Single Hearts

Sometimes it’s difficult to find a date. For instance, your social circle might be too narrow if you only meet friends and communicate with your coworkers, etc. Some people might have not enough time to meet someone and to maintain their romantic relationships – some have very hectic schedules. But the most difficulties people face in dating is when they are single parents.

First of all, you need to think about your kids. You have to find someone who attracts you and meets your preferences, but at the same time, this person has to be approved by your child (or children). Second, it’s difficult to find time to meet someone and to date him or her. If other people are busy with their jobs, hobbies, etc., you have to spend time with your kids. But of course, each problem has a solution.

Dating Sites for Single Parents

In this case, you can use single parent dating sites. Dating websites are so popular nowadays that traditional dating seems a bit artificial. Dating sites where single parents meet – a way out of the situation where you don’t have time to search for someone. Moreover, you can find someone who also has kids and perfectly understands your situation.

All dating websites have several things in common. For example, all of them have search, matchmaking algorithms, and the ability to connect people with similar interests. And single parent dating sites will allow you to find not just someone who has kids, but also someone who shares your beliefs. In this article, you will find out more about single parent dating, how to make everything perfect, etc. You will find tips on dating and descriptions of sites where you can meet someone with kids or someone who is 100% OK if you have children.

Dating Tips for Single Parents

As it was mentioned, it’s not the same when you have children. Unfortunately, some single parents decide to forget about their needs, and even if they are still young, they don’t date anymore. But people love socializing. Even if you are a “loner”, you still feel an urge to speak with someone dear to your heart. So, don’t forget about your needs. You will have to consider some aspects while dating, it will be different from dating when you don’t have kids, but it’s still possible.

Be Ready for Commitment

Don’t date only because you think that you should. It’s a common rule for everyone, not just single parents. Since you are a single parent, you might have to take your time to heal after a divorce. You have to be 100% sure that you need a relationship, not just sex or simple communication. Relationships are time-consuming and you have to put effort, so be sure that you are ready for this.

Manage Your Time

The easiest way for moms and dads to do this is to use dating sites for singles with kids. You will be able to accomplish your everyday routine, to spend time with kids and to socialize with potential candidates via the dating website. Never forget about your needs – remember that a loving parent is a parent who is satisfied with his life. So, if you feel that you should spend more with a person you like, you can forget about cleaning the bathroom today – clean it tomorrow.

Prepare Your Kids

This step is probably the most difficult step for any parent. How should you tell your kids that you are seeing someone? First of all, make sure that this is something significant and long-lasting. There is no need to destress your child if you are not dating exclusively. When you make sure that this is serious, immediately tell your child. Don’t try to shield your child, don’t lie, it’s better to start a conversation as soon as possible. Then try to spend as much time as you can with your child, make sure everything is ok.

These are the most important tips, especially the last one. Make sure that you feel something more than just affection to the person you are currently dating. And if that’s the case, prepare yourself and tell your children. They might have noticed already that their beloved dad or mom look happier than before, so they might already suspect something. Don’t make it worse by lying to your kids. Below you will find our top single parent dating apps and websites.

Best Dating Sites for Single Moms and Dads

What are the best dating sites for single parents? The ones that cater to the interests of parents, which means that they have to connect either two single parents, or one single parent and an individual who doesn’t mind dating someone who has kids. Some apps are free to use, others are paid, some can be used by all the singles in the world, others can be dedicated solely to single parents dating. But they have to be efficient. Below you will find some services that will help you to become happy and loved again.

You can chat with people from different countries, such as the UK, the US, France, other Western European countries. At the same time, you can find people from Eastern European countries. This means that even if you are looking for friendly support, you can find it here. Single parents have similar problems, you can receive help if you need it.

It’s one of the best dating sites for single moms and dads. Although it is used by people who are not yet parents. You need to indicate in your profile that you have kids, had been or hadn’t been married, and then you can describe a perfect partner. For example, a man, who had or hadn’t been married, who have kids, etc. The site is protected and developers implement new measures to make it even safer.

The “Asian” in the name of the site indicates that the service is mostly used by people from Asian countries. But at the same time, there are immigrants from Asian countries who live in other countries but would love to meet someone who belongs to the same race or nationality. If to sum up, this platform can be used by people from all countries who would love to date individuals from Asian countries. If you are a single parent, you have to indicate that you have kids.

This service is similar to the previous one, except that it’s mostly used by people from Latin countries and by those who feel attracted to people from Latin countries. The service is not designed solely to single father dating or single moms, but you can find someone who will make you happy. The matchmaking algorithm will connect you with a perfect partner. You can choose who you want to date, for instance, someone who has or hasn’t kids, who were married, etc.

The platform is very convenient and it’s safe. Safety is guaranteed by the developers who constantly implement safety measures, such as validation of users – when you can contact only those people who verified that they are real by sending a passport scan. The site will help a single parent to find like-minded singles.


Remember one thing – a good parent is a happy parent. If you are missing a significant person in your life, you need to start looking for him or her.