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Best Muslim Dating Sites

2 weeks ago · · Comments Off on Best Muslim Dating Sites

Best Muslim Dating Sites

Speaking about Muslim online dating, it’s comprehended a bit differently, rather than more common European and American Christian dating. Muslim people take relationships and marriage more seriously, and it’s very important to find a husband or wife who would share their religious beliefs. Every Muslim girl and guy knows about arranged marriages. They are aware of the fact that if they don’t find a life partner until a certain age, their family will arrange a matrimonial alliance for them. But honestly, who wants to marry someone you don’t love? Right, nobody. It’s known to be a failure. That’s why every Muslim person should consider an amazing opportunity to find true love online. Find someone who shares your views, including faith; someone who you have chemistry with, someone who is your soulmate.

The most amazing thing is that it’s available to everyone. By the time you finish reading the article, you will have enough information to start your Muslim online dating and it will take you no time at all to find your soulmate. So, if you’re a Muslim single willing to find a life partner who shares your faith, then you have come to the right place. For those beginning online dating, there are a lot of useful tips and the best Muslim dating sites to start online dating appropriately.  

Choosing The Best Muslim Dating Site

If you still hesitate about joining the online dating community, there are just some basic reasons explaining why it’s a better choice:

Top Online Dating Websites

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  • It saves your time and it’s convenient
  • A chance to find a perfect match for you is very high
  • Matchmaking systems find you the most compatible matches
  • Much easier than real-life dating

These are the reasons that come to mind first, by trying online dating yourself, you’ll discover even more benefits. Having cleared up with the reasons, it’s time to find out the most essential tips on how to choose the best Muslim dating site. 

Fits Your Preferences

Many dating sites are specialized for a certain group of people. For example, there are Black dating sites, Gay dating sites, Christian dating sites, etc. But you need those that have many users who share your religion. That’s why you need to choose a platform that meets your preferences. But don’t worry, the best Muslim dating services are at your disposal in the list below.

Paid or Free?

Most of the sites offer only basic features for free – like registration, matchmaking, and simple chats. To try all the available services, a paid membership is required, according to a site’s pricing policy. But some sites offer chargeable services only. It’s important to keep in mind that paid services aren’t usually the best. So, in the list of the best sites, you’ll find both variants, so that you can choose what’s better for you. 

Quality of Service

It’s important to use only legit dating sites that provide safety to their members and make sure they are satisfied with the site’s performance. If any problems or questions arise, the quality and speed of response to your question define the site’s policy and attitude towards its users.

Credibility and Reputation

In addition to the previous paragraph, it’s important to find out about the site’s reputation and popularity. If the dating site has a good reputation, there will be plenty of reviews and comments about it on the internet. The number of users also matters you can find it on any review. Muslims who have already found their life partners with the help of a dating service are gladly sharing their feelings and opinions about it. Thus, contributing to the site’s good reputation. Moreover, legit dating platforms usually implement a verification system to make them free from scammers.

Simple Interface

Sites with elaborate sparkly designs and endless ad flow are totally out of date. Minimalism and simplicity is a trend that applies to date sites too. So when a site has a modern, simple and intuitive design, without distracting unnecessary information, it’s definitely a good sign. Also, the majority of leading dating platforms have created their apps and mobile versions to make online dating even more accessible for everyone.

Characteristics of Muslim Girls

Every man who wants to date and marry a Muslim girl should know their best characteristics. Of course, it is well-known that Muslim women wield a special charisma that attracts men from different cultures. But they also have some other charming characteristics that can win your heart.

best muslim dating sites

Honest and Kind

Their culture, traditions and religion help to raise Muslim girls as the most honest people, and kind to everyone. Such qualities remain with them from childhood through the whole life.


Islam is one of a kind religion that teaches Muslim girls to be thankful for everything they have.
So when they get married, they’ll be very grateful for every day spent with their husband and family.


When a Muslim woman encounters a problem, she knows that Allah has provided a solution for her, and that what matters most are her continued sincere love, submission, and trust. She knows that with His help and support from her husband everything is going to be great.


All Muslim girls are taught from childhood that caring for the husband is very important for the family’s happiness. So she’ll be happy to make sure that her husband is full, well-dressed, healthy and satisfied.

Best Muslim Dating Sites

Now it’s time to pass to the key part of the article – the list of top 10 American Muslim dating sites. It’s important to mention that all the offered sites are legit, verified and completely safe to use. So there’s no need to check twice, just keep reading and choose the ones that fit your requirements the most.


The dating site is home to members from all around the globe, including Islamic countries. A huge update was carried on recently, so now the site has some unique features like Quiz Matching and LikeBook. Similar to other matchmaking websites, CupidFeel is mostly used by singles looking for a serious relationship or marriage. The site’s interface is very simple and it also has an app, but it’s only available on IOS. It has many free features including registration, quiz matching, search and chats. To try other features, the membership is required, but the prices are modest, and you’ll save even more money if you get a 6-months subscription.  


A premium dating site, is a great choice for Muslim singles because of their extraordinary popularity and very positive reputation. More than 13.5 million people visit Match every month, so you are sure to find like-minded Muslim matches here — especially if you’re looking for a long-term commitment with someone who has similar religious beliefs.


This site is created specifically for Muslims who are looking for a serious relationship and marriage. The app is very organic, where users are active and inactive Muslim dating profiles are deleted. The site’s policy is very secure, all your personal information is safe here, and the support team works hard to keep the site free of scammers. It’s free to join on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, and has a wide range of special features.

 This one is similar to the previous because its main goal is to unite single hearts of Muslim men and women.  The site offers basic features like registration, search and chatting for free. A nice and welcoming interface attracts single people to sign up and inspires them to find a life partner who shares traditional Islamic values. 

ArabLounge is a premium dating site for Arab singles all over the world. With over 14 years of experience, the site has all the tools needed for singles looking for love and relationship. The member base of the ArabLounge has grown to over 1 million users. On the site, you can read stories of happily married people who met on this dating site. It’s the best possible advertisement.

Like many other dating services, offers free registration for singles wanting to try out the site’s basic features. But the interesting part is that it offers a questionnaire with more than 100 questions to find out very precisely about your preferences, hobbies, and personality. Then it allows you to make the matchmaking process very accurate and quick and make sure to find you like-minded matches. provides an extensive database of potential matches for every single Muslim person. What’s great about the site is that it’s totally free to create a profile, browse others’ profiles, upload up to 20 pics, receive messages, and receive chat invitations. So all the necessary features are free, and there’s no need to get a membership unless you want it. 


All in all, there are so many Muslim singles who want to find a life partner who would share their religion and beliefs, but they may not think about online dating as an option. But it’s actually the best choice that provides access to many like-minded singles, either in your area or somewhere else. So just choose a website from the list and let it guide you to a lifelong relationship. Good luck!

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