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Last Updated on March 31, 2023

Not many hide that lesbian cougar dating is gaining momentum. There are many studies and statistics according to which you can find information about how many girls have easy or even serious relationships with other women. Because of this fact, about 54% of women turned out to be LGBT participants, and in addition, they also tend to date mature women in their environment.

Lesbian women 25% of whom are 12 years old, 50% at 15 years old, and 75% by 20/21 years old, have come to be aware of self-realization through relationships of non-traditional type.

“Lesbian cougar sex brings something more than it would in America’s heterosexual couples. So they cover a large audience when it comes to non-traditional types of relationships.”

It would be reasonable to say that the homosexual type of relationship still refers specifically to the LGBT trend. Yet, there is a special subspecies of women who prefer cougars.

lesbian cougar dating

“Online dating opens up a lot of things to people who were only related to the heterosexual movement. Lesbian cougar has its advantages in building fleeting and even serious relationships with cougars.”

Consider some statistics of women who prefer matures as well as a holistic audience of the offered sex sites and mature lesbian cougar online platforms:

Cam Chat ModelsAverage Number persTotal Number %

Mature Lesbian Sites to Choose in 2023

MeetBlackCougarDating – Best for Black Cougar Lesbians

Users85% females, 15% males 
Free VersionSign-up, messaging in public chat
Paid VersionUnlimited text messages in private chat
Special Offer$46.19 per month

MeetBlackCougarDating is a relatively incomparable lesbian professionals dating site for black women and cougars. MeetBlackCougarDating fully caters to the needs of African Americans. This site is dedicated to helping black people find their perfect soul mates. If you are a black woman and want to hang out with a black female, then MeetBlackCougarDating welcomes you!

It should be remembered that people are always more comfortable with those who have some resemblance to them. Typical cougars lesbians websites have a mission to connect LGBT people worldwide. That is why pretty single ladies are often looking for lesbian relationships on these kinds of online platforms. The following website is created to serve the needs of the black community and female cougars around the world.

PinkCupid – Trendy Among Black Lesbian Cougar Ladies

Users60% females, 40% males 
Free VersionBasic Matching, Send Interest, Premium Members Communication
Paid VersionBoost Profile Activity, No Ads, Hide Profile
Special Offer$8.33 per month

PinkCupid is a well-known dating site that can be attributed to the popular milf online dating services. PinkCupid is a great platform that helps lesbian and cougar women find their perfect partners. PinkCupid has gained popularity around the world thanks to the concept of niche dating designed for cougars.

The site offers its users decent and advanced features under the auspices of the leading group Cupid Media. Designed specifically for finding lesbians, PinkCupid has grown into a strong gay community with over 1 million gay users worldwide, including Asian cougars. There is a free version of the website but take into account the paid membership to use this perfect online platform to the fullest. 

Bumble – Highly-Rated Lesbian Cougar Milf Dating App

Bumble main page
Users43% females, 57% males 
Free VersionAudio & Video Prompts, Messaging in a Public Chat
Paid VersionMessaging in a Private Chat, Gifts, Who Visited My Profile
Special Offer$149.99 Lifetime Package

Bumble is a dating app that can easily be categorized as one of the best dating apps for cougars. Bumble has gained popularity among lesbian Asian women who are seeking casual relationships. Bumble is a female-dominated dating platform that gives them complete autonomy in choosing who they want to date.

Has it always been difficult for you to find a person who has the same ideologies as you? Bumble can be your lucky guide! The world of lesbian online dating comes with specific dating intentions from people choosing this alternative platform. It could be your first step to accepting an adorable lesbian stranger into your life and getting to know her from the ground up. Bumble is a gender-neutral platform that puts honesty and respect for women first.

Lesly – Mature Cougar Lesbian App

Lesly app
Users98% females, 2% males 
Free VersionWinks, Likes, Who’s Online
Paid VersionAnonymous Browsing Mode, Voice Chat, Who Visited My Profile
Special Offer$24.99 per 6 months

Lesly refers to the best apps for cougars when you want to find that special woman. Sugar mommy wants to become your protector and show the world sexual pleasures and caresses. Thanks to free registration, this dating application has become very popular in the world of non-traditional lesbian dating. Lesbians cougars apps like Lesly gaining momentum on the current dating market worldwide.

