Understanding Plenty of Fish Reviews: The Effectiveness And Benefits Of POF

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

Online dating is a feature that makes our lives easier. Even though many people still prefer traditional dating, they can’t deny that it’s easier to spot a partner online and ask for a date. Moreover, the myriad of options for online daters is nearly endless!

The online dating industry has apps for everyone:

  • users of traditional sexual orientation;
  • the LGBTQ+ community;
  • serious daters;
  • hookup and one-night stand fans;
  • MILF and DILF admirers;
  • adult entertainment fans;
  • swingers.

The list can go on, but the main message is clear: dating websites cater to people with different interests. Whether you’re white or black, straight or gay, you should easily find a dating site to use. For instance, Plenty of Fish. It’s a dating app that caters to the interests of people who want to meet love and friends.

This review on the Plenty of Fish dating site aims to disclose useful data about the dating website. The review includes features and how they work, pros and cons. You’ll also find real reviews from POF users.

Plenty of Fish main page

Before we dive into POF details and reviews, check out this table:

🥇 Best for Users with serious intentions
⏳ Recommended age 30-40
👩 Percentage of women ~30%
🤳 Average Sign-Up Time 2 minutes

Plenty Of Fish In 13 Seconds

  • POF is a dating website for users with serious intentions seeking long-term partners, love, friendship, and meaningful communications.
  • Most users are older than 30. However, around 5% of the U.S citizens younger than 30 prefer this website if they want meaningful relationships.
  • Most users are from the U.S, Canada, and Western European countries.
  • The majority of users are men.
  • POF is a larger and growing website that belongs to the Match group of dating platforms.
  • POF has some of the most active users and 65,000 new daily users.
  • The website offers a wide range of social features for easy communication.
  • Basic features are free, but users can buy a POF subscription to unlock all necessary features.
  • POF can be used free of charge.
  • The starting price of Plenty of Fish is around $20.

Overall Plenty Of Fish Rating

Category Assessment
Quality Matches Fine 😎
Features Fine 😎
Ease of Use Perfectly 😍
Support Satisfactorily 🙂
Cost Perfectly 😍

How To Use Plenty Of Fish?

This Plenty of Fish dating app review proves that the website is free of charge. However, you can’t use POF without creating an account.

How To Sign Up At Plenty Of Fish?

According to this Plenty of Fish review of the website, users can’t sign up by using Facebook or Google accounts. However, the registration process takes a few minutes. You can download the app and create an account or use a desktop version to sign up. Whichever option you choose, you can use the account from any compatible device.

Plenty of Fish create account

Signup Up On Desktop

This Plenty of Fish dating website review offers the following instruction to create an account on a Desktop version:

  • Go to the registration page.
  • Add your contact and personal information.
  • Click “continue.”
  • Visit your email box, and verify the email.

If users forget their passwords, they can reset them via email address. So, use an active mailbox.

Signing Up On The App

To use the POF dating app, create an account by using the following instruction:

  • Download the app on iTunes or Google Play.
  • Open the app. Click “Don’t have the account.”
  • Enter your contact and personal information.

Don’t forget to customize your account. Add nice photos, fill in biography information, etc.

Pros And Cons Of The Plenty Of Fish Dating Site

Pros Cons
  • Plenty of Fish can be used free of charge.
  • Easy to sign up and use Plenty of Fish.
  • The website offers many valuable features that make communicating easier.
  • Has live-streaming features.
  • POF has one of the best protection systems.
  • The support team of POF is active and efficient.
  • The basic free plan doesn’t have advanced features. Users have to pay to unlock them.
  • Free messaging enables spam.
  • Can’t log in or sign up with a Google or Facebook account.

Is Plenty Of Fish Worth It? – The Bottom Line Upfront

Keep reading this POF review to find reviews from real users that describe in detail whether it’s worth using the app. First, the POF app is only for people who want to establish meaningful connections. If you prefer hooking up with people nearby, POF is a lousy option.

POF users prove online dating isn’t as easy as some might think. POF users often get requests from scammers and spammers. That’s due to free messaging. Many people would love more dating sites with free messaging, but they don’t understand what this feature entails. It means you will often get messages from people with empty profiles and other crazy users.

However, this pof.com review proves that finding meaningful connections is possible. Many former users claim they found their significant others on POF. Moreover, people also establish friendships and have fun. Given that the website is free of charge, it’s definitely worth using a website.

Plenty of Fish features

Who Plenty Of Fish Is Good For?

POF is a dating website that targets people who want to establish meaningful connections. It’s not just for romantic relationships; some users even find friends (check out POF reviews further in the article).

Who Plenty Of Fish Might Not Be Best For?

