Dating Online In 2024: Reviews 

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

Today, it is relatively hard to meet people with similar values and interests. It’s one of the reasons why so many netizens choose to use online dating websites. The best quality dating platforms have the filter feature to successfully and effectively find partners based on users’ expectations and preferences. All dating websites are different, and some of them offer unique features that users love immensely.

According to University of Chicago scholars, singles who meet online tend to have higher levels of marital satisfaction. Typically, they manage to stay together for the first year of marriage (one of the toughest). The same can’t be said about those couples who meet using traditional dating means. Moreover, it’s easier to find a date when seeking one online. Not everyone is as lucky or sociable as to approach a person in public.

Clearly, most people still believe that online dating isn’t reliable or is only for youngsters. However, the statistics show that people of older age use such means too. For example, one of the most popular and trustworthy websites called, is used by 50-year-olds and older. So, this review should answer most of your questions about this popular dating website. main page

Match is a serious relationship dating website owned by a Match Group. It’s one of the oldest dating websites out there since it was launched back in 1995. In short, the online service has a greatly developed interface, the signup process is a real breeze, and users aren’t allowed to create half-baked profiles – you should take Match seriously. Here are a few statistical facts about the Match website below in a table:

🥇 Best for: Singles seeking love.
⏳ Recommended age: 25-40 years
👩 Percentage of women: Almost 37%
🤳 Average Sign-Up Time 8 minutes

A fun fact about ranks is that it is number one among websites dedicated to community and society, dating, and relationships in the United States. The website is one of the biggest dating platforms, with some of the most active audiences.

The website hosts more than 28 million users per month! Yes, it is not the cheapest dating app, so there are many questions from people like this: should I use That’s why we have prepared a Match review!

This review focuses on describing all the useful features of this dating site. It also reveals whether it’s a good idea to start using the website depending on your needs and requirements.

Match In 13 Seconds

  • The dating website caters to the interests of singles on the lookout for love and serious relationships, even marriage.
  • The website has a high-quality compatibility rating test to ensure two individuals match each other perfectly.
  • Premium members gain access to the Instant Messaging section and can also browse profiles anonymously. However, all Match users can browse profiles free of charge.
  • The Match app offers an auto-renewable subscription. users report they have been charged when they forgot to cancel their premium subscriptions.
  • Users claim that the Match mobile app may still charge even after cancelation of the subscription.
  • has one of the largest sets of features that facilitate communication. Such features include Match Phone and Video Date.
  • The company offers a free app to download for a phone. However, it’s not a free version of; it’s just a free app that people can download.
  • It has been in the matchmaking industry for longer than 25 years.
  • It has free features for users who don’t want to pay, but the usage of the dating site will be limited.
  • The prices on the website start at $21.84 per month. question in create account

How Does Match Com Work?

People who are used to spending time on dating websites may have noticed that some sites require 20-30 minutes of their time just to register an account. This Match review of the website showed us that we could skip the process of creating a profile. Instead, users are offered to quickly register and proceed with checking other members’ profiles. They can proceed with filling out the profile later. It can be overwhelming to start using a new website, so the website facilitates the process.

However, the website emphasizes that it’s still extremely important to fill out a questionnaire later. The system uses the data from users to help members find the best partners. But it’s also quite annoying when users are asked to complete this process from the get-go. Create an account by adding the following data:

  • email address;
  • sexual orientation;
  • birthday;
  • zip code;
  • gender.

Then click on the continue button and proceed to explore the website. The website wants to find a good match for every member, so questions get very personal. The site will ask about your dating preferences, sexual orientation, etc. Match will also ask about your relationship status (divorced, widowed, never married, etc.), whether you have kids, whether you want to have kids, etc.

Overall, Match will require the following information from users:

  • education (and its level);
  • smoking/drinking habits;
  • occupation;
  • ethnicity;
  • religion;
  • salary (yes, a bit intrusive);
  • interests and hobbies.

