FetLife.com Review

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Created in 2008, according to a FetLife.com review, FetLife.com is an adult dating site inspired by the personal sexual interests of the site’s developer. On this site, you can meet such types of dating as BDSM, fetish, and kink. This platform has a special audience, ie FetLife.com is not suitable for everyone. The site says that the support team and developers have common interests and that is why they devote even more effort to developing the site. Users can use many features for free on FetLife.com. Do many people ask the same question while safe during Fitting, or is FetLife.com safe? It is very important for users to be able to date any of the users without fear.

Overall Rating – 7.0

  • Partner suggestions – 7.0
  • Price-performance – 7.5
  • Service – 7.5
  • Free features – 7
  • Ease of use – 7
  • Safety – 5

Pros and Cons


  • support team
  • huge variety of kinks
  • all people love fetish


  • no security system
  • many fakes
  • some features are very expensive


When you imagine a website for fetish then you can probably imagine a website with lawlessness and laces everywhere. A review of FetLife.com shows that the site is not as comprehensive as this site is a good niche for users from all over the world who have decided to try online dating. The site is a very supportive community of people who have a passion for various sexual things and are not ashamed of it. If you are now in the phase of exploring your sexuality that you were not interested in before and you cannot find something similar on other online dating sites, then you can definitely visit FetLife.com.

FetLife.com is not an algorithmic dating site like Tinder for example because it is a social community. You can join discussion groups, make friends with other people, post different blog posts as well as send private messages. The site shows your activity every month on the site, and you also need to connect your Facebook account to be even more secure. This really makes sense, which is why FetLife.com makes connections between people who are very unusual and therefore employees try to be very careful. If you are the type of person who specifically wants to participate in leather play in a private dungeon, you can find the dungeon people and have friendly chats with them before leaping into an exotic setting.


FetLife.com dating site offers users a variety of features for enjoyable use. The features of FetLife.com are simple, but they are different from the features of similar online dating sites. 

FetLife.com features help you get the most fetish experience on this online dating site.


Since FetLife.com is a site for fetish and BDSM, it’s no wonder the platform has such a feature. This option is for users to view information and even videos about different types of fetish. There are as many as 60 of these, and after you have studied them all, you will be able to find a partner according to your preferences. There are both light and heavy BDSM types on FetLife.com that you can also explore. This feature is very useful for those who are experiencing such adult sites for the first time and would like to experience new emotions.


Chat is another great feature of FetLife.com that is not free. If you join FetLife.com, you may first be able to view some photos for free and have access to some profiles. You can also study fetish types, but at one point you will want to try them all and there is a chat for that. You can also chat with any online users who would like to meet you. You can ask short questions and get short answers in chat, share photos, audio, and more. Chat is an opportunity for private communication on FetLife.com to move to a new level of relationships.


Video is the favorite feature of all dating site FetLife.com users because it gives you much more than just a photo. On FetLife.com, you can see a lot of videos on user profiles, but you have to pay to watch them. These videos are adult and you will need to confirm your age before you can access them. You can also shoot and share videos with your users. You can send private videos to someone or share your videos in public chats. These videos help users learn more and trust each other.


Events are a great feature of FetLife.com for those who want to meet like-minded people in real life. I agree that it’s a little scary to date a person you met on a similar site. For this, there is this special feature. You can attend any event and meet people from this site. This is a very good opportunity because, in real life, many people are ashamed of their preferences, but when they know that all the people who have the same preferences, their opinion changes. These events are very different and you can choose the one you like best. For example, now FetLife.com offers a concert as well as an adult fetish festival.

Sign Up

According to FetLife.com dating website review, you can join FetLife.com for free. The registration process on FetLife.com is not too rigorous because you can skip filling in some information and continue it at any other time. Due to the fast registration, many users join FetLife.com because it doesn’t take long. Signing up for FetLife.com is very easy. First, you need to provide basic information about yourself so that FetLife.com can add you to the site’s database. This basic information includes your name, email, date of birth and password. Email is required for FetLife.com to reach you outside of the site. You must also enter your phone number in order to verify your profile.