POF is not your cup of tea if you’re a young person and want to hook up. Most Plenty of Fish users claim in POF app reviews that they don’t like it when someone offers to hook up. An average POF user is over thirty and wants to start a family or establish serious and meaningful romantic relationships.

Men should also understand that POF has more male than female users. It should take a while before you find someone nearby. Overall, POF is a mainstream website. Even though it’s LGBTQ+ friendly, it doesn’t offer many tools to find love if a user isn’t of traditional sexual orientation.


Many users should be happy to learn that POF has multiple free features. For instance, a Plenty of Fish free search, messaging, matchmaking, etc. However, like most websites, POF has a premium subscription. Compare POF to Tinder, both apps are free of charge, but Premium memberships have more features, including advanced matchmaking options.

Can You Try Plenty Of Fish For Free?

Yes, POF offers tons of features free of charge. Unlike most big dating sites that enable users to only register and use POF free search, it allows free messaging. So, if users can message other people, they don’t need to buy a membership. Moreover, valuable features like matchmaking and search are free too.

Is Plenty Of Fish Expensive Or Cheap?

Plenty of Fish can be used free of charge. If you don’t want to pay, consider using basic features. Buy a Premium subscription to get access to the best features. The Plenty of Fish cost is average.

Membership length

Membership costs

3 months. $20.00 per month, $59.99 overall.
6 months. $15.00 per month, $89.99 overall.
12 months. $10.00 per month, $119.99 overall.

Plenty Of Fish Features Overview

This review on the POF dating site shows that POF has some of the richest varieties of features. Moreover, a ton of these features can be used free of charge. Let’s delve into the details of some of the most popular features of Plenty of Fish.

Plenty of Fish app

What Is Live On POF?

Plenty of Fish has a feature called “Live!” The feature is available from the app (Android and iOS). Instead of looking at a person’s profile, you can check them out online f they’re live-streaming.

You can tune into other streams, make virtual gifts, and connect in many more ways than before with this feature called Live! To get tuned, click on the “Live!” icon, accept the terms of use, and you can check out other streams.

Chemistry Predictor

Chemistry is critical in romantic relationships, and POF has an offer. When users find some interesting profiles, they can choose to take tests. These simple yet effective tests show whether you and a specific POF user are compatible.

How To Get More Views On POF?

POF has multiple features t make users more visible. Instead of waiting for a prince or princess to find you, choose to advertise yourself by using various boosts. Premium boosts are available only after buying the subscription.

Ultra Match

Users who value their time can benefit a lot from Ultra Match. As one may have guessed from the name, it’s a type of matchmaking feature that matches only the most compatible users.


Just like Tinder and similar other apps, POF offers a way to spot people nearby using the website. Users of this POF feature can switch it on and get notified whenever they approach someone nearby.

POF Top Prospects

The Top Prospects feature offers a list of POF members ranked by compatibility. However, the list contains only those names that you had contact with within the last month. The feature analyzes the time you spend chatting with each user. Logically, people on top of the list are likely more compatible.

Super Yes

Another valuable feature that won’t let you waste your time. Instead of wondering whether or not the person likes your profile, use the Super yes button. The complex algorithm analyzes the user’s behavior and tells you whether the user may like you or not. This feature improves people’s chances of finding a precise match.

Meet Me

Some people use dating apps, including POF, simply to chat. They aren’t into meeting people in person. That’s why POF offers a great feature for users who want to meet others in person. Meet Me offers a list of profiles with “Yes” and “No” answers. Click on the “Yes” button if you want to meet. If both users click on the same option, they get redirected to a private chat.

Plenty of Fish help centre

AI Decision Making And Profiling For Matchmaking

Having butterflies in the stomach is a good signal that you like someone, but it isn’t always a logical feeling. It would be cool if a complex AI algorithm would complete the matchmaking task! that’s precisely what this feature is all about. Use it to get some of the best matches online.

Types Of Women You Can Meet On The Plenty Of Fish

  • Ladies age 30+ looking for meaningful connections.
  • U.S women with established personalities seeking love.
  • Divorced women; some have children.
  • Women who have been in long-term relationships know what they want from romantic relationships.
  • Ladies who value personal qualities rather than men’s physical appearances.