Match also has a biography section. Most people tend to avoid it, but this review on the Match dating site shows that it’s critical to fill out this section. If a user truly wants to find a quality match, they must add as much info about themselves as possible.

There is one interesting fact we’ve noticed during this review. When you click “Publish,” you have to wait for moderators to verify your profile. So, if it contains nude photos or harmful language, then your profile won’t be published. Most Match reviews claim that they had no problems posting their profiles, but it takes a few minutes for moderators to check if it’s eligible.

This Match review also proves that Match works according to the data users reveal about themselves. If you add as many details as possible, there are more chances of getting a precise match. It’s also possible to actively search for partners by using the free search feature. However, you will still keep getting daily partner offers.

If you want to obtain a perfect match, ensure to use an advanced search. You can set up parameters and find profiles that match yours perfectly. Moreover, Match offers a paid feature: Priority List. It’s a type of boost; if it’s turned on, you get on top of other people’s search results. However, only if you match. So, someone else using a priority list may end up on top of your search results.

There are many other interesting features, and we will reveal more info about them in this Match dating website review. blog

Overall Match Success Rate

Category Assessment
Quality Matches Perfectly 😍
Features Fine 😎
Ease of Use Perfectly 😍
Support Perfectly 😍
Cost Fine 😎

How To Sign Up For Match?

So, the sign-up process is standard and takes about two minutes. New users have to add data about their gender, sexual preferences, age, create a nickname, add an email address, etc. A pretty standard procedure, but the system won’t ask you for your phone number, which is great news for those who don’t like sharing such data. However, ensure you are using an active email address since you have to verify the account through the link sent to your mailbox.

The good news is that you can immediately skip the process of filling out the Match profile and proceed with checking potential matches. Note: you won’t get quality partners without a full profile. But you can see other people’s profiles once you’re a signed-up user. features upgrade profile

Match Standard Vs. Premium

Users claim in their Match reviews that they can use the dating site free of charge. However, this Match review proves the opposite fact. You can’t read or respond to messages without a premium subscription. So, it’s pointless to use Match without paying for the dating site’s services. Check out some of the available free features, and what options users get when they purchase a subscription.

Standard Premium
  • Signing up.
  • Profile creation.
  • Sending likes.
  • Browsing members on search.
  • Participating in the matchmaking game.
  • Getting Singled Out partners.
  • Viewing member profiles.
  • Sending messages.
  • Using the Instant Messenger function.
  • Checking who has viewed your Match profile.
  • Browsing anonymously.
  • Getting mail “read” notification – confirmation that a user has read your message.
  • Boost your profile within search results.
  • Match Phone feature.
  • A reverse matching feature.


Standard plan
3 months $103.35 total
6 months $146.88 total
12 months $262.08 total
Premium plan
3 months $121.23 total
6 months $159.06 total
12 months $277.32 total prices

How Much Does Match Cost?

As you see from the table above, Match doesn’t have a monthly or weekly subscription type. So, the user is required to pay at least 100 dollars from the get-go. For some people, it may seem too much.

How Much Is Match Per Month?

It depends on your plan. If you’re using a Standard subscription plan, then it’ll cost $34.45 per month for a three-month plan. The plan with the same duration, but a Premium one, will cost you $40.41 per month.

How To Use Match Without Paying?

It’s possible to use Match without paying, but you won’t find love. The explanation is simple: you won’t be able to send messages without a paid subscription. Yet, you can use the dating site free of charge to test the app.

Create an account, as mentioned in this Match review, and use it to browse through profiles. You can test the free search feature and see whether you can find partners nearby.

Users can also check compatibility tests and get daily matches offers. That way, it’s possible to test the app without paying. If you like what you see, consider buying a subscription.