In the app, users don’t see ads in the community. Since the Lesly dating app is quite an effective and exciting product for lesbian encounters, it is preferred by almost all lesbians from different countries. Lesly is also the only lesbian dating app without men. Often, men on other similar sex apps are seeking several lesbian girls for a threesome.

Lesly dating app manually checks each dating profile to make sure it’s doing everything right. All you have to do is choose a woman whether it’s a one-night stand or a long-term relationship.

Hinge – Well-Designed App for Mature Cougar Lesbians

Hinge main page
Users45% females, 55% males 
Free VersionView Profiles, Messages to Mutual Matches, Who Send Likes
Paid VersionAdvanced Setting Options
Special Offer$59.99 per 12 months

Hinge has made it onto the list of best apps today dominated by lesbians. The fastest way to meet your true lesbian love through Hinge is to let the advanced auto-matching system offer you a list of the best lady accounts. This automatic hinge program is based on your answers.

The first candidates on the list have the same preferences and tastes as you. If you have settled on one of the members that you are interested in, you can add your lady to the list of favorites. In addition, you can like photos of a beautiful stranger to show your interest in a person. In case of mutual sympathy, expect a welcome message from sweet ladies!

Fem – Milf Lesbian Cougar Platform

Fem app
Users75% females, 25% males 
Free VersionPhoto Liking, Who Showed Interest, Who Visitie My Profile
Paid VersionLive Premium Chat, Boost Your Profile, Unlimited Text Messaging
Special Offer$1.99 for 100 coins

If you are still interested in sex cam chats, then you can use the incomparable Fem application. This application is specially designed to find irresistible women in your area. You can enter any chat room and instantly connect with everyone who is there.

Fem app is a lesbian sexting website where lesbians chat in rooms by posting explicit videos, photos and texts. This is a great feature to use when you’re out of town and looking to find plans or new people to meet. All you have to do is log in to a FEM chat room, such as “Meet Locals” and log out.

Instead of swiping left and right on profiles, you can browse video profiles and like the ones you’re interested in. If they check you out and like you back, then it’s your match. Many lesbian users like this feature as it makes fem hunting even more effective.

LEX – Advanced Lesbian MILF Site

Users48% females, 35% males 
Free VersionUnlimited Chat for female members, Live Chat Rooms Connection, Free Live Streams
Paid VersionGet Unlimited Matches, Gifts, Add to Favorites
Special OfferTotally free for newcomers

With the Lex dating app, you can chat with other lesbians instantly. The Lex app is among the best apps for meeting cougars that help women find true love and date online. The app is designed for gay users and is completely global with profiles from over 100 countries.

The Lex Sex App was created in 2017 by Kell Rakowski to help lesbian and transgender women forge close bonds with cougar ladies in their community through old-school personal advertising. On Lex, you post or respond to personal ads about lesbian sex. You can find these ads based on your location or by entering keywords.

If you receive a response to your ad, you will continue the relationship through a private message. With 69% of lesbians being harassed on similar dating platforms, it’s incredibly important that they have the safe space that LEX can promise.

HER – Casual Lesbian Milf Site

HER main page
Users98% females, 2% males 
Free VersionProfile Viewing, Send/Receive Messages, Feed
Paid VersionWho’s Online, Who’s Nearby, Favorites List
Special Offer$14.99 per month

HER is referred to as an Asian lesbian dating app in its own format. HER allows you to chat and find sweet cougars through random chat. Scroll through the feed, and you’ll see photos and usernames of potential matches. To open a profile and learn more about a lesbian candidate, you need to pay for an HER subscription. You can send and receive messages but for this, add a lesbian interlocutor as a friend. There are no restrictions on the site like on other typical online platforms.

