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Russian women are said to be the most beautiful in the world, so it’s no surprise that so many men from all over the globe search for Russian girls on every existing dating platform. Lucky for all of them, the best Russian dating sites and apps operate to help find a perfect match from all of the post-Soviet lands.  

“Why post-Soviet lands?”, you may ask. Here’s the thing, online dating websites usually refer to Russian women as to Russian speaking women. It means when a user fills in “Russian language” and any Russian speaking country in her profile, the system promotes her as “Russian”. In fact, part of these women is from Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, even Armenia, and Georgia. But almost all of them speak Russian, some of them know English well enough to communicate, so it’s no problem. That’s why in this review, the title “Russian women” is a collective term used to unite all the beautiful females from ex-USSR countries.

Russian girls are considered to be the most caring, thoughtful and affectionate wives and girlfriends. All of them are looking for life partners, who are ready for commitment and long-term relationships. Of course, it does not make sense for a man to travel to Eastern Europe only to find a Russian bride. We live in 21 century all in all. Online dating rocks! Just find your perfect match on any of Russian online dating sites (check out the best ones below) and when you both want to take your relationship to another level, you can meet up. 

Russian Online Dating

What’s great about modern and legitimate Russian dating sites – they provide their users with real-life data organization, isn’t it fantastic? You don’t need to take care of everything yourself – just give the idea of how you imagine your date night and provide financing for making it happen. What’s more, many legit dating platforms offer fair terms about this whole real-life date thing: if the girl bails last minute before the date – the site refunds you at least some part of the money spent, because in such case, the girl seems to be a fraudster and might shake the site’s reputation. 

Among other dating sites’ perks, translation service is worth mentioning. Especially when you are looking for a Russian girl, such a feature may come in handy. If she does not speak English or your native language, a site offers you a translator who will help you understand each other easily. This service is also usually available with real-life dates. It’s better than using a translator app because the latter doesn’t always work well and translate correctly. While a person translator is a professional and knows how to interpret everything properly. 

Apart from the mentioned ones, all the Russian dating services have a wide range of special features and details that make online dating pleasure and a nice pastime, whether you’re looking for a serious relationship or a short time communication. So, if you haven’t tried dating Russian women online before, you should give it a shot. Just keep reading to find out everything about Russian women and a list of the best sites to meet them.

Characteristics of Russian Girls

As it was already noted, Russian women are considered to be the most beautiful and caring. Do you still have doubts if it’s true? Or can’t you understand why? Here’s a list of characteristics that are common for all the Russian girls.


Russian girls are known for their natural beauty, body shapes that attract men of all nationalities. They tend to treat themselves with all the possible beauty procedures that enhance their natural looks. Manicure, pedicure, spa, hair treatment, face masks, epilation – it’s just a monthly self-care routine usual for Russian girls.


Being loyal is extremely important for every Russian girl committed to her man, in a serious relationship. Once they choose a man to be a life partner, loyalty is their priority in a relationship. Russian women stay faithful both in good and bad times. And of course, they require the same from their men.


Traditions are very important in all the Russian speaking countries. So all the girls are taught from a young age that family is the most valuable thing. That’s why marriage for them isn’t just a union of two people, it’s the start of a family. Of course, every girl has her own goals to achieve, but the family is always in the first place.


You wouldn’t want a more caring wife than a Russian girl. Once she is settled with someone, she has to make sure that her husband is full, well-dressed, healthy and satisfied. Russian ladies really enjoy taking good care of their men, especially when it comes to cooking. Their meal is very good!


It has become a commonplace quite recently that women aspire to be independent and make the best out of it. Before it was a normal thing when a man foots the bill on a date, but with all the feminist flow, nowadays many girls prefer to go Dutch. It is encouraging and inspiring for a man to see his girlfriend as an independent woman.

Choosing the Best Russian Dating Service

Before passing to the list of the best Russian dating sites it’s important to know how to choose one, what to look out for, the most important criteria. This information is very useful, especially for beginners.

Fits Your Preferences

With such a great number of dating platforms, it’s easy to get confused, because each of them has a certain user base. Some of them are best for admirers of Asian or Mexican beauty, others are created for Russian girls. Mind it while looking for a perfect dating service, or just choose from the site selection below.

