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To give an exhaustive answer to this question, let’s explore who are transgender people and why they may need their special dating platforms. In current world probably every person already knows about the existing of trans people. But there are still many erroneous prejudices and stereotypes in society. So let’s explore this question to understand it better.

Transgender People

It will be understandable via exploring the difference between such terms as sex and gender in general:

Let’s start with sex. Two sexes are identified: male/female. The main differences come down to physiology and anatomy. When a child is born doctors can easily identify is it a boy or a girl just take a look at his or her genitalia. So usually biological factor is a key to child’s gender.

Unlike sex, the gender is defined by the social and cultural factors and traditions inherent to the place of born. It is not something that people get biologically. It is a reflection of the person of women and men roles that have been constructed among society members.

In most cases, a person has the same sex and gender. It means that a child who was born as a boy is learning how to be a man during he is growing up. So he plays with cars and soldiers, watch sports matches on TV, like football and so on. The same thing with girls who are dreaming of becoming princesses in a castle. So they play with dolls, learn how to make a hairstyle and make-up, try to copy a style of their role model pop icon singer, etc.

But there are also many cases when the person whose assigned at birth sex does not align with a gender they feel they belong to. So their sex and gender just do not match. And as it is a deeply sensual and spiritual question of self-determination, it manifests itself differently.

What Types of Transgender Manifestations Exist?

So let’s see the main types of transgender:


Transsexuality is a term denoting the identification of a person with a gender that is different from its biological sex. Its defining feature is the vision of oneself as a person of the opposite sex and the desire to change one’s biological sex to the opposite;


Transvestite or cross-dresser is the person who is playing a role of the opposite sex by dressing in clothes, which social norms and conventions attribute to the opposite sex;


Non-binary or genderqueer is the person who refuses a binary understanding of gender identity. There are several types of genderqueers:


Agenders are people who deny their belonging to any gender;


Bigender are people whose gender self-identification regularly changes under the influence of external factors;


Androgynous are people with equally expressed male and female qualities and attributes;


Intersexuals are people who have sexual characteristics, namely genitalia or other physical characteristics, of both sexes. This type has already been mentioned above. But intersexual people are not always transgender, because they can be okay with the sex they assigned to at birth.

Is Sexual Orientation Depends On Being Transgender?

Being transgender have no connection with sexual orientation. It means that transgender people can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or even asexual. So transgender people comprise a very diverse group of people united by one common issue – the difference between their biological sex and gender that they feel they are.

And now, after all the information above, it is obvious why such people would like to find their second half in a special place where they will be totally understood. Where people share their points of view and know how it is to live with an understanding that your biological sex does not fit you. Especially if you live in too conservative society where even your family cannot accept your choice.

And if we are talking about a search of a soul mate, the person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life and share all wins and losses on this long way, you need to find someone who is really on the same page with you. Only in this way this person will be able to find out how special you are and do not judge you because of your decision to stop hiding your true gender.

There is the reason why dating sites for transgender have been created, so let’s take a look at how they work.

How Do Best Transgender Dating Sites Work?

If some of you think that it is hard to find such type of online dating platform and, even if you find it, it is still hard to work with it, here is a spoiler: no, it is not! And to make you one hundred percent sure in this thesis, let’s explore how it works and do it step by step.

How to Find Transgender Dating Sites?

To do it, you will need any of your devices, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, that have an internet connection. Nowadays it is easy because Wi-Fi connection almost everywhere surrounds us. And in a case when there is no Wi-Fi, you always can use your mobile internet. It provides you with a great opportunity to have access to transgender dating apps almost any time and in any place. It is very convenient for those who do not have time to spend it in front of the desktop computer, for example, because of regular business trips.

best transgender dating sites

So you need to open a browser and type the following text in the search bar: “transgender dating” or “ts dating”. After you click Enter your search system will provide you with the list of specialized dating resources. So the next step that you should do is to choose the right dating platform from that list.

How to Choose the Right Website?