Unfortunately, you cannot use Facebook or Google Account to register, so you will need to enter all your details yourself. However, later you will be able to leave a link to your social network so that other users can see who you are outside of FetLife.com. After you confirm the conditions, you will be taken to another page called questionnaires. There you have to answer about 100 short questions about your preferences, fetish, and BDSM. You cannot miss this section because then FetLife.com will compile a list of suitable matches for you. This is a very good opportunity to save your time and not search. After this step, you will be able to move on to the next one – filling in your profile.


You can share as much as you like on your profile. Your profile page can be divided into 6 sections, each of which will allow you to share some personal information. The first section consists of the information you provided during registration. You can edit this information at any time and you can add your interest there or what you are looking for in a partner. The second section is a summary of you where you can highlight your main benefits. You can also make this information presentable to attract more users.

The third section on FetLife.com was created to allow you to add a type of relationship with a partner on FetLife.com. According to FetLife.com online dating site review, you first have to chat for a while and be sure to be friends and only then can you add this member to this section. This is to let other users know that you are already busy and no longer bother you. The fourth section on FetLife.com is for you to leave any active links there. Your friends will be able to follow the links and learn more about you, for example. The fifth and sixth sections are for uploading photos and videos on FetLife.com.

Profile Quality

You can send photos directly to your profile. Your photos and videos may have any content because FetLife.com employees do not check them. The maximum video size you can add on FetLife.com is 5GB. You can also send a photo to a special email and it will then be added to your profile. Your assets will also be displayed on your profile. Each user has the option to keep their profile private. This feature is recommended to prevent any suspicious person from viewing your profile. But if you prefer to be open and become more popular, then you can keep your profile open.

Users can also post anything on their wall and edit this as well as personal information according to FetLife.com online dating site review. You can also write any posts on the pages of your friends or users that are public. Expect to see blank and filled profiles. Because filling in information is optional, users can share false information or vice versa because everything depends on the person. It’s not easy to identify fake users. But if you see something unusual in user behavior, then you can report it directly to the support team.


FetLife.com is one of the online dating sites a secure online dating site because the platform staff does their best to keep everyone safe. FetLife.com keeps all your information private because FetLife.com does not share your information with third parties, other websites, etc. FetLife.com does not have a dedicated protocol for protecting your data, but developers are working on it. By verifying each user with a phone number, you can rely on the fact that there are no fakes on the site. As for your personal information, FetLife.com collects it for you to come up with new features, so you can not worry about it.

If you are careless and share your personal information with many, then there is a good chance that you will be duped and steal your money at FetLife.com. In order to avoid such situations, first read the rules for using this online dating site. You can also visit the FetLife.com forum and see FetLife.com reviews. For more information, check out the privacy policy.


Compared to other dating sites, the top dating site is expensive. At FetLife.com, users do not pay for a paid subscription because they pay for giving “support” to the site by donating a specific amount per month. The minimum number of months is months. They do not collect donations every month because they say they need to collect donations to sustain the site. Donating users get more features. The donation is not automatically removed, so if you want to continue to use the privileged features, you must donate all the time.

With donations you can access a sexy I support FetLife badge on your profile, perv today’s most loved pictures and videos, and go back 25x further in your friend feed. You can pay on the site in many ways, such as Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Direct Debit, GiroPay, Paysafecard and Bitcoin. You can find out more about the site below.

  • 6 Months – 30.00 USD
  • 12 Months – 60.00 USD
  • 24 Months – 120.00 USD

Customer Support

FetLife.com Support is available around the clock and you can always get help. If you have met a suspicious person or have other questions about use, you can find our support email at the FetLife.com homepage.


If you want to match partner for fetish or BDSM then this platform is just what you need. There are special features on the site that will make your usage comfortable and reliable, but always be aware of safety.


What Is Fetlife.Com?

Fetlife.com is an adult dating site that will help you find a partner with whom you have the same preferences. The site specializes in fetishes, BDSM and other such things.