How to Meet Cougars Looking for a Hookup? Helpful Guide in 2024

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Cougars are women of a more mature age who like significantly younger men. Women over the age of 40 are incredibly beautiful and sometimes even hotter than young ladies. Why shouldn’t they look for a younger man? Age differences from 10 to 20 years are not uncommon.

There are many advantages of such a relationship. A mature woman can indulge in a young man who is physically and sexually at the height of his form. Impotence will not spoil everything! Hair loss? Beer belly? No way! Here, the woman can benefit and enjoy dating younger men all along the line.

“Speaking about the motivation of younger guys, they know that the majority of younger women will never be as passionate as a mature one. That’s why cougar dating sites are in demand nowadays.”

What free cougar dating site to choose? What are the secrets of dating older women? Are women looking for younger men numerous? We’ll try to answer these questions in an article.

How to meet cougars

❤️Relationship Success Rate Around 80%
💔Divorce Rate Around 20%
👰Average Local Mature Women’s Age 35-40 years old
💰Dating Cost On Find Cougars Apps From $150 to $300, depending on the website and subscription plan
👮Is It Legal For Foreigners To Use Single Cougars’ Dating Sites? Yes

What Is the Best Site to Find Cougars On?

At this point, the question arises as to how to get together with a cougar. There are two options: dating sites and apps. In both, registration is advisable. However, certain external criteria should be met. Being young, handsome, and well-trained is already a start. But there should also be no lack of self-confidence – older ladies want to choose their partners themselves, but they want a top partner, under no circumstances someone passive. In this situation, your own motto in the dating profile should also be chosen accordingly. It is advisable to write something like a young sporty guy looking for a strong, experienced, and independent woman; between the lines, a cougar will feel addressed.

In personal contact, however, you should not start directly with the fact that you are targeting pocket money from the wealthy cougar – if she likes you, the money gifts come by themselves. You shouldn’t talk about sex immediately either – after all, you date a cougar, not a nymphomaniac. Any person can meet cougars easily with the help of the best cougar dating sites we recommend. Online dating websites provide excellent chances for finding hot ladies due to filtering and an impressive user base. So, here they are.


Adult Friend Finder is the largest sex dating portal in the world. About 110 million international members with all kinds of sexual preferences – swingers, heterosexuals, homosexuals, transsexuals, etc. – can be found at Adult Friend Finder. Registration on the website is easy, free, and fast. Free and paid options are available for users, making it easy to find cougars. It is one of the biggest and most reputable online dating sites.


The platform is a relatively young portal where singles who are mainly looking for sparkling adventures and short affairs can meet cougars. The platform offers a rich search function with extensive search parameters, which facilitates dating greatly.

For example, it is also possible to go on a worldwide search for partners outside your own region, which is perfect for getting to know the next holiday flirt in advance. In addition, one can also search for partners in the Like Gallery using the hot-or-not principle.

In addition, there is a very helpful flirtcast function that allows users to send a message to a large number of people – this saves time and makes dating much easier. A six-month premium subscription costs approximately 20 euros.

where to find cougars


This is another dating site cougars love. It is suitable for anyone eager to find cougars. was launched in 2018 and, despite its young age, already has over 40,000 members. In our test, scores particularly well because a lot is happening on the dating portal. It is very user-friendly: important navigation points can be found quickly. The interface is pretty clear, so you won’t have to spend hours learning the site. A convenient interface is accompanied by an appealing and harmonious design. Therefore, is also highly recommended for newcomers to online dating platforms who want to find cougars. You can use the mobile version if you want to use on the go. Unfortunately, there is no separate app yet.

The price of a premium membership starts at 28 USD per month. In summary, it is a secure platform for finding contacts and casual relationships.


This portal was founded in 2003 by Together Networks Holdings Ltd., a dating software provider registered in the British Virgin Islands. The platform generates almost 900,000 unique visits per month. It has gathered a wide audience from all corners of the world. QuickFlirt is an excellent platform that helps find cougars and build serious relationships. The site is well structured and easy to navigate. The site uses an SSL connection to protect users’ data. In summary, QuickFlirt is a great website for finding both casual and serious relationships with mature women.