Pros And Cons Of The Match Dating Site

Pros Cons
  • It’s one of the largest dating websites with users from such countries as the U.S, the U.K, Canada, Sweden, Japan, etc.
  • The dating site has one of the best matchmaking features.
  • The dating site has multiple tests to determine the best match.
  • The dating site has more than 25 years of experience, so some people even get married when they meet online.
  • The dating site has a well-thought-out interface, and it’s easy to navigate through all its features.
  • The app is available on the Play Market and the App Store.
  • It has amazing features to offer its users to get the best mutual matches.
  • Profiles of users are verified and approved by moderators, so fewer scammers and spam profiles appear on the dating website.
  • It’s easier to find long-term partners on this dating site since it has compatibility tests.
  • The dating site has an excellent support team.
  • It may be expensive for some people.
  • Profile approval takes time since moderators have to check whether the account belongs to a real person. verify your account

Match Features Overview

This dating site has multiple special features to make communication and matchmaking easier. For example, MatchApp and MatchMe facilitate communication between two members; more on these two features further in the article.

Other features include the following:

  • Discover. The feature contains advanced search filters that include gender, age, location, interests, looks, personal information, and habits. It also enables search by keyword, and users can save their search queries. Simply put, you can save all your matches for later.
  • Video Date. The feature is available once two people exchange at least four messages. Hit this feature if you want to make a video call. Use the icon of a camera. However, the other person has to agree to the video chat. Both users must have a web camera.
  • Dates. Initially, the feature was created during the pandemic to protect users. Match members can state all their preferences on a date. For instance, not hugging or kissing on the first date, etc.
  • Real Talk. It’s an amazing feature that helps socially awkward people or those who can’t find a conversation topic. The feature offers a list of topics two people can discuss.
  • Boost. The feature lets you put yourself on top of all search results, including the Discover feature. It lasts for one hour.
  • Reverse Match. Some people say that opposite personalities can become great partners. With this feature, you have a chance to see if it’s true since the feature links you with someone not compatible.
  • Voice calls. This feature allows you to call another user. However, it works for a mutual match only.

As you see, there are several amazing features to use. Moreover, the company keeps adding new options to the dating site and app. app

Match App

It’s safe to say that deserves most users’ attention because of the convenient app available for users of Android and iOS devices. It’s also a signal that the app is legit since it’s available on the Play Market and the App Store, and these platforms have strict rules and requirements.

Match reviews claim the app is usable and has a modern interface. Developers of the app regularly add updates and various new features to make the life of users much easier.

According to their Match reviews, the mobile dating app has a ton of praise from people. Most people prefer downloading the app rather than using the dating website in a mobile browser. Moreover, a mobile app is safer in terms of payments.

Match reviews claim the app has all the same features as the dating website. It’s just more convenient for users to use the dating app since the majority of people prefer phones over laptops.


This feature enables users to call online another person who matches their personality. Click on this feature, and administrators will connect you to another person. Both of you can communicate freely and anonymously. If you don’t like the user, finish the call and block them if you don’t want to receive calls from them.

Communication Features Overview

The website in question has one of the biggest ranges of communication features. The dating site makes it easier for users to communicate with each other.

For instance, members of the dating community can text each other, send likes, use icebreakers, call each other, and even video chat. The site also has an instant messenger to contact someone quickly. Moreover, Premium members can see whether another user has read their message.

How Do I Speak To Someone At Match?

You have several features to use on the website to communicate with others. One of the most popular ones is texting. Most people find it easy to approach a user by sending them a simple message.

Users can also benefit from the like button. If you send someone a like, they are notified and might send you a message. It’s a cute icebreaker that enables even shy people to get the necessary attention.

If you’re talking to someone for some time via text messages, you can call them via a video or voice call. As mentioned, this dating site has tons of communication features. testimonials

How To Change Username On Match?

Users of this dating site aren’t obliged to use their real names. However, they should use real photos. You can come up with a nickname and change it later in profile settings. When you trust your date enough to exchange contacts, that’s when you can reveal your last name.

Here’s how to change your nickname:

  • Go to the profile settings.
  • Click on “Edit my profile”
  • Add necessary changes to the nickname.
  • Save changes.

And that’s it! Vs. eHarmony

Many users compare eHarmony and Match since these two online dating websites are the two most popular platforms. Match has one of the biggest dating pools in the world, while eHarmony features one of the best matchmaking features. But which one is better?