Mingle2 – Lesbian Asian Dating App

Mingle2 main page
Users32% females, 68% males 
Free VersionAdd Friends, Unlimited Search, Mutual Match
Paid VersionStoring Messages, Who Likes You, Private Chat in Anonymous Mode
Special Offer6 months: $7.95 per month

Mingle2 rates among popular Asian lesbian dates. The registration process in Mingle2 is pretty simple. Users must fill in some required data in a short form to start interacting. This is done in about four simple steps. An email address or Facebook account may be sufficient to create a Mingle2 account.

You can provide a short title, a few words of introduction, and a profile photo to get started. There are no additional verification levels or settings that delay your profile authentication. Thus, the waiting period to start a conversation is much less.

LuvCougar – Lesbian Asian Dating App

LuvCougar main page
Users58% females, 32% males 
Free VersionProfile Making, Making Contact, Picture Viewing
Paid VersionNo Ads, Unlimited Messaging, Unlimited Likes to Favorite Matches
Special OfferVIP Account = $94.85 for 6 months

If you like black cougars and sweet lesbians, then LuvCougar will have a spot on your list of the best sex apps. LuvCougar is a dating website where you will find someone who will be special to you. It brings together pretty women who are seeking a romantic date or a hot lesbian single to spend her time with. In your profile, you can indicate which type of relationship you are seeking. Directness will make you find a single person who shares common views on relationships with you.

Pros & Cons of Using Lesbian Cougar Dating Sites

Site NameProsCons
MeetBlackCougarDating– Vast majority of attractive black cougars
– Explicit adult content
– Intriguing female profiles with hot offers
– Vague pricing policy
– Possibility of scam users
PinkCupid– Convenient chat options
– Free search filters
– Improved site design
– Intrusive ads
– Suspicious profiles
Bumble– User-friendly functionality
– Basic-free search option
– Convenient chat options
– Hidden fees
– Limited chat
Lesly– Intuitive interface
– Easy website navigation
– Extended free search tools
– Intrusive ads 
– No checking account
Hinge– Modernized interface
– Improved design
– Lots of decent lesbian users
– No desktop version
– Security guarantees are vague
Fem– Pretty easy signing-up process
– User-friendly functionality
– Vast majority of active lesbian ladies
– Fake profiles come across
– Interface should be improved
LEX– Free registration 
– Advanced search tool 
– Convenient chat rooms
– Paid subscription is necessary
– Limited chat
HER– Well-thought-out application
– Easy navigation
– The sexiest lesbian & ladies
– Inconvenient search ber
– No verification
Mingle2– Fast registration
– Tempting offers from Asian beauties
– Extended search filters
– No clear pricing policy
– Hidden fees
LuvCougar– User-friendly interface
– Easy registration process
– Free search features
– Limited chat
– No mobile app

My Lesbian Relationship With a COUGAR!! (Worst sex) STORYTIME


Lesbian dating online with cougar women may be new to those who have just entered the LGBT community. Whether you like sex with a cougar woman or not, depends on your sexual preferences. Either way, you can choose a decent lesbian online platform to meet a cougar woman.

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How Common Is Lesbian Cougar Dating?

Now lesbian cougar dating also plays a significant role since 54% of women from all over the world prefer this type of relationship.

How Do Age Differences Typically Play Out in Cougar Relationships?

Among cougars are women of absolutely different ages: from 20 to 45 and older. It all depends on how attractive women can be in maturity. However, there are more young lady cougars.

What Are Some of the Benefits and Challenges of Being in a Cougar Relationship?

The benefits of this type of relationship include mutual understanding and passionate love as well as emotional fulfillment. The challenges of lesbian relationships may include disagreements in certain views on life, especially on the part of blood relatives and society as a whole.

How Do Age-Related Differences in Sexual Experience Affect the Dynamics of a Cougar Relationship?

In general, age does not play such a significant role in the dynamics of cougar relationships. If one of the partners is sexually experienced, this means that you can get the maximum pleasure from intimacy with an older woman or much younger than you.

How Does Society View Lesbian Cougar Relationships, and How Can Couples Deal With Judgment or Stigma From Others?

Often society does not accept this type of relationship. If you want to marry a woman, then you can contact the registry office of the country and state where it is allowed to enter into same-sex marriages.