Open Swing

This practice works for the most open-minded people because it implies sexual activities between two or more couples with swapping partners. But in spite of the previous two options, these activities are occurring in one premise when all the partners can see each other and swap the partners in the process.

Usually, such activities occur in a couple of ways:

  • When two couples visit each other homes and swing there;
  • When it occurs on special parties which are held for it – swinger parties.

It is strange, but many people are still thinking that adult individuals cannot diversify their sexual life in these ways. That is why swinger dating sites were created. There are special online dating platforms where adult swingers have an opportunity to meet each other and set up a party for themselves.

So if you are interested in how swingers dating sites work, let’s go further and explore this question.

Choosing Good Swinger Websites

swingers dating sites

First of all, if you are ready for trying something new or if you are already experienced in swing, you need to find the right platform for yourself. And to find it you will need to do the following steps.

Do Research

Just open a browser on your computer or one of your portative devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. Every modern dating platform has a mobile version of their website that is quite convenient in our crazy world when you are always in a rush. Once you open a browser, just fill out its search bar with the text like “the best dating sites for swingers” and click on the “go” button.

In a moment the screen of the device that you use will be full of options of swinger sites that provide such services. So the next question will be “how to choose the best of them?”. Of course, you can choose the first, just because they pay for advertisements and it means that they have a serious attitude to what they do. But better to follow the next advice to make this choice right.

Read Reviews

First of all, spend enough time to find a review, a couple of them will be even better, on this platform. Bit trust to independent sources, because otherwise, you can read an advertisement article that is helpless to understand the platform’s reputation. The best way to figure all the platform’s pros and cons out will be to find real comments from users.

Check the Safety

The next question is your safety during your using this website. Because you need to be sure that your personal data is under good enough protection. And one more thing that you need to know that you are protected from, is the presence of scammers on this website. Because when you are open your sexual preferences to someone, you need to be one hundred percent sure that this person is the real swinger also, but not someone who will try to use this information against you or just mislead you.

Try to Navigate the Site

And after the previous checks, you should take a look at the website navigation and design. Because they should be intuitively understandable. You do not need to waste your time to understand how to use this or that option on the site. You need to spend your time there with the focus on looking for like-minders.

Choosing the right platform probably will take more time than the registration process, but it is very important, so do not be lazy. Sign up process on swingers dating platforms is similar and usually takes only a couple of minutes and after it, you are ready to start your search there.

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Life is too short to worry about your preferences and desires, so feel free to make them come true. And the best swingers dating sites will help you with it.