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Last Updated on April 5, 2023

Orchid Romance in 13 seconds

Through OrchidRomance review, you can discover the truth about OrchidRomance. The points below show you what you can expect from using a platform like this one:

  • OrchidRomance caters to serious relationships and long-term connections
  • Most of the girls are from Asian countries
  • The features will help users get connected
  • You get a good team at customer support willing to assist
  • 20 free credits when signing up at OrchidRomance
  • The majority of users are between the age of 20-30
  • Legit dating site

🥇 Best for:Those searching for serious relationships
⏳ Recommended age:18 years of age up to 40 years
👩 Percentage of women :40 %
🤳 Average Sign-Up TimeLess than 10 minutes to complete
Best Girls Profiles from Orchid Romance
An 30 y.o.
Location Beijing
Occupation Singer
Dara 27 y.o.
Location Shanghai
Occupation Model
Alison 29 y.o.
Location Shenzhen
Occupation Consultant
Jin 26 y.o.
Location Guanzhou
Occupation Accountant
Hiromi 32 y.o.
Location Beijing
Occupation Doctor

Overall OrchidRomance Rating

It is always a good idea when you read a review to get the facts. This will keep you informed on the benefits and what the Orchid Romance dating site has in store. There is no doubt that when you use such a platform, you will have so many gorgeous girls to chat with. Through a website, users get the opportunity to connect with beautiful Asian girls. These girls are waiting to start a new life with European and American guys. Check out the table below to view the score this OrchidRomance research has given them.

Quality MatchesFine 😎
FeaturesFine 😎
Ease of UseSatisfactorily 🙂
SupportPerfectly 😍
CostSatisfactorily 🙂

How to Sign Up at Orchid Romance?

The registration process when you visit OrchidRomance is simple and easy. It will not take long to search and find a romance. What is OrchidRomance.com? It is an establishment that connects people from all over the world. When you enter a platform like this one, you have the option of chatting with countless females from Asian countries. These ladies are super friendly and eager to settle with a foreign man. Check out the easy steps to sign up on OrchidRomance:

  • Enter your full name
  • Add your email address
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Password
  • Location

At this point, you are required to answer 20 questions. This will assist the website in matching you with the perfect partner. Then you can add a nice photo which will be added to your profile. Finally, OrchidRomanceadds 20 free credits to your account as a thankyou

So in total, these steps will not take longer than 10 minutes and will give the platform enough information about yourself to arrange a match. The 20 free credits can be used to chat with beautiful Asian ladies. Our Orchid Romance reviews help you get to know this site.

OrchidRomance Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Joe and Mia OrchidRomance logo
Joe and Mia are a classic love story that exemplifies true love and commitment. They have been together for six years, but the love between them still feels as strong and passionate as ever. Their relationship is built upon trust, communication, respect, and mutual understanding. Through their shared experiences of joys and sorrows, they have learnt to appreciate even the smallest moments in life. Their story is not just a simple love tale; it’s an inspiring example of how two people can find genuine happiness while embracing each other’s differences. It’s a testament to the power of unconditional love that can prevail over any obstacle in life.
Success Story #2 Image
Toloi and Li OrchidRomance logo
Toloi and Li are the perfect example of a successful love story. From the moment they first met in college, it was clear that their relationship was something special. They defied all odds, including cultural differences and distance, to make their love last for nearly two decades. Throughout their journey together, they have faced various hardships but ultimately succeeded in finding true happiness with each other. They are now happily married and have two beautiful children who are the apples of their eyes. This is a story of how two people from different backgrounds find true love against all odds - an inspiration to many others who still believe in the power of love!

