Bumble Review

Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Dating industry offers singles different projects. Single parents, seniors, everyone can find their soulmates. Boundaries don’t matter anymore. It seems that the dating industry is flourishing. But all media groups that own dating online services have one problem – if they are not singled out by users, they won’t have profit.

Bumble dating site stands out from the majority of dating online services. This platform has several features that make it special and appealing for new members. For instance, guys can’t text women even if they match. Only a woman can do the first step, then a man can write her his messages. Such feature gives women control of men who tend to send inappropriate messages or even adult content pictures.

And it’s not the only feature that attracts user’s attention. The first impression about the app is highly positive, the design is stylish but it is not overloaded. The colors are bright, all the sections are easily found. Overall, the interface is user-friendly and creates a good impression. But is Bumble any good? Design is not the most important thing for a top dating site.

Pros and Cons

Let’s highlight some advantages and disadvantages of Bumble.


  • Women start conversations. 
  • Encourages to be active.
  • Allows establishing different types of relationships.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Matches often result in conversations.


  • The lack of interest in personality.
  • Men might not appreciate the waiting time.
  • Used only with Facebook.
  • You need to deactivate the subscription.

About Bumble APP and Site

You can find on the Internet several mixed reviews. Some users write that it was helpful and they had no issues while the using app and website. But other reviews inform that the site is not helpful. Since Bumble feedback from the Internet is so mixed, it’s nearly impossible to decide whether to register. That’s why this article was written.

You’d think that such a feature where women have to be the first ones to contact men was designed to empower women. Partially, it’s true. Women don’t get harassed, but men also benefit from this peculiarity. Traditionally, it is believed that men have to do the first step, to approach a lady.

But creators of dating app Bumble have a different opinion over this tradition. Men have to wait until potential girlfriends contact them. It takes off a huge burden from their shoulders while women feel freer. The site (and the official app) were designed in the form of a game. You have to decide whether someone is hot or not, and if this potential candidate thinks the same, a woman can contact the man.

Why Is Bumble APP so Popular?

This is the reason why Bumble.com online dating site immediately gained such popularity, especially within the female audience. But is Bumble good for women? It depends on Bumble experience a woman wants to receive. If a woman would love to feel the control over who she can communicate with, then it’s good. If men want to experience something different, then the app will fit them.

People who appreciate conventional dating, might not be so fond of this website. But we live in the 21st century, most people love everything new and are open to new ideas. Bumble can be such a new idea.

It doesn’t just allow women to make the first step, it also encourages them to be braver. As it was mentioned in the cons, it encourages to be more active. If two people swipe “Yes”, then a woman has only 24 hours to start a conversation. When the timer expires, the match will be deleted and these two won’t be able to swipe each other again.

Such peculiarity shows good results. An estimated 60% of all the matches lead to conversations. But there are disadvantages as well. Tinder is criticized for lack of interest in the member’s personality, and Bumble is very similar. It pays more attention to the outside, rather than the inside.

It’s not bad, we would be lying when saying that looks are not important. We care about the physical appearance if we are not attracted to each other, then it’s friendship, not dating. But Bumble might pay more attention to the personality.


Registration Process

Registration is easy, but you need a Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you can use “Another option” button. Enter your telephone number and you will receive an invitation code. If you are using a Facebook page to enter Bumble, you can choose some settings. For instance, it will tell you that Bumble will receive access to such data as friends list, your age, email address, etc. If you don’t want them to use this information, manually disable each option.


If you disable Bumble from withdrawing this data, then registration will take longer. You have to choose the date of birth, are you a woman or a man, etc. One peculiar feature makes the site stand out – it allows people to identify themselves the way they want. For example, if a person is asexual, he can use this option. There is around 20 option for users to choose. Then you can upload 4 photos and proceed with the following steps.

You can fill your account with information about your preferences, but they won’t be very detailed. You won’t spend half an hour on a long questionnaire, you can almost immediately proceed with your search. Also, you can check other people’s profiles, but you can contact them only if you are a) a woman, and b) you swipe “yes”.


