Meeting Partner When Casually Dating: Secrets of Enjoyable Casual Dating

Last Updated on March 30, 2023

When we fall in love with a person, we feel euphoria, pleasure, and inspiration. We want to spend hours talking with the object of adoration, so the dating frequency new relationship begins to increase.

In most cases, people who have just started dating someone give in to the desire to meet often and plan daily meetings with their beloveds. However, it is often noticed that interest disappears, just like the desire to see each other. It may feel like a fairytale in the beginning, but to build a long term relationship, you must be a little bit smarter.

Casual Relationship: How Often Should People Meet?

There are different opinions about how often you should meet when dating. Usually, everything is individual – each person has his own preferences and vision of romantic relationships. For some, dating on a daily basis is the norm, while others prefer to spend only a few evenings a week together.

Dating at the Beginning of a Relationship: What Do Psychologists Say?

Psychologists believe that at the very beginning of a romantic relationship, it is best not to rush things and meet once or twice a week. At the same time, you should come up with some interesting leisure: this way, the casual relationship will be associated with pleasant emotions. Dating may be an extremely exciting adventure! Once a week rule dating is the best solution for those who start dating.

Later, you can increase the number of meetings – this will help you get used to the person and also contributes to the rapprochement of partners. When some time passes from the beginning of the relationship, partners can move on to daily meetings. You should understand that someone every day will be a preparation for a serious relationship. If you can communicate openly, in a fun and exciting way, it is likely that your relationship is strong enough.

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How Often Should You See Someone When First Dating? Is Once a Week Really Enough?

The desire for dating someone less often is not always a mutual initiative; sometimes, only one of the partners wants to limit the number of meetings. This is usually not considered a good sign, especially if there is no good reason for this. Most likely, the man is not interested in a woman and no longer feels the desire to spend time with her.

At the same time, the partner can cover up his reluctance to meet with various pretexts. All in all, you should pay attention to your partner’s behavior in general – if the chosen one calls less often, avoids meetings, and prefers to “be alone,” then this may mean that feelings are gone. If both of you feel good about meetings once (or several times) a week and those meetings are perfect, there is nothing to worry about. If you just started dating, it will just add some fuel.

How Often Should Couples See Each Other When Dating? Are There Any Pros of Daily Dating?

Many psychologists argue about the benefits of dating someone daily. Some believe that it is better to start close communication as soon as possible. Others argue that frequent meetings harm relationships. At the same time, some believe that this is neither good nor bad, but much depends on feelings and circumstances. So, it is up to you to choose what suits you better, as every situation is unique.

Among the advantages of daily meetings, the following are usually distinguished:

  • Closer and more trusting relationships. Usually, the people we spend the most time with know a lot about us.
  • Company for every day. If you decide to meet a partner every day, then you are provided with company.

However, not everything is so perfect – daily meetings also have a number of disadvantages:

  • Lack of strong emotions. When partners have just started dating, the emotions they experience from communicating with each other are very important. People meeting every day are more likely to feel bored than enthusiastic.
  • Dating can become a habit. If you have started dating, mind that meetings on a daily basis can quickly become routine.
  • Partners can get bored. If a person feels fed up, the dating will no longer be emotional enough for him. In other words, we can get tired of who we communicate with every day.

Almost nothing is more effective in fostering attachment than detachment from a loved one. When we are bored, we remember all the good that happened with a partner, which greatly affects the strengthening of our feelings.

Thus, we can say that frequent meetings have both pluses and minuses, but they still have more drawbacks. In a longer-term relationship, this is quite normal, but for those who are casually dating, this can turn into real stress.

How Often Should You See Your Girlfriend? Are Rare Dates Really Better?

All in all, weekly dates are considered optimal at the initial stage. People often dive headlong into relationships and get lost in them. They cancel meetings with friends and essential plans – and as a result, they lose a part of themselves. Moreover, friends and relatives are naturally offended, and sometimes it is not easy to restore relations, especially if the romance ends unsuccessfully and you need support, which not everyone is ready to provide.

“Never become alienated from your friends and relatives! Remember that your partners may change, while family and friends are always here for you!”

In addition, falling in love and constant communication can make you see everything in a rosy light.

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule, but why not try a more winning tactic initially? Here are some more benefits of rare casual dating.

  • You can avoid a bad breakup. If you don’t meet too often, you won’t have time to drown in a relationship in the first weeks, but you can adequately assess your communication.
  • You will have more topics to talk about. Besides, you will miss each other more.
  • You won’t ruin relationships with people: this is a very important nuance. Friends don’t have to fight for your attention!

And now another important question: how long to maintain this meeting mode? Experts advise looking at the dynamics. If you miss each other regularly, you can meet more often! Do not forget that it should be a part of your life, but not replace it entirely.

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Top Mistakes to Avoid at the Beginning of a Relationship: Tips for Men

Having met a girl who managed to attract attention, men also try to make her like them, show their feelings, and, often, without realizing it, make mistakes that can quickly lead to the opposite effect and a break in relations.

Mistake 1: Self-Doubt

Women prefer confident men. If he constantly doubts and adapts only to a woman’s desires, she quickly loses interest in him. A man who is confident, who knows how to make decisions and take responsibility, have a much better chance of reciprocal feelings than one who seeks approval from a woman.

Mistake 2: Being Rude

Any manifestations of bad manners prevent people from understanding each other. If a man allows himself to be rude, a lady can assume that he does not respect her and does not strive to make a favorable impression on her. After all, the more serious intentions a man has, the more attentive and affectionate he becomes.

Mistake 3: Sex

One of the men’s biggest mistakes in relationships with women is insisting on physical intimacy. As a rule, this type of man is not inclined to think about other people’s feelings. Such men need to assert themselves and get the desired result. In most cases, with this approach, a serious relationship is not planned at all with a girl. It is only a means for its own self-realization. Although, in general, the topic of intimacy in a relationship is of no small importance. If you are interested in something more than just casual dating, never insist on intimacy too early.

Mistake 4: Fear

Another mistake is the fear of showing a woman his weakness. From childhood, men are brought up in severity, instilling in them strictly “male” qualities. Don’t be afraid: your loved one will always understand and support you!


Another thing we haven’t mentioned yet is that infrequent meetings, if not accompanied by calls or messages, may not develop into something bigger. You may simply forget about each other.

You should always be able to answer a phone call or send a message to your loved one. If your partner rarely answers your calls, it is a bad sign.

Also, you should understand whether you feel comfortable together with your partner. You should enjoy spending time together, walking, communicating, and not only having sex. If the rest of the time passes in tension and petty grievances, this is not the right person, even if you are just casually dating.

Healthy relationships can do miracles for people. You can become a better version of yourself with the right person by your side.