Making contact on OrchidRomance – Review

To connect with others on OrchidRomance, you have access to an extensive range of search filters that are all free to use. These filters cover various criteria, such as ID number, marital status, education, and religion. While sending Winks and adding users to your Favorite list are the only communication features that are free, you can still send longer messages with media files attached. For a more convenient and affordable communication option, you can use the Live Chat feature, where each minute of chat costs only 2 credits. Additionally, you can comment on photos and view private photos of other members if you have enough credits. OrchidRomance also offers a gift-giving feature that allows you to send real gifts to other members, although some gifts can be expensive. For example, when you complete your profile correctly, you can meet Thai girl very quickly, because the site has a large audience.

Pros and Cons of Using The Dating Site

Whenever you visit a new platform for the first time, there are good and bad things. By completing this review, we have researched every aspect of the website to find out why so many users love it. There are clients from all across the globe. Many US single men enjoy using the platform to find alternate ladies to US brides. Many middle-aged men want to change their life and have a reliable partner from Asia in their life. So visiting an establishment like this is a good choice. The table below gives the pros and cons of becoming a member of OrchidRomance.

Good variety of Asian women which leaves men very happy and satisfied.Message sending is paid and not a free service
There are 20 free credits which can be used to communicate once you register.There are no video chats available on the platform.
A good customer support team is able to help out users at any time. 
Nice features allow users to navigate the platform easily and smoothly. 

The pros outweigh the cons, which is always a good sign. The OrchidRomance dating website review shows that it is worth visiting the website to check out all the positives.

OrchidRomance join for free

Is Orchid Romance Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront

With so many good things going for OrchidRomance, users want to know what the online dating site

has in store when they sign up. When you enter a platform like this, you can chat with like-minded people. There are lots of sexy singles wanting relationships. We discovered that clients enjoy the features and the ease of use. It is possible to filter through profile pages for the ideal partner possible. The group chat is free as well as registration. The online dating platform ticks all the boxes you need as a single male. Asian ladies are registered on the website in their thousands. So if you want to connect with these ladies, sign up.

Who Orchid Romance Is Good For?

OrchidRomance is ideal for those seeking companionship as well as friendship. It is possible to find a life partner through the platform. You can use the OrchidRomance free search to try and find a date. Most users are 18 through to 30, and there are plenty of pretty Asian females. You will find lots of women from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, and Sri Lankan women.

If you are looking for a traditional wife who loves to take care of their husband, this platform is right for you. Asian ladies make some of the finest wives on the planet. They are humble, attractive, and very caring. They enjoy pleasing their husband and making life as comfortable as possible for them.

Who The Site Might Not Be Best For?

OrchidRomance will not assist those looking for casual one-night stands. The majority of users are interested in commitment and serious online dating experience. Our review has found the users who love the site the most are those wanting to settle down with Asian ladies. Many men are from the US and are middle-aged, looking for alternate brides to American ladies. These divorced men are now wanting to be with reliable brides who treat them well.

Orchid Romance app – Best Online Dating

Have you ever wished for an easier way to find your perfect match? Orchidromance dating app is here to make your dream come true. It is a unique, user-friendly and feature-rich app which makes it simple to find like-minded people in your vicinity.

The app’s intuitive features allow users to search for potential partners based on their interest, age, gender, location and more. With this app, you can easily narrow down your choices and find someone compatible with whom you can take things further. As the app provides detailed profiles of its users along with their likes and dislikes, it is easy to find someone who perfectly suits your liking. You can also use the chat feature available in the app to start conversations before taking any further step.


The pricing is fair and balanced at OrchidRomance. There is no reason to buy a monthly subscription on the platform; they use credits. So you pay for different features. It is a fantastic policy as users only pay for what they use. It is a convenient paying system. All credits are sold in packages, and the first 20 credits are at a discounted rate of £2.99. Best Filipino girls have one price, and girls from Thailand – are completely different.

OrchidRomance search

Can You Try Orchid Romance For Free?

We have found through the OrchidRomance review that it is certainly possible to use the website at no charge free. Clients can register at no cost and also join chat discussions in group chat. It is possible to browse through the profiles of other users. It is also now possible to watch streams of some girls for free too. If you prefer not to pay, you can still have lots of fun on the website.