What is the right option? Probably this is a subjective question and it can be different for each person. But here are some crucial moments that you need to check while you are choosing an online dating platform:

  • The reputation of the platform. There are different types of dating resources. Some of them are those who are looking for serious relationships that can follow them to marriage. But some of them are for those who just would like to spend some time and have fun there. And both types are good, but for different people or just different situations and moods of the same people. So depends on your desires you need to choose what type of platform will fit better for you;
  • Safety of the platform. This point can be broken down on two sub-points:
    Safety of your personal data. If we are talking about communication via the internet, it is necessary to remember that there are many people there who would like to steal some of the users’ personal data to use it in some kind of profitable way. And you are not interested in it, isn’t it? That is why you need to be one hundred percent sure that platform, that you would like to choose, has data protection system;

Sureness that you are speaking with the real persons, not fake models and scammers who have to create a profile there to get pay for it. Unfortunately, it is a frequent problem on all dating websites. So you need to check to do the site, you are about to choose, has an anti-scam policy and how carefully profiles are verified.

Only after you checked mentioned above points, you can take a look at the design, intuitive interface and communication channels that are available on the platform. Possible communication channels we will consider in more detail, but only after considering of registration process. One of the most popular and reliable sites you can trust to are, and

How to Create an Account On the Platform?

This process can have some differences from site to site, but the most regular case will be described below.

The landing page of the site will offer you to sign in, if you already have an account there, or sign up if you are a newcomer. So you need to click on the sign-up button. Website will offer you to fill out a brief questionnaire form which usually includes the following questions:

  • What is your name? To make the client support team and other users know how to call you;
  • What is your date of birth? To make other users know how old are you and when they can congratulate you;
  • What is your email address? To make the client support team able to contact you if you have any questions or issues. Also, it needs in case if you decide to exchange your personal information with someone from the site;
  • What is your password? This password you will need to enter the website, so do not forget it.

After you fill it out, your account will be already created. But it is still not enough, because your profile is empty and chances that someone will write you are slim. Because an empty profile looks like a suspicious stranger and you do not want to speak with him.

So you need to add information about yourself there. As a rule, such websites help you with it by separating profiles on block completion s with specific questions in each of them. So you just need to answer them sincerely and interestingly.

Also, do not forget about at least a couple of photos. Of course, inner beauty is much more important than appearance, but without a photo, you will still look like a stranger.

What Communication Channels Such Websites Can You Provide with?

Some of such dating websites provide their members with only one communication channel but doing their best to make it as comfortable as possible. Some of them can offer you all of the mentioned bellow channels. So you can choose what option is better for you only by check them and decide for yourself.


Probably the most popular channel of communication nowadays. And it is completely understandable because chat provides you with an opportunity to exchange by messages really fast, so a conversation can be dynamic and you can understand the emotions of your partner better.


Probably the most romantic way to communicate with someone. It helps you to feel yourself like in Renaissance Era by adding a special charm and sensuality in the communication process. In chat, you are usually speaking like in real life, just casual language. But when you are writing a letter, you are trying to convey your thoughts in the best way and give a special depth to every single word.

Phone Call

Some websites offer you such an opportunity. Written communication is good, but it just cannot be better than hearing the voice of the person or even see his or her face at the same moment. By the way, if the site offers international dating, it also provides you with an interpreter, who will help you with the language barrier if it exists.

Personal Meeting in Real Life

This is should be a result of your search. But also you should do it only after you are one hundred percent sure that both of you are ready for it. Nothing can be better than a personal meeting, it is a very exciting moment to meet the person whom you already know pretty good the first time in real life.

Fifth Step. Start to Communicate with Others

Every serious relationship starts with simple communication. And that is why you decided to create an account on the dating website. So feel free to start chatting or mailing with other transgender singles and who knows how far you will meet your soul mate there. With all of the additional features, such as simple and advance filter, that help you in your search, chances to meet your second half increase.


If you are brave enough to declare the feeling of your gender to the world, you should not worry during the search of your second half. Moreover, special online dating platforms are happy to help you with it. So what are you waiting for?