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Last Updated on March 30, 2023

If you want something more than a usual dating site and want to get more than just continuous online lettering, than the CasualDates platform is created for you! It’s the place where everyone can find desirable functions and will be able to achieve his goals. According to CasualDates reviews placed on the internet, it became so popular because it brings no limits to the actions of the members and allows them to stay themselves and do not hide their naughty nature (of course in the legit framework).

The major aim which is successfully achieved is to allow people to get what they want, in such a manner keeping members happy with the service, which is evidenced by positive reviews left about CasualDates. It is an open online space full of entertainment with erotic bias, which is opened for men, women, couples, gays, and lesbians, singles, and married people who want to have a real date or just intimate online conversations supported by video streaming.

If you’re intrigued to let’s find out the truth about CasualDates from the following review via learning advantages and disadvantages of the site, its strong and weak sides, rates according to reviews, and main features available to members. In other words, let’s check is CasualDates a good dating site.

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Review Of Pros vs. Cons

If you like to make informed decisions, the thing you will appreciate in this review is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the site. It allows checking whether your expectations related to CasualDates will be met and whether you will be able to find something special there. Below is a summary of the pros and cons gathered from the majority of CasualDates dating site reviews left by active users.

As many reviews state, the pros are:

  • The CasualDates considers any options, which would be interesting to any group of potential users (fun-seekers, singles who want love, champions who desire a hookup with hot girlfriends, and even couples which desire some spicy entertainment);
  • Registration and profile maintenance are free;
  • The number of regular members is huge;
  • The response rate and the number of invitations to start dialogs and further communication are very high;
  • Variety of features which allow enjoying the membership in an active and passive way;
  • There’re many ladies who seek for a one night date via CasualDates;
  • The search may be linked to certain geolocation, so to find a lover and arrange a date quickly becomes easier.

Nevertheless the continuous list of benefits from joining and being its regular members, there’re still some areas for improvement, which, however, should be mentioned in following CasualDates dating site review and which worth of attention:

  • The design looks like it was created in the early 2000s;
  • The app hasn’t been launched yet;
  • The entertainment program considers the model’s profiles, which, however, are marked by a specific sign which may be easily identified during profile review.

What Is CasualDates.Com?

People in their reviews call this site a great hookup platform, but this is not the complete truth. CasualDates is a big social network aimed to help people in their communication with like-minders. The platform is opened to every person who is interested in it, and the service strives to satisfy the demand of each of them.

Nowadays, the audience of this service has representatives from majority ethnic and cultural groups with different marital statuses and intimate preferences. As a result, the probability of meeting a person with the same values, likes, and dislikes is extremely high, so the user satisfaction ratio is high as well.

If you ask what is CasualDates any good reason to join, the answer will be its client-oriented service, not scam friendly environment, and high chances to meet what you’re looking for.

CasualDates.Com At A Glance

  • Good for: everybody who is aimed to get maximum from the dating site and stay happy with results.
  • Single site or belongs to some reputable Network: represents large Nautell Capital Limited operator.
  • Countries: diversity of countries throughout the world, including the USA and Canada, The UK and Russia, and many others.
  • Are there free services available: yes.
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How Does CasualDates Work?

The operating principle, as many reviews state, of the CasualDates can be described in two ways. On the one hand, it has a standard scheme where you required to sign up, provides some details about yourself (not too private, just nickname and age), makes a prepayment for access to all premium features, and begin to explore its functions.

But to make this review on the CasualDates dating site helpful, let’s check the main functions available. Among them, the following features are worthy of separate discussion:

  • Functional profile search – the function, which allows sorting profiles of all registered members in an individual manner defined by you;
  • Connections – the tab be used either as friend list or as a list with favorite users chosen for connection;
  • ScoreBoard – the place, where the most popular and the hottest profiles are listed;
  • XXX Videos – the passive relax chapter with piquant movies;
  • LiveCams – function which allows us to arrange a video date or to connect to someone’s streaming.

Traditional functions as live chat and emails are available through user profiles. It will be enough just to select some for review, and in case you liked it, just click on the respective button. Let’s talk in more detail about traditional functionality and the way it works.


CasualDates free search button is situated on the main panel and has two options for applying it. The first one is to make a quick search within a certain distance from you, considering the age range. The second option allows specifying many criteria at once to make the search more precise. There’s no single opinion in CasualDates dating reviews which method is more effective, so if you join the site, you should try both of them.


The most important part of the registration process is to create a strong password and activate the profile by clicking on the respective link sent by a site to the specified email after the first login made. The site doesn’t ask for real full name, address, place of work, and so on, so the procedure is not long and legit. Believe our review that the activation link can be used within 24 hours. Otherwise, the registration will not be completed.

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Profile Quality

Each profile has a kind of statistics with the number of public postings, photos, videos, and information provided by a user, which is available to anybody for review. Everything you need to know about the potential girlfriend can be reviewed from her profile. The average profile contains a couple of photos, a short description of the person with the main aims of being online/registered currently, and some other interesting facts. Sometimes you find private photos or videos. Their review is only possible with the specific password shared by the person. The manner of profile maintenance and the volume of information that can be contained there allows concluding on a high profile quality at CasualDates.

Safety & Security

CasualDates is the site that values the safe environment and users’ comfort, protecting it in a couple of effective ways. First of all, it is legit, and all actions are regulated by the Terms and Conditions Policy, which may be reviewed at any time. Particularly only users starting from 18 can join the site. The second part of protection profiles verification via email, which makes it impossible for bots to join. And the major matter is using specific protection encryption and protocols to protect any data contained at the site.

Help & Support

The support functions are provided in a traditional way. There’s a separate button in the main menu, which lead to the FAQs and link to the email address of the support team. You can review answers at the wide-spread problems or use this link to contact the support team. Alternatively, users can fill in the short application form with a description of the issue and wait for an answer, which, according to reviews, comes very quickly.


The pricing system at CasualDates is simple and affordable. Users provided with several options: 1, 3, or 6 months of subscription and a short 3-days trial, if necessary. As a longer prepaid period as cheaper service is per month. In such a way, a month of subscription at CasualDates can cost from $19.95 to $29.95. Is CasualDates worth paying for? Decide after a trial period, but definitely try it!

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Is CasualDates Safe?

Yes, it is. For our reviews, we found out that the site protects data privacy and monitors users’ behavior. Any inappropriate actions lead to a profile block.

Is A Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is and even more. If you’re interested in reals dates arranged via CasualDates, you’ll not be disappointed.

How Many Members Does Have?

There’s no certain number of members, but you will always have many invitations for conversation.

Is CasualDates Worth It?

Yes, it is. Whatever your aim of being a member you’ll be satisfied with the service.

How To Use

The site’s functions are always available at the top of any page, where you can find a tab for search, live cams menu, best profiles menu, and so on.

Is Free?

The site is free, while some premium function requires purchasing a subscription.

Can I Use Anonymously?

Yes, you can. There is no necessity to provide any personal details in profile or to the CasualDates admins. You can even protect your photos from the undesirable reviews.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

The profile at CasualDates can be either suspended in the “my account” menu, or you can request the site’s support team for permanent profile deletion.