Brief on GaysGoDating.Com Review

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for: love, casual relationships, or hookup. The GaysGoDating is a platform for online dating developers of which created a friendly environment for homosexual male singles who came there for any purpose. It has successful experience in services for non-traditionally oriented couples.

Overall Rating – 9.0


Uniting people with different purposes, GaysGoDating offers a single way of achieving their goals – to arrange a quick date without lasting online communication and continue to get to know each other better in real life. Still don’t have a partner to have an evening with? Or get tired without warmth and intimate closure? Find out more about the leading resource used by gays in order to arrange real dates from the following GaysGoDating dating site review.

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Review Of Pros And Cons

The high rates received by the site according to a significant number of the GaysGoDating reviews left by real users should be explained in more detail. Otherwise, it will be impossible to understand “What is GaysGoDating any good side?” and “What are clear facts describing the truth about GaysGoDating?”. The simplest way to clarify this is to check the valuable pros and mentioned cons of the site and compare them to each other. Below you may find the list with both.

The Pros are:

  • Standard registration which doesn’t require much personal info, as stated by reviews;
  • You can find the partner in many cities worldwide that are ready for dating;
  • There are no ladies of any orientation, only single homosexual men;
  • You can link your search to the geolocation of any city covered with GaysGoDating services selecting the distance from the selected point – 5, 10, 50, 100 miles;
  • High responding rate from the active members, many of the initiate the communication without any efforts from your side;
  • Usability and design are great;
  • Loyalty programs for active members and discounts provided.

In spite of the huge list with benefits, the review on the GaysGoDating dating site would not be fair without mentioning of cons. Therefore, they’re listed below:

  • The platform has no app, although it can be accessed via the mobile browser;
  • The communication can be performed only after purchasing a membership plan;
  • Not many interactive features.

Is GaysGoDating worth it to be a member if it has so many cons? Considering the main goal of the site’s operation (assisting in finding a partner to arrange a real date), the absence of the diversity of the tools is not a big deal together with an absence of the app. At the same time, there is a small number of free dating services, which, however, don’t have all the advantages described above and cannot be proud of the level of safety.

  • 9.9

What Is GaysGoDating.Com?

According to the majority of the GaysGoDating dating reviews, a site is a friendly place for meeting gays and discussing the details of the future dates, which usually happen in a short time after initial communication.

There’s no single opinion or review whether GaysGoDating suits better for finding love or finding someone for a hookup, is it good for the search of like-minded friends or casual relationships. This means that people with all of the above-mentioned purposes have good chances to find at GaysGoDating what they’re looking for.

GaysGoDating.Com At A Glance

  • Good for: males looking for dating in a real-life with males.
  • Single site or belongs to some reputable Network: is a product of the TimeSpace Services.
  • Countries: the service covers countries in every continent except for South America and allows you to have the date with Americans, Hispanics, Canadians, Italians, British, Finns, Australians, and many others, including Japanese.
  • Are there free services available: yes.
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How Does GaysGoDating Work?

Actually, the GaysGoDating works in a little bit simpler manner than a majority of the traditional dating websites, as stated by many reviews. It doesn’t require to go via complex psychological test to identify the type of personality and best match. It doesn’t ask for personal details and information. All is needed is to stay yourself, create an account, use the search function in order to find the profile of the man you like, and show your interest by either sending a like or an email. Then destiny is in your hands, and the details of the future date can be communicated to meet the handsome personally in a short period. Let’s learn more about GaysGoDating in the next paragraphs of this review.


Newcomers will be more than glad to know about the GaysGoDating free search tool that, at the date of this review, is available for free members also. With this tool, members of the site have an opportunity to sort other users’ profiles by using a number of criteria based on profile information. It helps to narrow down the searching circle and find the right person faster and easier. For full members, the platform offers superb search tools with a bigger number of criteria.


The signup process on GaysGoDating is simple and fast, so it will not take a lot of time to pass it. As at the date of this review, the standard questionnaire form requires newcomers to specify the following information:

  • Age;
  • Location, namely city, and country;
  • Email address;
  • Password.

The location can be changed after the registration, so do not worry about that. Email addresses should be confirmed by sending a secret code that needs to be entering to complete the registration process.

  • 9.9
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Profile Quality

As we learned for our review, profiles’ structure on GaysGoDating is not too detailed and focused on the major information that users need to know about each other to start their communication. Such information includes members’ age, location, appearance, and so on. All of this information may be used as criteria in a search tool described in the review above.

Safety & Security

GaysGoDating is a legit and reputable dating platform with a large number of regular users, and the administration team of the site understands how important for each of them to know that environment is safe. That is why the platform uses all the necessary security tools and protocols to protect members’ personal information, correspondence, and payment data. So if you still asking yourself, “Is GaysGoDating safe?”, you need to be noticed that there is no completely safe website on the internet (no matter what other reviews say), but the team of this platform performs continuous work to make it as safe as possible.

Help & Support

Any time when a member of GaysGoDating needs support with any issue or question regarding using the site, he/she always can get it. Link on the respective section located in the profile menu, as you can see on the screenshot below. In the “Get support” section, the user will be able to find a list of FAQs that can help with most of the members’ questions and issues. But in case of FAQs do not include such an answer, it is always possible to contact the client support team by filling out the respective form.


As you already know from this GaysGoDating review of the website, the platform is not totally free, and to use all of the great features; users need to buy a full membership. As at the date of this review, there is the following plans and discounts are available:

  • 1 Day Membership – $0.99 per day;
  • 1 Week Membership – $0.86 per day with a discount and $1.43 per day without it;
  • 1 Month Membership – $0.83 per day with a discount and $1.38 per day without it;
  • 3 Months Membership – $0.46 per day with a discount and $0.77 per day without it.

So if you already have an answer to the question” Is GaysGoDating worth paying for?” read our review in full, go ahead and get a discount to become a full member of the platform.

  • 9.9
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The site uses all necessary security tools and protocols to become as safe as possible and protect all of users’ personal and payment information—more in the review above.

This platform is real and legit, so if you are interested in finding love, casual relationships, or hookup, feel free to check out the review above and the platform.

You may find different numbers in different GaysGoDating dating site reviews because it is rapidly growing up. So the best way to check it to create an account there and see how many users are in your area.

The answer to this question is too subjective, and every man should find the answer by himself, not take the answer from the review. But a large number of platform users are sure that it worth it.

This platform helps single gays to find their couples and meet them. So if you are interested in it, check out the review above where this process described in detail.

There is a number of features that are available on the site for free, but to use all of them without limitation, members should buy a full membership—actual prices in the review above.

Since there are no requirements to specify your real name in profile, it is possible to use the site anonymously. Information that requires to be provided during the registration mentioned in the review above.

In case you would like to delete your profile from the site, you just need to choose the respective option in the profile menu and follow the instructions.