Users’ Experience At POF

So, what do people say about Plenty of Fish? Let’s look at some of the POF ratings you can find on the Internet:

  • “I’ve made tons of friends from this site. I have been on it for over 13 years with the breaks when I had a boyfriend, but as soon as my relationship ended there, I was on POF again. I feel for the guys ’cause I heard some horror stories, but I speak for myself and say it has been and continues to be amazing for me.” – REEN M., Sitejabber.
  • “I actually love POF. It’s a ton of work weeding out the fake profiles and guys looking for just a hookup, but I’ve met three amazing boyfriends on there (actually, the best three guys I’ve ever dated, and I’ve dated a lot over the past 25 years). I’ve also met at least one great friend there.” – Eliza03, Reddit.
  • “So far, so good, met a lot of potentials on here. Not currently using the app because we are talking to someone, but I would use them again.” – Becky H., Sitejabber.
  • “I like POF because I don’t have to do any swiping if I don’t want to. In my city, it seems like most of the same people are on all of the dating sites anyway, so this way, if someone wants to send another person a message, they can. You don’t have to respond, but you also don’t have to blatantly unmatch them if they’re not what you’re looking for. It’s just easier.” – JDHumor, Reddit.
  • “My sister and her husband met on POF and just celebrated five years of marriage in October. My own experiences haven’t been all that great, though. I think it’s a needle in a haystack sorta deal.” – ball_bustin_betty, Reddit.

If you analyze all the Plenty of Fish reviews dating site on the Internet, it’s safe to say that Plenty of Fish does offer dating opportunities. However, users should be ready to encounter scammers and, sometimes, crazy people. It takes some time and effort to meet someone you like and have interests in common. Given that POF is a free-to-use website, it’s worth a shot to create an account and try its services.

Conclusion About Plenty Of Fish

To sum up, POF is a worthy website to test and use. Plenty of Fish is a website that users can utilize free of charge. However, they may opt for unlocking Premium options. Just like Tinder, POF has free messaging and matchmaking. So, most users prefer to have fun on POF without paying.

The website has mixed reviews. Some people swear they found their love and lived happily ever after. On the other hand, some people claim they can’t stand POF. However, the majority of users consider POF a good option. It’s a free app with many features available to users who don’t want to invest money in online dating.

POF stands out from the crowd since it’s one of the largest dating platforms. It has over 100 million users worldwide, and the audience keeps growing. Moreover, the current POF review of the website platform proves that users are rather active and eager to find meaningful connections and long-lasting relationships.


How To Unblock Someone On POF?

If someone is bothering you on Plenty of Fish, you can block them. How do you unblock a POF user? Here's what to do:

Go to Profile Edit.
Select a list of blocked profiles.
Select a profile and delete it from the list.

Note: the truth about POF is that this option is not available on the app, so use the desktop version.

How To Change Password On POF?

This POF dating website review shows that you have two options to change the password:

Access settings from your profile and change the password.
Reset the password by using your email.

If you don’t remember your password, reset it by receiving a link to an email you used when signing up.

How Long Will POF Be Down?

There are a few common reasons why POF is down. Plenty of Fish isn’t available in some countries in the first place, so that could be the case. Perhaps, the website will decide to enter the market of a specific country. Another reason is a temporary malfunction, so servers are down. It takes a few hours to fix the issue.

How To Hide Profile On POF?

Go to the Profile Edit section, and choose the option "To hide your profile from others, click here." Once you click on the link, your profile won't appear within other users' search results. It’s a valuable alternative to deleting the account.

How To Search Username On POF Without Paying?

It’s as easy as using the search of any other website. Click on the search button, and enter the username you want to find. Then press “Enter,” and the profile will appear on your screen. Ensure you paste or type in the correct name. Otherwise, you’ll fail to find the account.

Is POF Any Good?

It depends on your luck and region. It’s easier to find someone when you live in a bigger city. If you’re lucky, you can meet boyfriends or girlfriends, according to POF reviews 2022. However, users often complain about spam and scammers on POF. So, your experience depends on luck.

Is Plenty Of Fish Real?

Yes, the website is a part of the Match community. This Plenty of Fish.com review proves that the website is not a scam, although it doesn’t guarantee a positive experience to users. The website is safe to use as long as users don’t reveal sensitive information.

What Happened To Plenty Of Fish Dating Site?

People often come across Plenty of Fish dating site reviews that ask what happened to POF. Some users ask whether the website is still good. So, what happened? Plenty of Fish keeps implementing changes, so users wonder if the site is still good. Some free features are now paid; that’s the main change. Other than that, nothing has changed.

How To Delete POF Profile?

So, the truth about Plenty of Fish is that users can delete their accounts only from a desktop version. Moreover, users have two options:

Hiding an account.
Completely deleting an account.

Go to settings, hide the account, or choose the “delete account” button.

How To Delete POF Account On iPhone?

As mentioned, users can delete the account only from a desktop version. So, delete the account from your laptop by opening the POF site on a web browser. When you delete the account, take your iPhone and delete the app.