PlaceToChat Review 2024 – Everything You Have To Know About It!

Last Updated on June 6, 2023

What is PlaceToChat is a communication platform where you can find whatever you want via chatting with others. With the help of the selection of partners according to the compatibility of characters, the site offers worthy candidates to chat. This option is ideal for those who want to get acquainted with the goal of creating a friendship, building a long-term relationship based on mutual understanding. In this review, we recommend PlaceToChat for people who are serious about finding a soul mate. That answers the question “Is PlaceToChat real?”.

  • 9.9

Short PlaceToChat Review

  • Overall Rating – 8.0
  • Signup Process: 8.0
  • Making Contact: 8.5
  • Profile Quality: 7.0
  • Ease of Use: 9.5
  • Safety: 7.0

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Pros and Cons


  • According to most reviews, the users have a great command of the English language
  • The registration procedure is both interactive and simple
  • According to reviews, registration does not necessitate the use of a mobile phone number
  • To get started, you’ll get 20 free credits
  • Exciting technologies for social interaction


  • According to reviews, there is no mobile app available
  • As most reviews state, it costs money to have unlimited communication
PlaceToChat main page
  • 9.9

Reputation And History

Is PlaceToChat a good communication platform? The truth about PlaceToChat is It’s convenient. According to most PlaceToChat reviews, you can meet girls anywhere and at any time, without worrying about your appearance or financial situation. Starting a relationship through Place To Chat is much easier than in real life. This is especially true for shy and indecisive guys who get lost in the presence of strange girls.

  • 9.9

To answer the question “Is PlaceToChat any good?” We will tell you about its final advantage. On this resource, the offer to get acquainted will be perceived adequately. There are no random people because each user has come to the Place To Chat with a completely explainable purpose. And the main thing is that the Internet greatly expands the field of search, so you can communicate even with those women that you would never meet offline.

Users online ask “Is PlaceToChat legit”? In comparison with other sites, Place To Chat stands out for its manual moderation of profiles. Thus, suspicious or fake profiles are eliminated. There is no registration through social networks, which helps maintain even greater privacy. The customer service is very good, with which you can contact not only by mail but also in online chat. Keep reading out review for most useful information.

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Website and App Interface

PlaceToChat dating site reviews state that the site has an intuitive and clear design, which immediately gives the impression of reliable service. Especially, you are pleased with the ease of filling out a questionnaire and navigating the site in search of a girl. Unlike cheaper or free services, you will not be annoyed by all kinds of advertising banners. Unfortunately, PlaceToChat mobile app is nonexistent. Proceed with our review for more details about the platform.

  • 9.9

Registration Process

In our PlaceToChat review of the website, we found out that you must be a registered user to have rights. The registration process usually does not take long, but please note that it is best to provide truthful information in the registration box so that you do not have problems identifying your account later on. It is best to hide a lot of information, including phone numbers and email addresses, from public view right away. Keep reading our review to learn more.

  • 9.9

How Does PlaceToChat Work?

According to reviews, every account holder has profiles that detail their temperament, activities, ambitions, and intentions for utilizing this site. Finding discussants is made easier using PlaceToChat free search option.

  • According to reviews, the “People” section is a swipe game in which you pick the one.
  • As most reviews state, the “Newsfeed” area allows you to share photographs and stories from your personal life with the rest of the world. It has a welcoming feel to it, similar to Facebook or Instagram.

“Chats” and “Mails” allow users to communicate directly with one another. By exchanging messages, you can determine whether the other person shares your values. We sent a wink, stickers, like, or gift if we didn’t send a text message to a user. Keep reading our review for more details.

PlaceToChat registration process

Profile Quality

Place To Chat is a verified communication site that offers detailed accounts of real girls who are interested in finding a partner. Here it is impossible to start a conversation with a bot or fake page. At the same time, on existing pages, you will find detailed information about hobbies, place of work, education, marital status, attitude to religion, and much more.

  • 9.9

Partner Search

There are PlaceToChat dating reviews saying that the user indicates only the information that he considers necessary. Getting to know each other online allows people to get to know each other before the first date. Communicating on a dating site, you can understand if it is worth dating a particular person or not.

  • 9.9

There is a PlaceToChat review stating that dating here greatly empowers those people who work hard. Using Place To Chat, it is possible to communicate via video call or use text messages. Selection of the interlocutor can be done randomly. At the same time, the system can take into account the interests of the user, specified in the questionnaire. Saving time is the most important benefit that PlaceToChat provides, according to most of the reviews.

PlaceToChat Alternatives


One of the most well-known dating apps, as most of the reviews state. Easy to use and packed with features to promote your profile.

Who is Badoo for? Badoo is a social network that is ideal for people who want to meet up, chat and get to know each other. Badoo is available in many languages and worldwide.

According to users’ reviews, Jolly, me is another source that’s great for online dating. Also has a lot of handy features for finding your soulmate. Here there is both an intelligent selection of profiles according to the parameters you specify, and an assistant who prompts you where to start a conversation, and the ability to search within the radius of your location.

