Single Hearts

Sobriety is the condition of the person when he or she has no effect or measurable level of alcohol or drugs. This condition is natural for the human body because in this condition every child was born. According to the latest statistic, around 30% of the population in countries with a developed economy does not drink alcohol at all.

Why People Stop Drinking

There are several the most popular reason why people makes such a decision and here they are:

Medical Prohibition

The situation when persons’ health conditions do not allow them to drink alcohol.

Law Prohibition

the situation when persons’ have troubles with the law and more than a couple of times, so the Court decided to prohibit them alcohol consumption.

Religious Beliefs

Some religions prohibit alcohol consumption so their followers do not drink at all.

Personal Values

The rarest reason from this list, but it works better than all others. Because the person who decided to refuse alcohol consumption by himself. Because of prohibition from a third party, have no desire of the forbidden fruit. For him constantly sober mind condition is normal.

Sober Lifestyle

But what about those who have problems with alcohol or other drugs? According to the same statistic, there are up to 15% of the Earth’s population has a problem with sobriety, because of alcohol and drug addictions. Approximately 4% of the planet’s population, or almost one-third of the previous group, dies because of this problem. The rest of them goes through the rehabilitation and tries to fight their problem.

Unfortunately, in many cases friends, family and even beloved persons turn their back on the person with the trouble. And do it at the moment when this person needs their help the most. Because all of us understand how important is to have a partner next to you when you are going through struggles.

And that is one of the main reasons for the creation of sober dating sites.

Sober Dating Platforms

So as we mentioned above, such dating platforms were created to provide a necessary and social important service for the people who win in their fight against addiction to meet someone for friendship and relationships.

Since we are living in the era of computer technologies and the internet, these platforms are working online. It is quite convenient because in such a way they can be available for a bigger number of users who need such help. Because of the same reason, these dating resources have a mobile version of their website. Because you do not have an opportunity to take your laptop always with you, much more convenient to use a smartphone or tablet to enter the site.

Some medical professionals who work with the problem of alcohol and drug-addicted do not allow their patients to date someone and tries to create relationships on the initials stages of rehabilitation. Because they worry about the emotional conditions of their patients and determine relationships as a risk.

Mission of Sober Dating Sites

But other groups of such specialists have an opposite opinion. And advice their patients to find someone who will be their match. Because they believe that such actions may follow their patients to recovery dating. It means that when the patients are trying to get used to their new conditions, to re-identify themselves in this world, they need to feel the normal atmosphere around them which is impossible without communication with other people.

One more reason why sober singles use these special dating applications is that they do not want to build a relationship with someone who drinks alcohol. It will be a great temptation which can lead them to addiction again. That is why much safer will be to be with such a sober person.

How Do They Work?

So if you are single and sober and have a strong feeling that you are ready for meeting new people and even dating them, you would like to know how to find and use these platforms, are not you?

So to find one of these apps, just type something like “non-drinking dating sites” in the search bar of your browser. As you remember, you can use any device for it, smartphone and tablet will work also. In a moment the screen in front of your eyes will be full of options.

Choosing Best Sober Dating Site

To choose one of them that you will use in the future please take a look not only at the design of the site. Of course, intuitively understanding navigation is one of the major criteria for making a choice, but there are a couple of even more important:

  • Full protection of your personal information that you will put on the site;
  • Full protection of your profile from scammers and fraudsters that are using such types of platforms for their profit. They know how to get money and presents from trustful people who believe that they are helping someone. So you need to be one hundred percent sure that the platform has anti-scam control;
  • Long-term being on the market with a good reputation. Because if you decide to use this platform to meet someone special, you need to be sure that this app has a good reputation and profiles of these potentially special people are existing there.

Of course, you can add a couple of bullet-points from yourself, but mentioned above are crucial. You may also have a look at,, and in order to check how reputable sites operate.

You will be glad to know that making a choice of what platform to use was the most difficult in your way. Because the registration process will take less than 5 minutes, filling out your profile and uploading photos there – additional 10-15 minutes. And here you go, ready for the new experience in a sober condition.


There are no people who never failed, there are no people who never made a mistake, but with help from the closest ones, these troubles will convert in the experience that will help to become stronger. So do not look back with pity, look forward to the learned lesson and be happy.