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A Comprehensive Review Of UsaSexGuide

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In A Nutshell

This UsaSexGuide review looks into an absolute legend of adult dating online – UsaSexGuide. This American forum has united thousands and thousands of horny adults alike to get naughty and hot in their local area. It has everything you need – NSFW pics, interesting conversations, and threads with the most up-to-date info about everything sex-related.

Pros And Cons

Pros Of UsaSexGuide Dating Site:

  • Very easy to navigate
  • Registration is free
  • A lot of registered members
  • Active community
  • Escort reviews are accessible for free
  • Great structure of the website

Cons Of UsaSexGuide Dating Site:

  • A slightly outdated design At A Glance

  • Best for: Horny adults interested in paid sex services
  • Where: The USA
  • Favorite features: Threads, Members’ pictures

UsaSexGuide main page

What Is

The first thing this review needs to settle down before it commences is what UsaSexGuide really is. The nature of the website can easily be deduced from its name. USA Sex Guide is exactly what it seems to be – a platform aimed at giving you an insight into the USA world of naughty adult activities. Although it is technically called a dating website, it is much more than just that.

This UsaSexGuide review confirms that the site has a fair amount of exciting things to offer to its members. It is very different from a lot of similar services in the niche. And, realistically speaking, it can hardly be classified as your average dating website. Instead, it is a highly-developed well-structured, and advanced American sex community!

The most interesting part of UsaSexGuide is the fact it is delivered to the kinky adults alike in the form of forums with tonnes of up-to-date information about all sex-related topics in the USA gathered in one place. So, is legit? From what this review sees, UsaSexGuide is most definitely the real deal!

Actual real people come together to join the service and exchange their knowledge and experience with like-minded kinky individuals. And by the number of daily UsaSexGuide logins, this review can state that the USA Sex Guide is a total banger!

Thanks to the website’s popularity, on UsaSexGuide, you can find a number of threads and learn everything you could possibly want to know about all kinds of sex services in your area. It has posts about the escort, massage parlors, kinky parties, and other things sex-related. In fact, there are many subcategories and threads to discuss anything you want. If you need any sort of advice on your sex life, just shoot your shot, and you will get an answer!

Now, why does this review classify UsaSexGuide as an adult dating website if it is mostly dedicated to paid sex options? The answer is simple! The truth about UsaSexGuide is that it acts as a great platform for kinky individuals to cooperate and identify the best opportunities to get laid in their cities. However, it can also be a great way to find a hot partner!

The member composition of the website is very diverse but well-balanced! There is an equal number of women and men registered on the website, and all of them are equally interested in having some naughty fun! So, why not try your luck and search for a hookup on there!

How Does UsaSexGuide Work?

A lot of reviews start with a review of the platform’s interface. Indeed, the visual component of the website is a very important part of how easy it is to navigate. Hence, this is exactly what this review of USA Sex Guide is going to cover. The review confirms the interface of UsaSexGuide is very simple. Some might even say it is plain. However, it is absolutely perfect and reflects the nature of the platform really well! You do not get distracted by numerous flashy details and can get straight to the naughty business.

This review needs to point out that UsaSexGuide is a great place for all the sex enthusiasts out there. The best part about the website is that it is accessible to everyone! You do not need to burden yourself with signing up to the platform if you simply intend to lurk around and look through the threads on the forums. In fact, you can even look through the steamy hot pics gallery without getting an account. You only need one if you want to join the community and become a poster yourself! But to view the website, you are only required to be over the age of 18!

Once you create an account on this amazing sex database, you will gain access to all the features it offers. Including publishing posts, replying in threads, starring threads, and, most importantly, sending direct messages to other members of the website! This is exactly how you can get matches on UsaSexGuide!

young nude woman

What else is cool is that you can easily adjust the website to your needs. What this review found to be particularly useful is the division of the UsaSexGuide forum into categories based on different criteria. First of all, you can make the absolute most out o your UsaSexGuide experience by turning it into your local sex guide. All you need to do is select your state or even city out of the list of different sub-forums and see what is going on nearby!

However, it is always up to you whether you would like to search for sexy times locally or would rather focus on online communication. For the fans of the latter naughty activities, UsaSexGuide offers an amazing opportunity to search for likeminded individuals in designated interest groups. You can choose from a wide selection of different kinky threads within the forum, starting from Anal Connoisseurs to Massage to Sex Addicts. There’s a group for everyone!

