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Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Dating in Boston would definitely be an exciting experience, as Boston is a very interesting American city that is both very similar to pretty much any other metropolis in the country and extremely different from them all. It is a bustling city, and Boston locals have to keep up with the tempo and schedule their timetables accordingly. One of the most solid proofs of this fact is that Boston is the homeland of the speed dating concept, and it regularly hosts many speed dating events. However, despite all the theoretical advantages of speed dating, it rarely turns out the way it was intended as having a maximum of 10 minutes is never enough to get to know someone. Especially if you are looking for a long term relationship. This is why it can sometimes be rather challenging to meet singles in Boston. 

Online Dating for Singles in Boston

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This is why more and more people in Boston decide to utilize their mobile phones in such a way they would benefit romantically from spending all their time looking at the screen. Hence the rising popularity of Boston dating sites. In fact, going online may be the best way to meet singles in Boston, especially if you know where to look. Here are some of the most efficient and legit online dating platforms that will definitely be helpful for you if you are tired of being lonely.

Victoria Hearts

The first Boston dating site that is a real game-changer for those trying to find their true love online is Victoria Hearts. This website has many features that would be particularly favorable by Boston’s tech-savvy locals. However, before we go into details describing all the things this platform has to offer, it is important to clear the air. 

Intuitive Interface

It is only fair to notice that Victoria Hearts is not a website designed specifically for dating in the city of Boston. In fact, it is a free online dating site with an international focus. This means that its user pool constitutes not only Boston locals but also people from all around the world. While it could be an advantage to those seeking relationships with foreign ladies, it is most likely seen as an obstacle for those wanting to find girlfriends nearby. There is nothing to worry about though! First of all, Boston has an impressive expat community, so it is possible that a girl next door can actually have international roots.

Great Search Tool

Moreover, the site has an advanced search tool that allows its users to narrow down their search through applying various filters such as age, height, religion and, what is particularly interesting for those searching for Boston singles, location. Indeed, you can simply specify the area of your potential matches, and the system will only show you profiles of those who live in the city. The only downside is that the site does not have geolocation. So you will have to trust your match on their whereabouts as it left to them to update their current location.

User Verification

One of the best things regarding this dating site is that ID verification is mandatory. So if you see an account with charming women as a profile picture, you can be sure she is real and not scam or some sort of a catfish. This is particularly good since, you know, especially in Boston with its busy lifestyle you do not really have any time to waste on fakes. 


Charmerly is among the best dating websites in Boston and is considered to be the locals’ favorite for a reason. To understand what makes it so attractive for people, it is important to break down the key aspects of Charmerly and how they correlate with the needs of an average person residing in Boston.

Flawless Navigation

One of the best things about Charmerly is how easy it is to use the website! You do not really waste any time trying to figure out how things work as the platform is pretty straightforward and does not require any specific dating services knowledge to operate. You simply signup to it and all the essential things are given to you from the start: not only you automatically receive 20 free credits for contacting with people on there, but also you can customize your personal matching process. 

Extensive User Database

Charmerly is very inclusive when it comes to LGBTQ+ dating. Moreover, Charmerly also significantly simplifies dating in Boston in your 30s since this city tends to have a lot of people with an interesting past. You know what they say: people party through their youth in New York, and then settle down in Boston. So, if this is what’s important to you, you can specify exactly what you are looking for. Either that would be a partner who already has kids or who has never been in a marriage. 

Moreover, unlike a lot of other sites that are focused on facilitating long term relationships, Charmerly is great for those looking for a hook-up or a casual thing, too! 


Tinder is an online dating classic; we all can agree on that. Pretty much everyone in Boston has at some point downloaded this dating app. So you can be sure there is an impressive number of singles to choose from on the app. Moreover, Tinder works based on allowing its users to check out those close to them. So you can also not worry about the person you match with lying about their location. 

Another cool thing about Tinder is that it is free. While paid version of the app does exist and has some additional features such as unlimited swipes, more super likes and an ability to see who already liked you, the free version is equally as good and effective!

Match Truly

Match Truly is perhaps the best dating site in Boston as it is famous for its extensive American database, and has a large number of Boston members. So you can be sure there will be plenty of profiles to choose from. 

Data Protection

Just like many other dating websites in Boston, Match Truly cares deeply about its users’ financial safety. Since financial security is particularly big for those living in Boston, so it employs the 128-bit SSL protected payment system. However, Match Truly has taken it a step further and intensified its moderation to ensure no other types of fraudulent activities take place on the platform. 

Matching Feature

Apart from that, Match Truly is also a great way to meet singles in Boston that you would be actually compatible with, because of the extensive questionnaire it asks you to fill out to match you more accurately. 

Love Swans

Love Swans is on the list of the top online dating sites in Boston because it is the perfect platform for you if you are looking for a date over 50. This international dating service has a large community of mature singles looking for love. So if it is something you are after, Love Swans should be your first choice.

Dating Sites in Boston2

Various Communication Features

However, even if you are yet to reach that age, you can still enjoy the benefits of free dating sites on Love Swans. It is a particularly fun one as it has many additional means of communication to spice up your chats. In addition to normal texting, you can also send your matches emails, voice call them or even have a video session to get to know them better before taking things offline.

Mobile App

Furthermore, it has an outstanding mobile version, and we all know how important it is to be able to keep in touch with your potential significant others on a go (which is pretty much a situation in this busy city).

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