Who is for? Singles who want to find a soul mate, friends, or even a sexual partner can find what they want on Jolly. And a convenient filter will allow us to find people with similar preferences and interests.

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PlaceToChat Success Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Wyatt and Emma PlaceToChat logo
Wyatt and Emma's success story began on PlaceToChat, an online dating site that brought them together in a serendipitous virtual encounter. Despite their initial geographical distance, they quickly discovered a deep connection, sharing similar values, dreams, and a zest for life. Through countless messages and video calls, their bond grew stronger, leading them to finally meet in person. The chemistry they felt online translated seamlessly into the real world, solidifying their belief that they had found their soulmates. Today, Wyatt and Emma are happily committed, building a life filled with love, support, and shared adventures. PlaceToChat provided the platform for their extraordinary love story to unfold.
Success Story #2 Image
Levi and Charlotte PlaceToChat logo
Levi and Charlotte's incredible success story began on PlaceToChat, a dating site that brought them together in a digital realm of possibilities. As they connected over shared interests and engaging conversations, it became evident that they had found something truly special. Their online chemistry transcended the virtual world when they finally decided to meet face-to-face. From that moment on, their relationship blossomed into a beautiful love story filled with laughter, understanding, and unwavering support. Levi and Charlotte's journey on PlaceToChat not only led them to each other but also taught them the power of taking chances and believing in the magic of love.

Membership Price and Payment Method

Users online ask “Is PlaceToChat free and our review will try to answer this question. Most features are, but purchasing credits is required to contact singles. Users are expected to purchase a set number of virtual coins, according to the credit system. We were able to use them whenever we chose during our review. At the time of our evaluation on the PlaceToChat dating site, the following rates in credits for services were in effect.

ServicesAmount of Credits
Online chatting2 credits per minute
Watching a live video4 credits per minute
Sending stickers5
Sending the first mail10
Opening a photo in the mail10
Sending a photo10
Sending a mail30
Opening a video50
Sending a gift100

Now we’re going to answer the question “is PlaceToChat worth paying for”? Given the results, we got during the review on PlaceToChat dating site the prices will make your experience amazing. Keep reading the review for more information.

50 credits
$ 19.99
125 credits
$ 44.99
750 credits
$ 149.99

Safety & Security

New meetings are always exciting, but it’s important to be careful when communicating with people you don’t know well. When starting a correspondence or arranging a meeting, remain vigilant and keep safety in mind. Of course, you can’t control what others do, but you can keep yourself safe by using PlaceToChat.

PlaceToChat features

Never Send Money or your Bank Details

Never send money, especially by wire transfer, even if the person writes that they are in an emergency. A money transfer is not too different from sending cash – only rarely can you cancel a transaction or track where the money has gone. Never give out information that could be used to access your money accounts to anyone. If other people ask you for money, tell us right away.

  • 9.9

Protect your Personal Information

Never give out personal details to strangers such as your insurance number, home or work address, or your daily routine (e.g. going to a particular fitness center every Monday). If you have children, try not to talk about them in your profile or at the beginning of your conversations. Don’t share your kids’ names, what school they go to, or their age or gender.

  • 9.9

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Communicate on a Platform

As long as you only get to know the person, let all communication happen only on the PlaceToChat platform. During our PlaceToChat site review, we found out about offenders who tend to try to go straight to texting, messaging, email, or phone calls.

  • 9.9

Beware of the Users from Other Countries

Beware of scammers: they may pretend to be your countrymen who for some reason are somewhere far away and need financial help to return home. Be wary of people who don’t want to meet in real life or communicate over the phone/webcam: they may not be who they say they are. It should be a wake-up call for you if a person evades answering questions or insists on a serious relationship before you’ve even met or gotten to know each other better. In case of suspicious or abusive behavior, file a complaint

Help & Support

“Is PlaceToChat a scam?”. Not with the quality of technical support they provide. To report another user for abuse, to report a hack on your account – you need to write to PlaceToChat technical support. There is a mobile and computer version of how to get help.

As with other services, there are two types of technical support: 1) informational. Help, which describes situations that users encounter regularly; 2)individuals. The user appeals with his problem, providing screenshots and text notifications. Before applying for help, you need to make screenshots, collect the latest authorization information. Financial issues are resolved in a separate category. For example, refunds or restoration of premium status. Along with the appeal you need to attach the payment receipt, which comes to the email address.


How Can I Delete My PlaceToChat Profile?

Remember that if you delete an account, you will irretrievably lose pairs, messages, and other information associated with it. To delete your account:

Go to
Click on the profile icon
Go to settings.
Scroll down and select Delete Account

Is PlaceToChat Safe?

The algorithm detects "toxic messages" in real-time and prompts users to report what happened. The feature aims to create a more comfortable and respectful communication culture in the app. The feature uses machine learning to figure out the context, so the algorithm will be able to distinguish between insults and harmless jokes.

Is PlaceToChat Worth It?

Our lives are changing in the direction of online dating. It is impossible to say definitively whether this is good or bad. It's just that dating platforms have become another opportunity to find a mate. PlaceToChat is perfect for that.