Another cool feature UsaSexGuide, can boast being the parlor for a lot of erotic writers. They share their hot stories on the website for the public to review. But even if fiction is not on the list of your passions, you can still visit the Stories tab and read some sexy reports from real users of UsaSexGuide.

As this review already mentioned, UsaSexGuide has a strong sense of community. Naturally, over time it developed a lot of inside things such as abbreviations. The website is extremely welcoming and wants its userbase to grow! Hence, there is a FAQ you can read through and learn more about all the service’s abbreviations.

Once you are familiar with those, you can get down to the fun part – browsing the website, viewing photos uploaded by members for the general public, and posting yourself! How fun!

Sign Up

As the review stated, it is not mandatory for you to create a profile if you want to enjoy the website. However, if you want to join and get access to all the features of UsaSexGuide, you are more than welcomed to do so. The registration process on UsaSexGuide is very simple and straightforward.

You can access the registration form from the main page of the website and complete registration by filling out a couple of blanks. First of all, you need to state your role. There are different types of UsaSexGuide users:

  • Forum User
  • Escort (Paid Advertising)
  • Free Escort Classified.

Forum users are regular users who can post wherever and take part in the discussions forum-wide. The other two categories are considered to be advertisers of sexual services and are allowed to post in specific threads only.

After you have chosen the type of user you are, you shall provide basic info about yourself, such as a username, an email address, your time zone, and a password you would be used for subsequent UsaSxGuide logins.

UsaSexGuide registration

Search & Profile Quality

A lot of UsaSexGuide dating site reviews rave about the search tool accessible to all registered members of the website. This review confirms, it really is marvelous! If you have a specific question in mind and want to see if it had already been answered by other users, you can simply search for the keywords and get the search results back within minutes. In the same way, you could search for the threads that would be interesting to you to become a part of.

Profiles of members are divided into several categories, some of which are assigned to you upon registration, and some are a part of the UsaSexGuide hierarchy:

  • Members awaiting email activation – these members are visible on the website, but they are yet to confirm their email address in order to gain access to the functionality of the website.
  • Regular members – these members are all members registered on USA Sex Guide.
  • Senior members – regular members with over half a year of UsaSexGuide experience.
  • Unmoderated members – the top members with the most credibility on the site.
  • Escort – paid advertisers of escort services.


Safety is the website’s top priority. There is a team of moderators working at all times to keep UsaSexGuide a positive adult dating platform. There are also certain rules implemented to ensure everybody is safe and sound on the service.

This review believes one of the best parts of UsaSexGuide is the fact it allows people to remain anonymous by using nicknames. On top of that, profiles are accessible to members only!

Help & Support

The review concluded that UsaSexGuide is very easy to navigate, and there are very few things that could come across as confusing even to the members who are not necessarily tech-savvy. However, if you do need any help wrapping your head around the service, there is a FAQ section for you to look through.

Besides, you may also press the ‘Help’ button to search for the issue you faced or ‘Contact Us’ to contact the saSexGuide team via email.


This review is positive that the sweetest part of the whole UsaSexGuide experience is that it is absolutely free. All members can join the website and use it for no cost at all! If you want to express your ‘thanks’, just become a regular contributor and help to grow the platform!


The bottom line is that UsaSexGuide is an amazing website for everyone interested in learning more about sex, their options when it comes to hookups, or simply converse with like-minded adults online. It has a great community. Besides, as this review stated, it is completely free, too! What a sweet deal.

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Is UsaSexGuide Good?

The review confirms is one of the best websites in its niche and will help you out with any question you have!

Is UsaSexGuide Safe?

UsaSexGuide works really hard to ensure the platform is a safe adult dating environment for all!

Who Can Use UsaSexGuide?

The review mentions that the only requirement is for you to be over 18 to access the site.

Can I Use UsaSexGuide Anonymously?

You can choose any nickname you want to browse the site if you decide to join UsaSexGuide, so just pick something that would let you remain anonymous. Besides, you can browse the site without creating an account.

Is It Free To Use UsaSexGuide?

Yes, it is absolutely free!