It is an extremely popular dating platform for older black people in the USA. This online platform is extremely easy to navigate. Besides, numerous functions and excellent filtering options will make your experience maximally enjoyable. There are paid and free membership options, so you can choose what suits you better. A one-month subscription costs about 14 US dollars. All in all, it is one of the best platforms for people over 50, and, understandably, it is full of meet cougars options.

How Can I Find Ladies? What Is the Motivation for Men?

Toyboys are the young men who get involved in a relationship with mature women. Most of these toyboys are about 20 years old and have a more or less solid relationship with a much older woman.

As we have mentioned, both sides benefit. Most toyboys are quite satisfied in their role and rave about sexual freedom. Here they can gain unabashed experience, and they do not risk ridiculing themselves in front of a young woman.

Hot cougar women deal with sexual issues much more relaxed: they’ve already seen and tried a lot; they are not shy at all and are not afraid of anything. In addition, they are not as demanding as younger women. For many men, it is too tedious to date a woman for half a year until something happens. With a mature lady, you can play games and try anything. Moreover, she can teach you a lot.

With more mature women, it is much faster and easier to get down to business. That’s why young men passionately desire to meet mature women, and popular cougar dating websites help with it.

Find Single Cougars

Where Can You Meet Cougars to Date? What About Social Acceptance?

Society has opened up very strongly in recent decades and has become more tolerant of unusual constellations. People get used to cougar relationships.

Of course, the constellation of an older man to a young woman is socially accepted and also seems to be the much more common case in terms of numbers. But even if there is a young man and a cougar, it will certainly no longer cause as much incomprehension.

Nevertheless, many affected couples report that they are stared at in public. Some think they are mother and son. Such couples often keep their relationship secret and hide.

Cougars Looking For Men Vs. Milfs

Before you start using the best apps to meet cougars, let’s learn what the difference is between local cougars looking for sex and milfs. Cougars looking for fun and milf women are slang phrases that are frequently used on TV, social media, and everyday conversations. While some men are looking for cougars, it appears that not everyone is certain whether these two expressions relate to the same thing or not.

In case you’re willing to find local cougars, the best answer is that these two terms mean different things. If you’re to learn how to find cougars online, you should be aware that these are older women, and typically, they don’t have children.

If you want to find the best site to meet milfs, then you should know what the term means. It literally means “A mother I want to fuck.” No, it’s not about the Oedipus complex. It simply means that there is a woman who gave birth to a child, and she looks hot. Some men believe that ladies look sexier after giving birth.

So, if you’re into finding cougars looking for young men, these ladies are older. A milf has a child, and she is typically younger. You may find milfs with kids from 20 to 30 years old. They may be older or younger than the men they date. However, if you want to find the best way to meet cougars, you should know that they are always older than men. And typically, they don’t have kids.

Now, you know the answer to the questions: “where can I meet cougars,” and the differences between two different terms.

Dating Differences

The more important question than “how to meet cougars online?” is what’s better, to find cougars or milfs? There are benefits and drawbacks to dating cougars and milfs. For example, if you find cougars, they are more into casual dating. Milfs often seek partners who may become fathers to their kids. However, milfs are often young and hot, even though men meeting cougars claim that older women are also attractive.

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Where Can Young Guys Find Cougars to Date? Five Good Reasons for Older Women Dating

Women in their twenties have claimed most of the male attention.

That’s not surprising. They have shiny hair, gentle, wrinkle-free skin, and a firm body. It would seem there is no reason to look for older women, is there? Not so fast! Here are even five reasons to use the best site to meet cougars.

Reason #1: They Are More Mature Emotionally

Young women are known for drama, negativity, and annoying behavior. I’m not saying that you don’t have to expect this with older women, but you will find that they are much more sociable and need harmony. So, learn where to find cougars if you enjoy peace.