Many former users of eHarmony have managed to find love and get married thanks to this dating site. However, most people can say the same about Match. Even Match reviews and eHarmony reviews have similar vibes. The majority of users on both these apps come from the U.S.

The best course of action for those who want to choose one or the other app is to try both and check which one they like more. It seems that both dating websites are equally good. They offer high-quality services and decent matchmaking.

Since both dating sites are of great quality, consider choosing the site that jas a more suitable interface or web design. It’s equally important to like using the app since finding a match takes a while. So, you’ll spend quite a while dating online, so you should like the process.

What Do Real Users Think About

If you wish to learn what real users think about this dating website, check out this section. It contains Match reviews from people who use the dating app.

As one may assume from these Match reviews, joining Match was the best experience for these people. However, while some users manage to find love and even get married, some aren’t as lucky.

Your success on this dating site truly depends on your location. If you live in the U.S, in a populated city, your chances are much higher. If you live in a smaller city, chances are, there aren’t many compatible users. You can use “like Match” websites to increase your chances of finding a long-term dating partner. events


So, should you join Match? It depends on your location and other factors, such as the desire to find love. If you live in the U.S, you have the best chances to find love since the majority of users come from this country. If you want to meet love, you can also use this dating website.

Some people don’t like the idea of paying for dating services, but most understand that it’s necessary to get quality services. People who joined Match claim they managed to find girlfriends and boyfriends. They also praise this dating website’s ability to connect users with similar or even identical interests and hobbies. Once someone meets such a person, they easily find topics to talk about, have fun with, and want to meet offline.

So, what is the truth about Match? This dating website is not a scam or a fake platform. It’s a legit dating platform with more than 25 years of experience connecting the right people. Moreover, it’s one of the largest dating apps, making finding singles easier. As we know, niche sites may be fun and exclusive, but they aren’t as popular worldwide. Luckily, the site offers access to one of the biggest dating pools.

It seems the app makes it easier for people to communicate. There are tons of fun icebreakers, likes, and messengers to catch the attention of the opposite sex. Yes, this dating website is suitable for people from the LGBTQ+ community, but it doesn’t have as many excellent features for them as niche websites. However, it’s much easier to talk to people. Overall, this Match review is positive due to the availability of amazing, nice features and quality partners.


What Does The Green Dot On Mean?

If you see a solid green dot among your Match picks, then the member is online. Sometimes, it can stay green 45 minutes after the user logs out. If the circle is empty, the member is offline. This nice feature enables users to message only those members of the dating community who are currently active and searching for meaningful connections. 

Where To Enter Promo Code?

Some online dating sites offer promo codes and discounts to new and loyal clients. If you have a promo code, it’s necessary to activate it. When you will be paying for the services of the dating website, there is a field for a promo code. Paste the promo code, and submit it. You will see a discount if the promo code is accepted. 

Which One Is Better eHarmony Or

It’s impossible to state which one is better or worse since both websites have similar goals and features. Some people claim in their Match reviews that eHarmony has one of the best matchmaking systems. However, many prefer using Match since it’s one of the largest websites in the world. So, the pool of users is bigger. 

How To Cancel Match?

It’s critical to cancel the Match subscription before deleting your account or stopping using the dating website. If a user forgets to cancel the auto subscription, they will be charged. Avoid this by going to Match profile settings and canceling the subscription in payment methods. Moreover, if you start paying for Match services, use a different debit card and make deposits only when you want to pay. 

Who Owns Match?

You can find many reviews claiming that a different company owns the dating site. However, the website is still owned by Match Group. It's an American internet and technology company with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Match Group has the largest range of dating services and apps, not just Match. 

What Is The Average Age On Match?

The statistics is as follows:

18-24 years - almost 13%;
25-34 years - almost 20%;
35-44 years - 17%;
45-54 years - 18%;
55-64 years - 18%.

There is even a small percentage of users older than 65! It's indeed a dating website for every user who wants to make meaningful connections.