Is The Site Expensive Or Cheap?

Because the website uses a credit system for payments, it creates fair pricing. Users will only pay for the features they want to use. There is no monthly fixed fee. OrchidRomance reviews can say that this payment system is ideal for not overpaying. The table below illustrates the credit system which is in operation on the platform:

20 credits$9.99
50 credits$19.99
125 credits$44.99
250 credits$69.99
750 credits$149.99

Orchid Romance Features Overview

There are some quality features that all help with the search process. Users enjoy the searching process and want to have fun while doing it. The review on the OrchidRomance dating site has listed the features below:

  • The faces feature allows clients to see the faces of other users at OrchidRomance, and you can either skip or like a face. The system will provide many faces for you to look at.
  • Live chat is always a favorite on a dating platform. You send a message to the girl you admire, and she fires one back. Very simple and effective.
  • Sending gifts is always a winner with the ladies. Through the platform, you can send chocolates, flowers, and perfume.
  • Some advanced features allow clients to request the phone details of a woman they like. You can also ask for an address or even an in-person date. This feature costs credits.
  • Mails are an excellent way to send lengthy responses to those you admire. It is possible to send long letters and then wait for a reply.
  • You can use the search filters to specify the perfect female at OrchidRomance. You can request a certain height, age, or even weight. It helps to find a match and not waste your time.
  • Registration is free and is easy to do. Users can enter their details, including a nice photo, and start the fun part, which is seeking dates.

As you can see, the free features are excellent and give clients lots of scope for fun online. Users of the platform do not need to pay any fees to have all the fun shown above.

OrchidRomance do you like

Types Of Women You Can Meet On The Orchid Romance

There are some sexy women that you can chat with when you enter an establishment, like Orchid Romance. The types of females will undoubtedly interest everyone reading through this OrchidRomance review of the website. So take a look below for the ladies available for dating:

  • Korean beauties
  • Vietnamese sexy women
  • Thai brides
  • Sri Lankan stunners
  • Chinese exotic girls
  • Cambodian females

You can reach many different types of women through the OrchidRomance site. The focus is on Asian females who treat western men like kings. When you are fortunate enough to have a partner from these regions, you are in for a good life. They are all very respectful women and enjoy how the US and European men treat them.

Conclusion Of Orchid Romance

The main thing about OrchidRomance like this one is that it caters to single men very well. If you are someone that enjoys the look of Asian beauties, there is no doubt you will feel at home here. You can settle down with a reliable, trustworthy woman who will have your best interest at heart. Asian females make incredible wives. This is precisely why the platform is super popular.


Is OrchidRomance a Good Dating Site?

If you are searching for a date with long-term commitment in mind, it is a great place. You can chat with like-minded people who are after the same thing. The OrchidRomance.com review can safely say that it ticks many boxes. It also is easy to use and entertaining.

What Are OrchidRomance Encounters?

You can chat with females through chat rooms or by live chat. There are lots of ways to communicate, and many ways are free. With so many beautiful Asian girls waiting to meet foreign US singles, there are encounters every time. Asian ladies make excellent partners; you will be shocked why you did not find them earlier.

Was OrchidRomance Hacked in the Past?

There are security procedures in place to prevent any hacking from taking place with the platform. All payments will be encrypted, making it extremely difficult for hackers to get personal data at OrchidRomance. It is a protected website that satisfies many members every day.

Can You Erase Your Personal Data on OrchidRomance?

Yes, it is always possible to delete your information at OrchidRomance. You can go to settings and hit delete account. You can also return to your account in a few months and reactivate it. Many users change their minds after a few weeks and want to reactivate their accounts. So it is always possible.

Is OrchidRomance Safe?

With all dating establishments, you need to use common sense. There are always fake accounts and scammers waiting in the shadows. The main thing to remember is never to send money to anyone online. Any stranger who requests cash is a scammer. Block them and never send financial assistance to anyone through OrchidRomance.

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