Reason #2: They Are More Confident

Self-confident women… God bless them! They don’t get jealous immediately when you talk to other women, are not paranoid if they don’t get a message from you for a day, and are not pessimistic when something doesn’t go according to plan. Older ladies often have stronger self-confidence. Their life experience ensures that they know what they are worth exactly. That’s why men wish to use the best free website to find cougars.

Reason #3: They Are Better in Bed

The more experienced a woman is in bed, the more impressive she will be when it comes to sex. That’s logical. Mature women know what they are into, can better immerse themselves in a new adventure, and give you the kind of orgasm after which you are color blind for a short time. That’s why you should learn how to find cougars.

Reason #4: They Are Less Naive

They are experienced enough to believe that you will always carry them in your hands and get married in a castle garden under a magnificent oak.

They have replaced all misconceptions of romance and love with common sense. This can be useful, so do not hesitate to meet cougars online if you’re into women with realistic views on life and men. .

Reason #5: They Have More Money

The older a person is, the more money she has. Statistically, this is actually the case. We are not saying you should get a sugar mummy, but let’s not pretend that her solid financial starting point couldn’t be beneficial one day. So, don’t be ashamed to be curious about where to meet cougars.

What’s the Best App for Hooking up With Cougars?

Dating sites are not the only option you can choose. Here are some dating apps you can trust.

  1. Elite Singles.
  2. CougarLife.
  3. EliteMeetsBeauty.
  4. Zoosk.
  5. eHarmony.
  6. Passion.
  7. SugarBook.

All of them provide excellent security, helpful customer support service, and a decent number of users, which makes it easy to learn “how to find cougars in my area”. Hopefully, it should be easier for you to choose an app or website to find cougars.

cougar dating sites

Where Can Someone Meet Cougars, and How Sustainable Are Such Relationships?

Before you learn how to meet a cougar, learn how sustainable are such relationships in reality. Here we are increasingly observing a conflict of interest. While some ladies are interested in a long relationship, young men tend to be interested in a temporary story.

Most men see the relationship with a mature lady as a phase that is over at some point. From the men’s point of view, a long-term relationship with a cougar is not a valid option, if only because it will no longer develop into a family.

For the cougar, family planning has usually been completed long ago, so separation is almost inevitably looming in the future. However, this should be very painful for the women affected, especially since they are then abandoned at a stage of life where the bonding possibilities have deteriorated.

For the young men, on the other hand, this is not a problem. They can learn something from a more mature and experienced partner at a young age and then find a younger woman and start a family with her.

We are currently seeing this in the case of the American actor Ashton Kutcher. After years of marrying the much older Demi Moore, he is now married to Mila Kunis.

Nevertheless, there are cases where a cougar and a young man get married and start a family. But much more numerous are cases when both parties are interested in sex only. Many mature women don’t want to create families and are simply interested in adventures. If you meet such a cougar on a dating platform, both parties will win.


We certainly don’t want to ridicule or discourage you from finding cougar relationships with so-called toyboys. This kind of relationship consists of mutual giving and taking, and if both sides are satisfied, there is nothing wrong with finding cougars: just enjoy and have fun! Society will certainly get used to it quickly and accept it. The main focus should be to find the best place to meet cougars!

For the young men involved, the so-called toyboys, a relationship with a more mature woman can certainly have its advantages. So, start using the best app to meet cougars! If you are a lady, you will definitely enjoy a relationship with a young and strong man, and there is nothing wrong with that.

But what if the relationship is over at some point? Most young men consider this kind of relationship temporary. What remains for the more mature woman? This can be very frustrating in individual cases, especially when the woman has to watch her ex-toyboy start a family with a young woman. But such cases are not numerous: as a rule, hotties know what they are looking for: they are interested in casual sex with no obligations. So, good luck!


How Can I Find an Older Woman Online?

You can utilize the cougar dating apps we offer or any cougar dating site. We strongly recommend using reliable services only, so make sure to check some reviews before you start.

What’s the Best Cougar Dating App?

There are plenty of reliable options: Zoosk, eHarmony, EliteSingles, and more. Apps are great for those eager to be able to communicate at any time.

Can I Find Cougars on Tinder?

You can do that! Just remember that your chances will be lower compared to specialized platforms.