Brief On Pure.Com Review

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

Nowadays, Pure is the most effective and adapted for real dating apps according to the majority of Pure dating site reviews and users’ opinions. Its innovative methodology allows us to keep maximum anonymity and don’t waste time on useless things instead of arranging meetings. In spite of the fact that online communication is a popular way to find pleasant ladies and build relationships with them, another popular aim of being online is just find someone for a one time sex without any serious feelings and no promises for love, which in the best case can lead to repeated sex, but no other type of communication. And Pure is considered to be a good tool for finding a one-time partner in a short time.

This app makes the process of search pure from unnecessary details, which was highly valued by users. Let’s see what valuable sides of the app are, what can be assessed as pros/cons, and benefits from the next part of the following Pure dating site review.

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Review Of Pros vs. Cons

What is under the review rates provided above? The assessment of the main advantages and disadvantages, which shows that the list of pros is much longer than the cons-list. Particularly Pure dating reviews stressed the following pros, which are:

  • The site is straight forward and has no double meaning in its topic – only real dates for sex between adult people with the same preferences;
  • Extremely high level of security and anonymity gave to users by the Pure developers;
  • The app doesn’t require personal users data at all;
  • There’s the ability to link search to the personal geolocation; reviews say that it makes the search more effective and increase chances to meet someone to have a piquant date and spend offline time with pleasure;
  • It is very popular among nice and naughty girlfriends, who don’t want to disclose their identity but want to have intimate connections regularly and with a high rate of diversity.
  • All dialogs, including attachments and even profiles, are permanently deleted in one hour, so there’s no ability to be accessed neither by interlocutor no by profile owner;
  • No additional fees and payments, only a one-time subscription, is required with the possibility to set auto-renewal.

At the same time, telling the truth about Pure in full in this review would be impossible without disclosing cons of the site, which are the following:

  • Many of users in their reviews don’t like the necessity to make a payment first before accessing the functions. On the one hand, nobody wants to make prepayments without guarantees, on the other hand, nobody will give something valuable without payment;
  • The high anonymity except for data privacy makes users feel difficulties in realizing whether the partner worth of their time, because no profile info (age, likes and dislikes), no additional photos or introduction video placed;
  • Minority of Pure reviews mentioned that sometimes women met are not like they were describing themselves, which, however, didn’t stop them in their further intentions regarding these females.

What Is Pure.Com?

Is Pure a good dating site, and why does it so popular? If the measure of being good comes down to the site’s effectiveness, then the Pure is one of the leading platforms aimed to assist in arranging real dates. It’s a convenient and fast-working app, which doesn’t have revulsive functions and content. The only aim which is according to active users reviews is successfully achieved is to assist in arranging a one-night date and make it in a quick and comfortable way.

PureWebsite.Com At A Glance

  • Good for: Singles who are aimed to find a partner to have nightly fun in a quick manner.
  • Single site or belongs to some reputable Network: a single project of the Misterio Ltd.
  • Countries: only 2 countries are covered by Pure services for now – the USA and The UK.
  • Are there free services available: yes, users pay only for access to the Pure app.

How Does Pure Work?

As Pure is confirmed as a leading and extremely effective app, which differs from other dating sites, it has an unusual working scheme, which doesn’t require profile creation, some specific signup procedure, and so on. It doesn’t have a classic accounts database, chatrooms, and blogs; there are no matching algorithms as well. To make this review on Pure dating site helpful, let’s describes steps from starting an app to having a date:

  • Downloading the app to the smartphone and make a prepayment to access its functions;
  • Start an app, add a picture of yourself, and create a meeting request (the phrase, which potentially can cause the interest from the hot ladies to review your temporary account and meet you);
  • Wait while the Pure will propose the same active profiles as yours for review and choose ones you like;
  • If the person, whose profile you liked answered you with the like, you will be able to start a conversation to clarify details of the future meeting and, if necessary, to exchange more photos;
  • Anyway, in one hour, the dialog box will be permanently closed with deleting all items (messages and attachments), so it is better to watch the time and be able to discuss every pre-meeting details before time will over. Otherwise, no chances to review the history log will be.
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The is no classic search function because there’s nothing to review. No profiles created, and no data to be sorted via the search. The list of active members, who seek a date at a current moment is automatically generated by the app via the Pure free search algorithm with the link to your current geolocation. Review of the proposed members and selecting those attractive to you by sending likes is the only way to start communication in case someone answers to your like.


Under the registration procedure, the process of making a prepayment can be understood. Each time the app is started, users need to add a pic and a message to start the automatic search. But to be allowed to do so, the positive personal balance should be maintained in the app. So the registration process is easy – just replenish the balance at the start of the search of a sexy girl for the night!

Profile Quality

As there are no profiles, it is impossible to judge their quality. The only information maintained in a temporary account is one photo and the message expressing the desires related to the future night. Some users in their reviews mentioned that it’s not enough to choose the lover and make the informed decision. But as was already mentioned in the following Pure review of the website, the main point is to keep maximum anonymity and do not disclose any sensitive information about the seeker. Pure successfully achieves this goal.

Safety & Security

Safety and personal security matters are proud of Pure developers because when you have no data maintained, it cannot be stolen and inappropriately used. When you have all members prepaid for accounts, you have minimum fakes and fraudsters, which are not scam allowed; otherwise, they will be blocked.

Help & Support

For cases when some issues or technical problems happened, there is an email of the support team, so you can send them questions and describing issues. The good point is the high responsiveness to speed ratio. And another good point is the whole section with FAQs, which may help you before sending an email.

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To understand is Pure worth paying for it’s necessary to check prices versus benefits from using the service. As benefits and limitations were in full described above, the verdict is yes; it worth it. But to get more details regarding payment terms, please refer below:

  • You can choose payments based on weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly replenishment;
  • As a longer period you choose as cheaper the service is;
  • The automatic replenishment can be turned on and turned off, depending on your convenience.

Generally comparing to other services and active members reviews, Pure has affordable prices for its high-quality services. So is Pure any good? Absolutely!


Is Pure Safe?

Yes, it is, which is achieved by the high level of anonymity and frequent data removal.

Is A Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is real, full of real profiles, and working in a legit manner. The rate of dates arranged via it is high, and users’ satisfaction is high as well.

How Many Members Does Have?

As there are no regular accounts maintained, there is no certain number of profiles. The top cities of covered countries always have a list of active users ready for a date.

Is Pure Worth It?

If you’re looking for a hookup today and want to meet someone in a couple of hours, it will be a successful decision.

How To Use

Just start the app, add the pic, select the phrase for meeting request, and wait to review the list of members ready for a date with you.

Is Free?

Not absolutely. All functions of this service are free, but to start using an app, the balance should have the deposit.

Can I Use Anonymously?

Yes, you can. That’s the essential point of this app.

How Can I Delete My Profile?

You don’t need to delete the profile, because the app does it for you automatically every hour.