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A Complete Review Of MegaFuckBook For Horny Adults

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In A Nutshell

MegaFuckBook is a perfect adult dating website that wants to get some action asap. It is fun, carefree, and very naughty. Like-minded individuals who celebrate their sexuality choose MegaFuckBook for its appealing design, many means of communication, nice additional features, and a funky naughty atmosphere.

Pros And Cons

Pros Of MegaFuckBook Dating Site:

  • Free registration
  • A lot of active users
  • Fun features
  • Many means of communication
  • Detailed profiles
  • Easy to navigate
  • Live cams available

Cons Of MegaFuckBook Dating Site:

  • Some features are paid At A Glance

  • Best for: Horny adults aged 25-45
  • Where: Around the world
  • Favorite features: Connections, Live Cams, Winks main page

What Is

Let’s start this review with a brief exploration of what MegaFuckBook is in its essence. The name of this website does, indeed, come across as a very intriguing one. After all, which one of us would turn down a site with a name as juicy as this? This is exactly what makes MegaFuckBook such a delicious destination for all the horny adults alike, and this is exactly what we are going to discuss in this MegaFuckBook review – the MegaFuckBook phenomenon!

So, a quick fact check: what exactly is MegaFuckBook? This review could start raving about how this is the must-try for you if you are desperate to get laid, but we will cover the basics first. MegaFuckBook is an explicit adult dating website that helps horny guys and girls around the world get laid asap! Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? It only gets better from here! Two amazing pieces of news for all you horny people out there: the website’s user base is booming, and it has a fair share of steamy hot models willing to hook up with someone sexy (perhaps that would be you!).

What this review gathered from all the information on the internet and our personal experience with MegaFuckBook, the service is an excellent niche dating site focused on facilitating one-night-stands, no-strings-attached dates, and other naughty encounters for sexually liberated adults across the USA. In fact, the review confirms that the service is available in many other locations around the world and is currently growing its membership overseas, but MegaFuckBook was originally created as a hookup service within the borders of the US for American singles to enjoy.

The truth about MegaFuckBook laid out in a number of MegaFuckBook reviews on the internet is that it is suitable for all kinds of sexually liberated adults! The website promotes inclusivity, so it welcomes swingers as well as married folks interested in discreet hookups on top of regular horny singles.

How Does MegaFuckBook Work?

The next thing for this review to cover is exploring all the features members of MegaFuckBook have access to. To be completely honest, there is a lot to discuss here! The functionality of MegaFuckBook is absolutely amazing! The website has a lot of different cool features to make your adult dating experience truly fun and unforgettable. As this review previously mentioned, no matter what you are seeking on the internet, MegaFuckBook is there to provide it to you.

But let’s start from the very beginning. As soon as you reach the landing page of MegaFuckBook, you will be kindly asked to join. It is necessary for you to register on the service in order to view all the sexy hotties on there and get down to the fun stuff. This is done in order to ensure the website unites like-minded individuals and is protected from the eyes of those who do not share the same ideas.

As soon as you create a profile, however, you will find yourself in the horny paradise! Lots of MegaFuckBook dating site reviews talk about there being plenty of things to do, and this is something this review can totally agree with. You will be fascinated by the website.

However, despite being filled with all the different cool features, MegaFuckBook is still very well structured and easy to navigate. You can rest assured you will find everything you need to access right in front of you, or in a couple of clicks away!

As soon as you complete your MegaFuckBook log in, you can see the home page of the site. From there, you can see who is online now, view some of the profiles by categories (hottest profiles, newest members, newest photo uploads, newest videos uploads) or go straight into live video cams. Yes, you heard us, right! This review has marvelous news for all of you who are seeking some top-notch naughty videos to watch – MegaFuckBook has something special for you!

