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Valentime Review

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Marriage is true, everyone’s dream. However, it can turn into a nightmare if you enter it with the wrong person. Nowadays, people have corrupted marriage, making it look like a business. Many people marry others to solve their financial problems and not because of love. Have you given up searching for an excellent person to live together happily? There is hope for you. Try finding your soulmate through Valentime dating site, and you will not regret it. They have women who are genuinely looking for true love. They are not after any other thing. Moreover, the website will provide you with some decent services to ensure you have a wonderful time on the website. The following review of Valentime will take you through the reason why it is really popular dating sites.


  • Price-performance – 6.5
  • Partner suggestion – 6.5
  • Services – 7.0
  • Ease of use – 7.0
  • Free features – 6.5

Pros and cons


  • They have many users signing up daily – With many people registering the site daily, it will increase the database of the website. Therefore you can be sure that you will find your potential matches because of the wide range of users.
  • They have a responsive matching algorithm – The primary purpose for one to join a dating site is to find someone compatible with them. If a dating platform cannot provide a perfect match for its users, then it is not worth using it. ensures that they use superb searching engines to ensure you get the person who fits all your requirements.
  • You have access to a 24/7 customer service – For those members who have subscribed to a paid subscription, they have an available support team for assistance. The customer service will ensure that they solve all your issues on time.


Most of their women are Slavic – Slavic women are the ones who dominate the website. They have a small number of women from other countries. Therefore if you do not like Slavic women, it may be hard for you to find women from other countries. at a Glance

Best for: the website is mostly f people looking for long-term relationships.
The number of members: the website has gained a lot of popularity due to its excellent services. Therefore they have a vast database.
Recommended age: if you want to join the site, ensure that you are eighteen years and above.
Favorite feature: the website provides many features to their users to make their experience memorable. The common features are for sending gifts and making meeting requests.

What is

The truth about dating site is that it focuses more on people who want serious relationships. The site has millions of users who are looking for their life partners. Most of their users come from the USA. The website has stiff competition because the number of male users is more than that of women. Those who dominate the site are people from twenty-five years and above. Most of the active people are those who are from 35 years. It means that most people on the website are those who want to settle in life and start their family.

How Does Valentime Work?

The first thing you will do is to browse the site and go to its page. On the page, you will find a registration form that you must fill if you want to access the website. Only those who have registered can see what the site offers. After that, you will create your profile for the public to know you. When viewing the profiles of other users, you can send a ‘like’ to those who caught your eyes. The site will provide you with superb searching algorithms that will ensure you get your match. You will find exciting features for making contact that will make your online dating experience romantic and unforgettable.

Sign up

The website is not for minors. Therefore they will ask for your age to verify if you are eligible to use the site. You must be eighteen years and above to have access to the site. log in will not take you more than five minutes. You cannot register using your Facebook account. The first part of the registration is filling your name, age, email address, and password. In the second part, you will answer some questions to help the site know you and know what you want. The website will warmly welcome every new member by giving them 20 credits for free.

Search and Profile Quality

Many reviews have suggested that the site is perfect when it comes to matchmaking. They have many ways to ensure that the girl you get is the one you have been dreaming to have. They make it their priority to provide quality on the site. Therefore they verify all profiles and ensure you upload high-quality photos on your profile. It is to ensure the site has high-quality profiles.

Help and Support

The website will not allow you to struggle with anything. Many Valentime dating site reviews have suggested that they have a reliable support team to help you with anything.

Cost and Prices

There is a premium fee attached to because it is an authentic dating site. The website allows free members to sign up and view other people’s profiles. However, that is the far they can go. The site works under a credit system. Hence, there are no monthly subscriptions. You will purchase credits and access the fantastic features on the site. The basic credit package is $19.99.


There are many women out there looking for love like you and who can make a good wife to you. Make good use of and find your soul mate.


What Is a Valentime Dating Site? is an international dating site that focuses on bringing like-minded people from all over the world together. Most people who visit the site are looking for a long-term relationship. It will provide you with superb features that will make the meeting with your soul mate a romantic and exciting experience.

What Is’s Automatic Top-up, and How Can You Turn It Off?

It is a feature that when you activate it, fill up your credit again. It replenishes your credits when you have only five remaining. If you want to turn the feature off, you will go to your profile settings and scroll down to the billing section. In that section, you will then flip the toggle switch to the right, and it will turn off.

What Will Happen to One’s Credit When They Decide to Close Down Their Valentime Account?

If you decide to close down your account permanently and you still have remaining credits, you can ask for a refund. You can email the customer service of your request, and they will ensure that they refund you on the unused credits.

How Do You Deactivate your Account?

For you to deactivate your account, you will first go to your profile settings. On the profile settings, there is an option of ‘deactivate profile.’ Click on it and give your password for action confirmation

Is Legit?

Yes, it is. You can be sure that the site is a legit international dating platform. You will not get scammers on the website due to the excellent security measure put in place. Your money will also not get lost. Moreover, they have the refund policy to refund your money if you lose it.

What Is’s Chargeback, and What Happens When You Apply for It?

Valentime chargeback is different from a refund. A chargeback happens when a dispute of payment with your bank is successful. If you apply for it, the site will temporarily close your account because of the security measures put in place. A team of professionals will closely monitor your account. Then afterward, they will help you restore your account.

Is Valentime Good?

Yes, the site is excellent, especially for those who are looking for a serious relationship. It provides you with pretty women who want nothing but pure love and to build a family with you. The website will provide you with excellent services to ensure you with your better half.