Last Updated on June 5, 2024 is a platform mainly for those users who want to have fun and get a new BDSM experience. The site states that this platform is safe, sane, and consensual, but only for those who dream of BDSM because you will not meet a partner there for serious relationships and marriage. advertises itself as a tolerant site where you will not find discrimination, but is it really so? Each month, the site is being visited by about 500 people for one purpose – finding a dating partner for BDSM.

Overall Rating – 7.5

  • Partner suggestions – 8
  • Price-performance – 7.5
  • Service – 7.5
  • Free features – 8
  • Ease of use – 7
  • Safety – 6

Pros and Cons


  • it is one of the BDSM sites for dating
  • there are many active users


  • no chat with others
  • the verification doesn’t exist
  • no user-friendly interface


As soon as you go to dating site, you will be able to see a lot of naked people, because such photos are not prohibited on the site. Most people leave this platform after such a discovery, but still, some are left to try it. Unlike genuine dating sites for serious relationships, you will not find long-term relationships, although some people, on the contrary, are looking for a partner for long-term relationships in the spaces of the BDSM site. While researching all the reviews on the site, we found a lot of interesting information that you will be able to find in this review.

We decided to visit this site on our own and make sure that the reviews were not lying, and when we visited it, we were in real shock. Although is a dating site, it looks like a cheap porn site and it is impossible to notice at first glance that it has anything to do with dating. But in fact, this site is just not for everyone, because this site is visited by amateurs to have an interesting experience and have fun. There is nothing wrong with a few nude photos of people who like to share them. But is not just an adult dating platform, as we found many members there who were into domination and submission.


According to the review, this platform has some features to make spending time at more fun. You can use the features on without any restrictions, so is a free online dating site. If you are in doubt about using the features and whether they are right for you, you can read more about them below. As you already know, each feature is special and unique because employees created features specifically for BDSM dating.


If you are visiting a similar online dating platform for the first time, then has a special section for you called resources. This is a special section for those who have some usage issues, who want to learn more about the BDSM community, and for those who want to know the restrictions on After reading this section, you will understand what you can do on and what is forbidden.


Public events are posted here and can be attended by anyone. These events are very diverse, ranging from special exhibitions for BDSM to even special parties for BDSM. This section is a unique opportunity for BDSM people to finally find what they need. It’s hard to find people who think alike if you don’t visit special places for those people, and a review of shows that these events are perfect for finding a partner.

Live Chat

Live chat is a special feature of, with which you can find a partner who thinks like you. This feature is a premium feature, meaning you have to pay some money to use it. Live chat enables users to interact online in real-time. You can share short questions and answers, share photos, videos, and audio messages. The chat does not have special content on the site because users do not need personal space to share adult photos.

Sign Up dating website review shows that If you want to become a user of and use all its features then you first need to sign up for the platform. Registration will give you access to search and communication on this BDSM platform. On average, 2 new users join the site every day because is not a very popular dating site for now. You can join this platform for free in a few minutes with quick signup.

In order to register you need to enter your name, password, email and zip code. Zip code is required for to verify that you are actually from the United States. Since can only be used by people in the United States, this significantly limits the number of users on If you do not want to chat with other users and just want to view naked photos of other users, then you can proceed to the next step. The next step on the site is answering short questions from the site.


You must complete your profile in order for other users to interact with you. First, you need to provide basic information about yourself at dating site, such as your education, place of work, age, and location. In addition to this basic information, the platform also invites users to complete 12 more sections with different types of questions. There are 12 categories of your interests and skills from which you should choose the ones that most characterize you. Among these categories, you can also find a separate category called BDSM where you have to specify which type you belong to. In fact, there are 3 types of BDSM, from lightest to hardest, and this is done in order for users to communicate only with those who fit them.

Profile Quality

Very few site users fill out their profiles by the end, most profiles are completely blank. The reason is that these people visit just to have fun and not to answer a lot of questions. If had just a few profile questions, then more people would fill them out. You can change your profile information later, or just skip this step and go back to it in the future, but you won’t be so popular without it. Most people are blurred in nude photos and therefore indifferent to personal information. Users do not think about serious relationships with users, they only want to see more personal photos.

Regarding search, according to reviews, you can find new users on the site in several ways. You can simply choose the type of BDSM you want and you will get a large number of users to talk to. If you decide on to look for a partner for a serious relationship, then you can filter users by other parameters such as family status, age, location, etc., but you get up to 10 users as a result. You can also use the simplest way and just look at the users who recently added to


For many users, security is the most important when choosing one of the online dating sites. If this criterion is also very important to you, then you need to know something about security at People who have special sexual fantasies and adore BDSM are fine, but you need to be extra careful when you decide to meet them offline. At you can find many tips to help you use this online dating platform to get the best dating experience.

In fact, the site doesn’t have specific security information, so we can’t say for sure if this platform is secure. According to many reviews from users who have used for a long time, you can say that is not safe and there are many reasons. First, on, you can find many fake profiles that can fool you. While at, do not share your personal information with suspects or send your money to those individuals. Only if you trust the user very well can you think about sharing personal data.

Cost review shows that CollarSpace has a paid account that allows you to access more features on the site. You will be able to access more adult photos and videos, as well as unlimited chat if you purchase a paid account. If you want to use for free then it is possible but when you want to start communicating with other users you have to pay. A paid subscription does not guarantee additional security because it only provides access to more premium profiles. You can find out the prices for the paid subscription below. 

  • $20.99 for 1 month
  • $40.99 for 2 months
  • $50.99 for 3 months

Customer Support

The support service according to online dating site review is not perfect because very often you may not get an answer to your question. If you have any questions about use, you can contact the staff at using the email provided on the site.


What is CollarSpace is an online dating site for users who want to match a BDSM partner for casual dating. Here you can find lots of adult photos, videos and features to help you interact with others.