Why it’s great to be a single woman

Last Updated on July 15, 2022

It may be easy to say that it’s just no fun being a single woman. Especially if you’re older, or if you have kids. But you need to look at the bright side of the situation and use it to your benefit. Being single isn’t the end of the world. If you have just gotten out of a bad relationship, being single represents independence and a chance to start over. If you’ve just been dumped, being single represents a chance for you to re-discover yourself and upgrade If you just can’t seem to get into a relationship, or don’t want one, being a single woman is the greatest thing in the world to be. Here’s the reason why:

It’s a Woman’s World – Times they are a-changing. Men might still get paid more on average to do the same job, and have a lot of other advantages, but in the end, it’s the women who are in control. These days women are depending on men less and less frequently for financial support. As we make our own way, it’s the guys that are on the spot to find a woman who actually likes him for more than his money.

We Bring the Fun – Guys would just sit around watching SportsCenter and playing video games. Boring! We bring life to any situation. Ask anyone who’s ever thrown a party who makes or breaks the event, it’s the women! Being a single woman is great because you can always round up your girlfriends and have a fun girls night out on the town.

We Have the Dating Advantage – As a single woman, you’ll never find a shortage of quality men that are ready to bend over backward for you. They may play it cool, and you might have seen a book called He’s Just Not That Into You, but that’s mostly the alpha males. There’s a whole pool of beta males that make great dating material.

Other Great Benefits – Even if you take men out of the equation completely it’s still great being a single woman and just being ultra-independent. You can take up any hobby or activity you like and it’s easy to find other women that have the same interests. Starting a business is easier as a woman because there are grants and loans available just for women. Going to school is easier as a woman because there are scholarships and awards for a school that are specifically in place for women.

It’s far easier and a lot more fun being a single woman than it used to be. Don’t loathe your current state of affairs, and wallow in self-contempt. Embrace being single and love every minute of it!


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