MegaFuckbook live cams

However, if you want some more action, it is time to explore all the ways in which you can communicate with sexy users of MegaFuckBook. The review can single out a couple of those straightaways:

  • Enjoy a group conversation in kink-related group chats. You can easily mingle with like-minded adults of MegaFuckBook in one of the many group chats available on the service. These vary in the topic that everyone is united by but can be a great way to find someone sharing what turns you on.
  • Sending winks and flirts. This review claims that sending winks is by far the easiest way to tell someone you fancy them and would definitely rough them up in bed. This is a free feature and speaks volumes. The person you ‘like’ will get a notification and check out your profile to see if that’s a match or not.
  • Private messaging. Although this is a paid feature, it is totally worth upgrading your membership! After all, it is private messages in particular that make MegaFuckBook so sexy and saucy! The best part is that you can attach the media as well! Get those nudes in rotation, baby!
  • Emails. If you want a slightly longer mail sent to your crush to tell them how exactly you would rail them in detail, there is no other way than to send them a MegaFuckBook email! Hot!

There is still more to the functionality of MegaFuckBook! This review is seriously impressed by how many different things you can do there. One of the favorites is connections. If you click with someone and want to stay in touch with them (perhaps, their pics are too hot to miss), you can easily do so by adding them to your list of Favourites. The updates of users you have added will appear in your feed, and you will see when they are online in the special tab.

Last but not least, if you want to know what is happening in the naughty community, there is a fantastic little feature called Horny tweets. Members can post updates about how they are doing on there, but they have to keep the messages short.

Sign Up

As the review already started, you have to create a profile to access the website. Great news, the registration is absolutely free! Moreover, it is also very straightforward and brief.

All you need to do in order to get started on MegaFuckBook is completing these couple of steps to provide the website with some information about who you are:

  • A nickname
  • A password
  • A valid email address
  • Date of birth
  • Headline for your profile
  • Tell more about yourself.
  • Marital status (single, swinger, divorced, married)
  • Body type

As soon as all that is done, you can confirm your email address by clicking the verification link and start setting up your profile: update your preferences, upload a pic and so on and so on.

MegaFuckbook registration

Search & Profile Quality

Lots of reviews praise the quality of the website’s profiles. Indeed, this review agrees that MegaFuckBook user profiles are rather detailed and provide a lot of value for whoever is looking at them. Simply by examining someone’s profile, you can find out plenty of stuff about who is in front of you, what they like, and whether you would be a good fit for a hookup. Besides, you can also view the person’s photos, videos, and recent updates.

One of the biggest strengths of MegaFuckBook is the number of real profiles of horny adults. There are simply lots of options when it comes to matching with sexy singles of the website.

Speaking of matching, there are several ways in which you can find people to contact, but this review recommends you turn to the search tool. It is pretty advanced and helps a lot when you need to narrow down your search to the preferred specifics. Some of the filters you may apply to your search include physical appearance filters, age filters, location filters, and many other things to match you with the most appropriate profiles.


The review is positive MegaFuckBook cares a lot about its members’ safety because of all the measures they take to make sure the service is a nice and pleasant adult dating environment. Moderators keep a close eye on the website an track all the suspicious activity to suspend accounts that do not obey the rules of the platform.

Moreover, the review wants you to rest assured your billing info is safe with MegaFuckBook too!

Help & Support

As covered in the review, the site is super straightforward. But if you ever need any assistance or want to discuss anything related to your MegaFuckBook adult dating experience, you can reach out to the team of trained professionals in MegaFuckBook support. They will be prompt to help you!


Is MegauckBook good as it is? Definitely? Can you make it even better? Yes! By upgrading your membership.

  • Trial period (3 days) – $2.97
  • Basic (30 days) – $29.95
  • Classic (60 days) – $74.85
  • Gold (180 days) – $119.70


MegaFuckBook is definitely mega! This review talked about all the ways in which the adult dating website in the question is supreme: it is fun to use, has lots of active members, it’s easy to navigate, and it is effective when it comes to getting you laid! A great deal!

MegaFuckbook hottest profiles


Is Legit?

The review concluded MegaFuckBook is a real website with a lot of real members, all of which are interested in the same thing – naughty activities and wonderful kinky sex!

Is MegaFuckBook Safe?

The review covered the importance of its users’ safety for the MegaFuckBook team. They work hard on ensuring people are having a great time!

Who Can Use MegaFuckBook?

Registration on MegaFuckBook is open to anyone of legal age.

Is It Possible To Use MegaFuckBook Anonymously?

MegaFuckBook cares deeply about your comfort as this review found, so they let you be in full control of your identity and remain anonymous if you want.

Is MegaFuckBook Free?

The review stated registration is free, but there are some paid features, too!