Service Quality

Another important point, because in case of any problems or questions, the quality and speed of response to your question, defines the site’s policy and attitude towards its users. If you have a problem with a site, but its Support Team ignores your complaint, it’s a cause to worry about the site’s trustworthiness.

Site’s Reputation

In addition to the previous paragraph, if the dating site has a good reputation, you’ll easily find reviews on this site, and the number of users also matters. There are Russian women dating sites that have been operating for years and helped thousands of singles to find life partners. These people are usually glad to share their feelings about it, which is also a good point to the site’s reputation. Moreover, legit dating platforms usually implement a verification system to make them free from scammers.

Matchmaking Algorithms

It’s important when a dating site can offer such features as an extended Search that ranges the singles according to a series of criteria (age, location, education, hobbies, children, religion, habits, etc). With that possible, you’ll find your perfect Russian girl in no time at all.

Simple Interface

Nobody wants to use a site when it’s full of unnecessary information and ads, right? That’s why top Russian dating sites prefer simple, modern, intuitive interface. Many legit dating sites create their apps and mobile versions to make your communication even easier and accessible to everyone.

Best Russian Dating Sites

Now it’s time for the key part of the review – the list of top Russian dating services. These sites are absolutely legit, otherwise, they wouldn’t make it to this list. So take a look and choose the most attractive ones.


Admire the beauty of Ukrainian, Russian, Belarusian, Moldovan ladies with the help of this website. It has more than 1500 newcomers daily and you are welcomed to be one of them. A simple interface, quick registration and many nice features, including “Faces” game, video calls, flower, and present delivery, translation service, and a real-life date organization with your perfect match.


The site has been uniting single people for more than ten years and has a rate of monthly visits over 30 million users. That’s an awesome level of trustworthy. Members from about 25 countries use this site to find a perfect Russian match. It’s one of the very few dating sites that offer free membership, so take note of that, if you’re not willing to pay for a membership. Moreover, it’s extended Search offers a wide range of points including location, religion, appearance, sexual identity, education, and lifestyle.


BravoDate is a premium dating platform that is available in more than thirty countries and helps like-minded single people find each other. It’s available in thirty countries, mostly in Europe, so you are sure to find your perfect Russian lady here. The site has a special matching algorithm that analyzes your dating criteria and connects you with members who satisfy it 100%.

Elena’s Models

The dating service claims to be the world’s most trusted Russian online dating site and was founded back in 1999. Since then, it has brought together thousands of singles. The verification is compulsory and the Support Team is available at any time of day or night. Although some free features are limited, the registration and matchmaking process is free of charge. To try all the offered features, you’ll have to get a subscription. But the prices are affordable, ranging from 10$ to 100$. The site has an app that you can download for free via Google Play or the App Store.


The site is one of the most popular and has many good reviews from the ones who have already found their love here. The registration, basic matching, and communication are free of charge, but you need to get a paid membership to get access to all the special features including live chats, translation service, advanced matching algorithms, VIP profile highlighting, exclusive search features and many other. What’s interesting, when using the extended search, there’s a filter “Willing to relocate”, so you can apply it if you’re interested only in Russian ladies who are ready to move to your country. The dating service has an app available on Google Play.


It’s a rather young service that has been functioning for five years but has already gained enough popularity to compete with the largest dating sites. The site is absolutely legit, guarantees verification, including the photo verification process. A wide range of features, free registration, and browsing. It allows you to find a partner for long-term relationships or simple flirting, depending on your goals.


The site has been operating for almost ten years, it’s trustworthy and guarantees your success in finding a perfect Russian life partner. Its basic features are very similar to other sating platforms, but its great advantage is a homepage blog. It gives some useful information about dating Russian women, their lifestyles, hobbies, etc. Besides, there are some dating tips helpful for everyone who prefers online dating.


The site has a huge customer base, rich experience, and many advanced settings. For example, users can indicate interesting information about themselves (favorite authors, movies, books, etc.). This allows you to quickly find the perfect match, according to your common interests. LadaDate makes user’s safety a priority and takes all the possible measures to keep the site free of scammers with the help of the latest SSL encryption.

How to Begin Online Dating

Now you are informed of the best dating sites to find a Russian love and now it’s time to take action.

  1. Choose one of the best Russian dating sites from the list
  2. Sign up and pass verification, fill your profile, upload a photo and give some information 
  3. Set up your preferences for a perfect partner
  4. Choose the best options and start a communication
  5. Fall in love with your perfect match!