Dating a Single Mom Useful Tips in 2024

Last Updated on May 18, 2022

Once in a restaurant, you met a beautiful woman and the luck smiled at you from a single mother. After all, the woman answered you in return. Everything is fine, life has acquired colors, and you feel in seventh heaven with happiness. But like a bolt from the blue, the news sounds: she has got a child! Many men are concerned about how dating a woman with kids happens. In addition, such news can strike on the spot, especially for those males who have not even tried to think about their heirs.

There are several options for the development of subsequent events:

  1. You are not ready for dating a woman with a child because you are indifferent to children, especially strangers;
  2. It’s hard for you but you try dating a girl with kids taking everything for granted;
  3. For the sake of love you are ready to do anything and even dating women with kids;
  4. You rush headlong away and completely forget about her just to avoid dating a girl with a kid;
  5. You try to come to terms with the situation but the child is annoying as you are a man dating woman with child;
  6. You love her and are ready for anything to make friends with the child and create a strong family.

dating a single mom

Perhaps you are not ready for children, especially strangers. It is impossible to condemn men who run headlong from women with children. The very fact that they have to live with a someone else’s child is able to plunge many of them into a state of shock. If you can’t imagine living in the same apartment with a child at all, then, it’s better not to get used to this woman yourself. But never tie her to yourself in vain giving vain hopes to both her and the baby. However, there is a chance that you will draw the benefits of dating as a single mom.

Is It Hard Dating Someone With a Child?

Being in a relationship with a woman who has a child is not an easy task. However, everything depends on your upbringing and everything that surrounds you. It is uncommon to seriously discuss expectations for the future. Held this as early as possible when it comes to single mother dating. Your pre-existing opinion can be far from reality. When a single mother starts dating someone, she usually expects some kind of respite. She wants to talk to someone about the difficult period that she is going through. She wants a fun time and a sexy companion who will give her hope for the future.

Should I Date a Single Mom?

When meeting with a single mother be prepared for her intentions and the conditions that she may set for you. Single women go on dates more often counting on long-term relationships. Both participants should understand their desires, be honest about their compatibility, and regularly check in on how comfortable you both are.

Don’t Expect to Meet Her Kids Before She’s Confident in You

A single mom believes that until certain conditions are met, the best tactic is to settle a healthier way of getting to know your kids: just do it without building up expectations that will lead to disappointment later.

How to date a woman with a child? Part of being romantically involved with another adult necessarily involves building a friendship bond. Get to know the children at this stage and follow the course she charts with the children. They don’t need to know right away that you and her mom are more than friends.

Your Relationships Will Affect a Lot in the Future

If you decide to replace the other parent, then it is important to understand that you are a potential role model for the child. Either way, this places certain responsibilities on you. Experts explain that, in addition to becoming a role model in your own right, your relationship also becomes a kind of model to her children. Many single mothers understand the importance of their romantic relationships and that they are modeling a blueprint of what children understand as “adult relationships.”

What Single Moms Look For in a Man?

They Need a Man Who Adds and Doesn’t Take Away

One of the main things about how single mothers find a good husband is to know that such women need a man who adds but does not take away.

They Want You in the Right Place at the Right Time

Such women have to position themselves in places where good-quality men hang out. You can not only read blogs about where single mothers can find good men but also about how to properly deal with such women. How you position yourself can say a lot about the type of quality men you might also be among.

They Are Seeking a Good Companion

Here’s what you need to remember to find a suitable single mother: often, single women don’t let every man come into their house and get to know their kids. The most important thing about what a guy needs is that as a single mother have to protect her children. Thus, introducing them to every man who looks at them is not the way to go.

The last thing they want is that their house be a revolving door for men. The revolving door is about men who on a date meet other people’s children. And then, such a man leaves the same children because it turned out that they are not the same.

Common Children is a Plus

You can get acquainted with a single mother through a child. It will be easier if a man who is seeking a life partner among single mothers has a child himself. In this case, it is enough to go for a walk with him to the playground or the same park. There you can start a non-binding conversation with the mom you like. During such a conversation, you can casually ask about dad, for example: “Dad, probably at work?”. According to the answer, it will be clear whether the woman has a man or she is single.

Those who are shy or simply do not want to get acquainted in the traditional way, can use the Internet which comes in handy. It is even easier to get acquainted with a single mother in the virtual space. There are even special dating sites for single mothers and fathers who are in search of life partners.

single mother dating

13 Tips for Dating a Woman With a Child

Here are some single moms dating tips proved to be the most useful.