A review of Bumble shows that it reminds you of Tinder but without sexual harassment. It can happen if a woman will decide that she does not want to talk with the guy, but he still can send messages. But the solution is to add the user to blacklist or to report him. Bumble – is it safe for women? Partially, yes. But it’s a lot safer than other apps. You can meet kind people here.

So how does Bumble work for women? When a woman has time, she can use the search option. She will see different pictures of men based on her preferences (mostly age, ideas, location). If she swipes left, then it’s a “no”. But swipe right means that she likes the guy. She can’t contact him immediately since the guy has to swipe her too. If it happens, this lady will be informed and she will have 24 hours to decide whether to start the conversation.


It’s better to use an app on your phone and here’s why. If you accidentally swipe left while you like the person, quickly shake the phone. You will be able to swipe in the correct direction. And when a woman receives a notification that she has a match, she has only 24 hours to decide. A man also can think about whether to respond or not, he will be given the same periodto respond.

You are probably thinking – what about people that have a non-traditional sexual orientation? This rule does not apply in these cases. Women are allowed to contact women, men to contact men, so there are no problems with that. Bumble dating app review shows that it caters to interests of all the singles.

Other Features

Developers of any software like to boast that their product is free to use. But they rarely highlight that there is paid content. The same rule is applied here, Bumble has several paid features that are focused on bringing a better experience with the app.

Beeline Feature

Beeline is a feature that will save you time. As it was said, both members have to swipe right, only then there will be a match. The Beeline allows you to see whether the user liked you. You won’t have to spend days waiting for a match, you can make those matches on your own.

Rematch Feature

The Rematch will help any woman or man to swipe again after 24 hours have expired. But it’s a tricky feature since this person also has to swipe right to renew the conversation. It works both – for men and women. For example, a woman couldn’t decide whether to write something or if a man didn’t respond to the message. But this individual, who was ignored for the first time, might not answer again.

Busy Bee Feature

Busy Bee allows you to double the time for the response. If you know that you won’t have time, or you will be offline for a while, you can choose this option and return to your matches later. There is also a feature that is supposed to show your serious intentions. It is called SuperSwipe, you need to buy coins for this feature to work. If you use this feature, your match will see a special notification. It’s very sweet to receive such swipes, most users feel special when such things happen.

BFF Mode

If you are looking for friends, just change to BFF mode. You won’t confuse romantic Bumble with the one for seeking friendship since developers have used different colors. There is also a possibility to find new people for business. You need to pick Bizz option and Bumble will switch to a new mode. This online dating site review of Bumble has proven that the site engages a huge audience.


Is Bumble legit? The site is not a scam, but you still can encounter scammers. If you encounter a scammer, for instance, if he is asking you to send money, or asking to share other information, then report him and administration will deal with such a member. Overall, the website is safe.

Although Bumble reviews found on the Internet, show that users are disappointed since the administration doesn’t deal with users who insult others. If such a user was a match for someone, they started talking, but then a woman decided to end these conversations, he still can have access to the chat. The same can happen with men as well. But the administration is too slow to deal with such issues.


How much does Bumble cost? Registration and creation of the account are free features. There are several paid options for you to choose – one-month membership, three months membership, or you can buy Bamble coins. Cost per month is lower if you buy three months.

You can buy 1, 5, 10, 20 Bumble coins. You can use them for SuperSwipe. But the cost of these coins is surprisingly high, one coin is almost 2 dollars. While 20 coins are sold for the price of a three months membership.

But be very careful with the subscription. Most paid features don’t have auto-renewal options. If a user wants to buy something, he needs to renew the subscription. But Buble works differently, if you buy three months subscription, it will be renewed automatically when expired. Before deleting an account, it’s obligatory to delete your payment method so that money won’t be withdrawn automatically.


Most of the reviews of Bumble show that the app has disadvantages. Nevertheless, it is worthy of your attention. You can try this option, the database of users is huge and the app is used by people from all corners of the world. But be very careful with the subscription, just don’t forget to cancel it before deleting the account after you find a soulmate here.