Single Hearts

The platform where your dating may go beyond typical standards is what very polyamorous people are looking for. They strive for a perfect environment where everyone holds the same view as theirs.

The polyamory dating site is a shelter for singles who are seeking relationships with several partners at the same time. They feel safe in such a kind of dating, while none of them must connect the whole life with one person. The site with polyamorous members is a relatively new phenomenon. Delve into this wonderful world to feel it.

Polyamorous Dating

Many people discovering this type of dating see a lot of advantages.

Why is poly relationship popular?

  • No jealousy
  • A lot of emotional connections
  • Interesting
  • Full of communication

Polyamory dating teaches how to build trust in relationships. Here, no one thinks they resort to cheating. Jealousy is an unknown feeling to either who agrees to such a thing. It is a form of arranging relationships where everyone feels comfortable. If some relate it only to sex thing, they need to bear mind that it is an additional plus.

Polyamorous people

Polyamorous couples benefit from communication. They have a chance to date, various people, at the same time. It is quite interesting, and in such a way, one can transform a monotonous routine into bright moments.

Sometimes, people consider that a poly relationship requires threesomes or polysexual intercourses. What is important to know is that such love is based on common agreement. You may enter these relationships with your own demands. Here, everyone is equal.

It is not mandatory to bind to a certain group. One is free to choose whether they are willing to date each separately or to combine all of them for more entertainment.

Polyamorous dating sites are trying to support this burgeoning trend and give a platform for people to date who they want and how they want to do it. The design does not differ from other sites, while the messaging system is sometimes more elaborated. As a matter of fact, one can start some group chats for poly dating.

Polyamorous sites implement the deepest desires one has regarding this kind of relationship. Find out what is the best.

Polyamorous Dating App

Polyamorous dating sites are great in number. It provides all polyamorous people with many options. Some sites are directed narrowly to polyamorous dating only, while others accept all the types and host different forms of dating.

Thus, if one seeks poly relationships, they may choose either of these options. Here is the best to pitch upon from.

Polyamorous Passions

This is one of the polyamorous dating apps that is focused on poly only. The site establishes an ideal form of relationship between the people who understand each other. These people have a lot in common, thus feel like on the same wavelength. The site mainly works within the polyamorous sphere, not to mix everything.

Polyamorous Passions main page

This site is quite simple to use and is more than just design. The planning of the dating service presupposes all the needed tabs put together.

On the main page, you will see:

  • Home
  • Search
  • Chat
  • Webcam
  • Popular
  • Groups
  • Forums
  • Videos & Fun Stuff
  • Books
  • Help
  • Account

Seeing all these at once, users maneuver through the site easily. The polyamorous chatting is wide. The members pick the one they like the most. At the very beginning, dating may take place in group chats. Later, to upgrade the level of your polyamorous relationships, you may go to private messages. There is also a chance to imitate real-life communication. Web camera now makes unbelievable.

Apart from dating itself, polyamorous dating sites free offer even some pages for fun. Some avid readers will be particularly interested in its separate rubric Books. There are also a great number of forums where one may share thoughts on polyamorous relationships. Here is a lot to discuss and to spend time nicely. If you love watching exciting videos, the site has some for you as well.

This is a great chance if you have nothing to do.


It is important that everyone stays open to other cultures and other beliefs. This polyamorous site tries to be the one who establishes tolerance in modern society.

Open main page

Open is the platform where profiles vary a lot. Everyone is accepted to such a community. If you seek dating, it is a place where one always welcomes you. Polyamory dating is on the list.

What can you do here? First of all, members may download the app. The application on your device will make it easier to sign in. The biggest advantage is that it does not require your constant check of the site. If you receive a message, in many cases, you will get a separate notification to your phone.

Secondly, Open has followed the other worldwide dating sites. No matter whether you are polyamorous or traditional, you have a chance to evaluate other users. This feature is extremely important. It has a direct positive influence on your dating. It helps to summarize your interests and picks the members that may conform to your preferences.

Why is this site good for polyamorous relationships?

  • Has a lot of singles with the same thoughts
  • Worships tolerance
  • Interesting content

With so many adherents of polyamory dating, the process becomes lighter and more exciting. The site creates a calm and cozy atmosphere.


Before you log in, there is a great chance to get to know more about poly dating site, in particular about polyamorous relationships. Here are placed the main topics that may help rookies to embark on such kind of dating. FindPoly interviews the ideal couples that were coined on the site talks on relationship dynamics dispels all the myths, and discusses the basics of such dating.

FindPoly main page

What can you find inside this polyamorous dating site?

  • Local groups of members with poly lifestyle
  • Conferences that unite users from all over the world
  • Physical events and meetups with polyamorous guys and girls
  • Some resources where one may learn more about this field
  • A site where one may have fun

This polyamorous dating site is linked to Twitter and Facebook. To save up some time, one may use it as a means of logging in.

When talking more about the content of the poly dating site, the very essence lies in groups. These are communities of different locations where people get together. Here one may share various photos and add some info about the group. Poly people are very good at entertainment; thus, it serves as a great platform to organize some events. Either in communities or on separate tabs of the site, users agree on time and place where to hang out.

Finally, even in communities, FindPoly places some educational moments. It goes beyond simple dating. Some pages existing on the site are directed to combine both pleasures with benefits.

The blog of FindPoly is an additional profit you get from the polyamorous dating app. Here one may linger on for a while. The authors delineate and answer some topical psychological and emotional questions together with general inquiries that frequently come to mind.


Another site that promises to host poly people is There is no clear-cut division between different races, nationalities, orientations, religious beliefs, etc. The only thing you should do is to indicate what you are looking for.

main page directs its efforts in such a way that people are grouped by certain common features. On some sites, one may call it compatibility. Whenever you use this service as a polyamorous dating site, you just need to indicate that you are poly.

Dating is a great experience here. provides a set of standard stickers that are good to use to brighten the conversation. If you pay for Membership, you get unlimited messaging and some extra features.

A few reasons why polyamorous can benefit from this platform:

  • Funny and bright
  • Lots of entertainment
  • Several kinds of chatting
  • Very nice price

It is possible for users to use without paying a penny. This is rather a modest set of functionalities that are given by Free Membership even though it is okay to try.

If you are not accustomed to taking the initiative, there is a great opportunity to inform a person whom you like about your existence. It is a matter of a few clicks. The moment you understand that a particular profile appeals to you, you may put a like. This can be interpreted as a sign of attention., in this way, overcomes the fears of some users.

This polyamory dating site is great if you love partying. Here poly couples arrange various events. It may be a perfect and interesting theme party. believes that in such a way, people are able to make new acquaintances. That is a great chance to forget that you are an introvert.


This article has given precious examples of polyamorous dating sites free. All of them may become your godsend. The thing is that one must take action. Do not delay for tomorrow what you may do today.