#1 Her Сhildren Are the Most Important

You must remember that you are not a top priority for a single mother. This does not mean that she does not love you. Moreover, it does not mean that she is not interested in your desires. This means that a single woman has children to take care of and their needs always come first. By acknowledging this, you demonstrate that you are a potential father and long-term partner.

#2 Don’t Play With a Single Mother

This is not gentlemanly! A single mother is in a difficult position. She has children she takes care of. When she is emotionally upset, it affects her children as well.

#3 Be Frank and Honest

A single mom can be a great option for sex without commitment if that’s what she wants. Let her know your intentions.

#4 Stay Yourself

Relationships will not give any result if they are built on pretense.

#5 Move on Step by Step

Start a relationship with a woman and make sure you like her enough to be with her.

#6 Don’t Rush to Meet the Children

Meet children only when you are sure that you want to be with this person for a long time. When you get to know and build relationships with children, it will be much more difficult to leave. It will also negatively affect the child.

#7 Little Can Be Planned in Advance

Once upon a time, a single mom could get together for a date all day long choosing a luxurious outfit, putting herself in order, doing long-awaited depilation, picking up a chic perfume, changing a dress and changing her mind a hundred times before the meeting what to go out in. Now a single mother is most worried about who to leave her child with as she can forget some little things.

#8 Time Is a Pricy Thing

Children take a lot of physical and moral strength, especially from women. At moments, any mom wants to take a nap, watch a new movie, drink, relax, or do something else just as pleasant and entertaining. In reality, all this seemingly “free” time is devoted to cleaning, cooking and other household chores. Any single mother values ​​her time very much and in no case will she waste it on those men who are not worth it! If a single mother gets bored already on the first date, then on the second one she will prefer house cleaning.

#9 Without Will to Emotions

A single mother usually does not have much time to torture herself by releasing violent emotions alone. Emotional experiences are on the sidelines as she takes care of the children, the house, and some even have time to work. If your beloved single mother turns out to be overly restrained and harsh on the first date, then it only seems so.

#10 Re-Evaluating the Romantic Approach

You may have a preconceived romantic approach which usually works with many naive women. Yet, when you try this with a single mother, you will likely find that it is not very effective. You should rethink the romance of your understanding – easier might even be better.

#11 She Can Cancel the Date

Troubles always happen and most often, it concerns family concerns. A date can be rescheduled for a variety of reasons that are more related to children. If the baby is sick, he will require attention right now. Otherwise, something unexpected happened that negatively affected your agreed meeting. Still, there is no point in being offended because any person can get sick without planning to do it.

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#12 Single Mom Doesn’t Need Rescue

A single mother may not always be an unfortunate person who is seeking the prince to appear on a white hor and save her from all the fuss. Not always single ladies can force a man to pay bills or force them to screw in light bulbs. As they say, there is a time for everything and pity along with unsolicited help. This is often inappropriate as in any other relationship.

#13 Know Your Place

Remember that she has suffered overcoming mental and physical pain. She also faces new challenges every day doing everything possible to make herself and her child happy. Don’t expect her to suddenly have you as her number one priority. Also, do not complain that she does not give you enough time or is tired after a hard day’s work. It is better to support your woman if you see that she is having a hard time and in no case put your needs first.

Additional Rules for Dating a Single Mom

  • Don’t try too hard to please and play the role of “dad”. Remember: respect will come with time;
  • Try to involve her and the children in activities that you enjoy. This will help them better understand you as a person;
  • Do not be jealous of the ex or the father of the children. It’s hard but being jealous will only cause unnecessary stress.


  • Try not to have sex when children are around. It is very uncomfortable;
  • Dating a single mom is pretty difficult. This is within the power of a mature man who is reliable and self-confident. Don’t do it if you’re not;
  • Do not hurry. Children need time to get used to you. Take your time and everything will fall into place.

Final Thoughts

Any relationship can be difficult if you are going to date a single mother. It’s important to stop thinking about what other people think about dating single moms. If you really love her, the relationship will grow and flourish. From the very beginning, you need to be honest with yourself. No matter how beautiful she is. If you can’t stand the thought of children, you should leave.


Is Dating a Single Mom a Good Idea?

No one said dating single moms would be easy. However, you need to make sure that her children always come first. If a woman is really interested in you, she will agree to a meeting. But: if a single mom has some troubles related to children, then she may possibly postpone your meeting.

Are There Dating Sites for Single Parents?

There is a huge list of dating sites for single parents. Among the abundance of such a list, you can try sites like Mingle2, MumsDateDads, or SingleParentMeet.

Where Is the Best Place to Meet Single Moms?

You can meet a single mommy both online and offline. When it comes to dating in real life, be sure to visit city parks, playgrounds, shopping centers, or interest clubs with the participation of parents and children.

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