Best Dating Sites for Long Term Relationships

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

One of the most heated arguments related to looking for a long term relationship is deciding on the best way for one to connect with their future spouse. A lot of people still believe that the most efficient method would be to rely on fate or maybe even a coincidence that would link them with the love of their lives. 

On the one hand, this could work for some, as strong matches are indeed made in heaven. They say it for the reason that if it is meant to be, it will eventually happen. However, in the modern world, there are some nuances to this statement.

Modern Dating Culture

One of the things particularly relevant to the way dating happens in today’s society is the fact that nowadays people are much more aware of their time. Unlike in the old days, people allocate much less time to their leisure activities. So even if they do have some free time to spare, they usually prefer to gather with their friends and not hang out in public places by themselves waiting for someone to come their way.

This is why it is much more difficult for singles to meet during social events. They would simply not come up to each other as they would be absorbed into catching up with their pals. So they would not have an opportunity to mingle around to make new acquaintances. Because of this, even though at the end of the day you inevitably will find someone you would be able to call your true soulmate, the waiting could extend to great lengths. Therefore, it is much better to take the matter into your own hands and start actively searching.

This brings us to the next point that justifies the use of the best free dating site for serious relationships. Imagine a situation when you finally find someone worth shooting a shot at a local bar. So you come up to her, throw in your best ice breaker, have a nice small talk and maybe even end up sharing drinks. Sounds nice, but is it really going to last? The answer is, unfortunately, no. The problem with this approach is that spontaneous attractions happen solely based on looks. And while it could be hot a couple of weeks when you cannot just get enough of each other, the foundation of a solid long term relationship lies in mutual compatibility. The two of you need to have a lot of things in common and generally suit each other for the union to be long-lasting. Unless this is the case, physical attraction will eventually fade away, and you will end up looking for a new date. 

Why Should You Consider Online Dating

Keeping compatibility in check is what is particularly good about turning to best dating sites for long term relationships. Most of the mail order bride services, even free ones, have an extensive search tool and advanced matching mechanisms that ensure that you and the people you meet there have a lot of potential together. This implies that if you correctly fill out the questionnaire suggested to you upon initial signup on one of such sites, and you will be shown ladies that are somewhat similar to you in terms of their beliefs, viewpoints and general interests. 

Moreover, one of the greatest things about free dating sites for serious relationships is that once you create an account there, you can be sure that all the people you are talking to on the platform share the same serious intentions as you do. Being on the same page about such an important thing as relationships is crucial for establishing mutual understanding and trust. 

Benefits of Online Dating

So, to conclude, here are the benefits of turning to online dating sites when looking for a long term relationship.B

  • Best online dating sites for serious relationships ensure that you are compatible with the people you meet there and start communicating with.
  • You can assess ladies’ looks as they upload lots of visual content.
  • You only connect with people that are on the same page as you regarding the seriousness of your intentions.

However, as these are indeed the advantages of using online services to look for serious relationships, some downsides need to be addressed for the article to reflect fully on the experience. One of the biggest problems related to online dating is the fact that there is a chance of the profile you are chatting to belonging to a catfish or a scammer. This means that they are either not the person their picture shows or are there with the only intention of scamming you to send them money. 

Having to interact with such people could bring you down and spoil your online dating experience. Therefore it is best to avoid them at all costs. The easiest and the most reliable way of doing this would be to take your time to research the sites you signup to in order to make sure they are legit and trustworthy. Here are a couple of best rated free dating sites that are a hundred percent safe to use and are not scam. 

  • Victoria Hearts
  • Eastern Honeys
  • Love Swans

Which Dating Site Is Best for Serious Relationships?

Victoria Hearts

Victoria Hearts is excellent for looking for a long term relationship because it is a platform that is designed specifically for this purpose. Even though you could occasionally bump into profiles of ladies who are seeking a short-term arrangement, it is not likely, and in most cases, they will be filtered out by the system once you specify that a serious relationship is what you are after. A genius matching mechanism is one of the strongest aspects of this site. It allows you to skip the process of endless scrolling through thousands and thousands of profiles of ladies registered on it. Victoria Hearts is a relatively old platform; hence, the extensive user database and straightaway connect with the girlfriends that are most well-fitted for you. This is possible thanks to a rather lengthy questionnaire the website suggests you to fill out at the beginning of your user journey. It can seem like a chore at the time, but in the long run, will work wonders for connecting you with the best date. 

Moreover, Victoria Hearts is also an international site. So you are not limited to ladies from one region and can extend your search party to pretty much any geographical location of your liking. This will be particularly useful for those looking for love in a specific country or are especially keen on finding a lady of a certain nationality or descend. 

Eastern Honeys

Eastern Honeys is great for those looking for long term relationships as it is a site that focuses predominantly on singles from Eastern regions, where loyalty is a must. If you ever wondered about what a relationship with an Asian girl would look like, you might already know that these ladies are extremely respectful and cautious in their approach to finding the love of their lives. Moreover, it is not usual in the Eastern culture to embrace one night stands or even short meaningless relationships. Therefore you can be sure all the women on the site are not only legit but are also serious about their intentions. 

What is particularly great about the website is the fact that it allows you to narrow down your search to specifics such as age, religion, height, etc. That is particularly useful as women of different age are represented on the platform. 

Love Swans

Love Swans is one of the best dating websites for serious relationships. This international online dating platform focuses on people in search of a more mature woman as it is designed for people mainly over the age of 35. Usually, people of this age are the ones who are done messing around and want to settle down for good. So the vast majority of users of Love Swans are there to find a person to marry. 


Another thing that makes it a reliable and legit site for looking for long term relationships is that it is not entirely free. While initial signup and basic features do not require any payment, more advanced features are subscription-based, which filters out those who are not true about their serious intentions.


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